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Gangaa comes to Sagar and Jhanvi reception, she gives Sagar back the vermilion that he gave her as a gift. 

Later gangaa and Santoshi are discussing under the chandelier. They talk about the significance of vermilion to a married woman unknown to them that the goons that had previously attacked Santoshi was in the party.

The goons decides to cut the chandelier where Gangaa and Santoshi are standing in other to make killing Santoshi look like an accident.

As the chandelier is about to fall, Sagar sees it and runs to rescue Gangaa. Meanwhile Santoshi had left to get some water.

The family gather around and ask Sagar if he fine while Pulkit holds gangaa and asks if She is fine. Later gangaa realises that Santoshi is missing and then she and Pulkit runs out to look for her. Santoshi has been kidnapped and taken away by the goons.

Outside, Santoshi is able to fight off the men but as she is about to run one of them shoots her and she falls down. Sagar and Pulkit hear the gun shot and run towards the place screaming her name.

When the men hear their voices, they take off leaving Santoshi where she fell. Sagar and Pulkit reach Santoshi and try to wake her up. Few seconds later she opens her eyes and tells them that she had pretended to be dead so that the men would leave her alone. They are relieved.

That night Santoshi take a train back to Lucknow and Gangaa and Pulkit return home.


Janvi recalls Sagar’s words and care for Ganga when he got over his anger; when he dint put vermilion on her and  when he saved gangaa while ahe was standing under the chandelier. She wipes her tears. Sagar comes to his room. She asks him where he went. I have been waiting for you.

He looks away but she insists to talk to her. Why are you doing this? You married me but you still care for Ganga, not me. Where do I stand in your life? I am your wife before the world but what am I in your eyes. Answer me. He replies that he does not know. She says you will have to know. You married me.

You have to take me as your wife. Why are you behaving like this? No one forced you to marry me. Why don’t you give me my rights? What’s my fault in this? He shouts back that he has no idea. I don’t know. He leaves from there.

Ganga thinks of Sagar’s words. Supriya comes there so Ganga wipes her tears. She notices the empty water jug. Ganga tells her she will bring it. Supriya goes. Ganga goes to bring water.

Sagar is pulling out all saree’s from a cupboard when Ganga comes there. What are you looking for? He says I am looking for what I lost – our friendship, our memories of happy moments; my love for you. Where did it all go? She says I don’t know. I have nothing. I freed myself from all those memories, bangles; saree’s all the moments spent with you. Now I have nothing with me that has your name.

He keeps her hand on his head. Say that it’s true. She withdraws her hand. I have to study. Your wife must be waiting for you. She picks up the saree. He knows she cannot swear on him. this is a lie. She turns to go but he pins her to the wall. They share an eye lock. Sweet music plays.

I know you cannot lie. You still couldn’t separate me from you. I am still very much alive in your heart, your breaths. You can try as much you want but cannot separate me. The tears, your eyes, they are all for me only. These lips smile for me only. You smile for me; look beautiful. It’s all for me.

He caresses her hair, her face. Your breaths, heartbeats are all for me. Only me! Say that it’s a lie. Tell me how you will separate me from you! She pushes him away and composes herself. Go from here. This is sin. Leave. He says God will decide what’s what. I have understood one thing today. You are a liar! He leaves from there. Ganga is in tears.

Next morning, Ratan, Prabha and Yash pray in their house. Prabha is happy seeing Niru and Madhvi yearning for their kids. They are on the verge of destruction. Ratan says they wont be able to reach out to their kids because of the hatred filled by us. Now they will know the pain that parents feel. Yash says what we have done so far is the answer to Ganga for the slap.

Amma ji is going to see her sister (Shanta Didi). She is unwell. She is also worried about Ganga. She is still before Sagar. He can lose track anytime. Things have better after so long. Make sure they remain fine only.

They notice Janvi sleeping on the sofa. Madhvi and Amma ji ask her about Sagar. Janvi shares that he dint come home in morning. They hear the sound of a car. Sagar angrily parks the car and hits it repeatedly. Everyone come out to see what’s happening. Janvi asks Sagar if he is drunk. He shakes his head.

He notices Ganga looking from the window. My heart broke but I haven’t become Devdas yet. Niru stops him. Where were you? MAdhvi says Janvi fell asleep on the sofa while waiting for you. She is your wife. You could atleast tell her. niru asks him again and so does Madhvi. Sagar stays quiet.

Amma ji wants to keep Satya Narayan Puja. He has lost his mind. Puja might help. She tells Sagar he will have to sit in the puja with his wife (pointing at Janvi). Sagar looks at Ganga and then heads inside. Everyone is worried for Sagar.

Ganga thinks of last night. She recalls Sudha trying to cut her hair in childhood after she lost her husband. She cuts her hair angrily. Supriya notices her thus. She stops Ganga. Have you become mad? Ganga cries. How to stop Sagar? He is hurting himself. How do I stop him coming close to me? He pulls me as close to him as much I try to go away. What do I do? I will burn everything, all the memories, everything that connects him to me. Supriya throws the scissor away. Ganga asks to be freed from every relation that binds her to Sagar. I want freedom from the very things that I loved dearly once. Supriya comforts her.

Everyone sits for the puja. Janvi extends her hand for the puja. Sagar sits there lost. Pundit ji explains the significance of marriage and the vows that they took. Sagar thinks of his marriage with Ganga. Sagar looks up. Ganga comes there just then. They look at one another. Janvi follows his gaze.

Pundit ji asks the couple to extend their hands. Sagar does so. He keeps looking at Ganga who walks away. Sagar goes after her even when Madhvi shouts after him.

Sagar comes upstairs. Ganga asks him if he ran up again. This is what you do always. You run when things don’t happen your way. First love, marriage and now this puja. He says how does it matter to you what I do. Why do you?

He looks at her and is shocked to see her hair. What did you do? Why did you cut them? She reasons that she can live her life her way. He denies. you have no right. You are my Ganga. I have right on you. She too had wanted the same but now nothing is like it was before.

Everything has changed. Now you have no right on me. I cut all the relations that could connect me to you. He pins her to the wall holding her neck. I also said I am in your heartbeats and breaths. She says they too will stop one day. He backs off in shock. You hate me this much? She says no, I don’t hate you as that is also a bondage. I want to be free from every bondage. I want to forget you for forever.

I want to go far away where even the shadows cannot reach me. He asks her who she is. You are not that Ganga that I knew, loved. How did you change so much that I cannot even recognize you? She is happy that he understood this much atleast. I am not the Ganga you loved. I have indeed changes. Circumstances changed me. Time changes everyone. I changed. You too will have to change now.

He holds her angrily. Who are you to tell me what I should be doing? Listen to me please. Say once that this is a drama. You are doing this to trouble me. Just say once that you still love me.

She pushes him away. I don’t love you, I used to love you a lot but you ignored it. With what right do you come to me? You have no right to touch me even. He agrees. I thought I had a right on you. She repeats that he has no right anymore. You married again. What do you expect from me now?

You think it to be a joke or game? Or like childhood you want me to dance on your wish? No! Ganga is not a toy which will dance on your tunes. I wont bear to hand over my life to you. I am no toy which was brought in this house by Amma ji for her grandson. I am human being too. I too have a heart. I feel pain too. I request you to please go away from me.

He cannot believe what his ears. I will die without you. You very well know this. You are doing this to ruin me! You want to take revenge of the childish acts done by me in childhood? She looks away. He agrees to do what she wants. You will see me getting destroyed before your eyes. Live your life if you can. I wont come in your way ever again! He leaves angrily.

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