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Location: Ganga’s residence
Back home, raahat is increadibly tensed as zoya hasnt come home. When ganga and dolly arrive, raahat is sorry for supriya, and asks her to rest. dolly asks about zoya, but raahat says that she hasnt returned yet. ganga offers to go to the bus stand to find out. raahat complies. ganga offers to go, but raahat insists her to rest. but ganga is adamant and then they both leave.

Location: Medical Shop
Sagar is agitated and frustrated and fights with the customer, while rudra comes and asks whats the matter. he says that he doesnt know, and rudra comments that he might be upset as to what he and his family are going through. sagar says that problems arent ending, as one ends and the other starts. he says that he keeps fighting with ganga too. rudra asks him to come along, but sagar says that he should be with pulkit. rudra says that he needs a change of place, and he shall be out for a couple of hours. sagar resignedly complies, and rudra takes him.

Location: Bar
Rudra gets sagar to a bar, who is lest interested and totally reluctant to go inside, but rudra forces him. sagar is hesitant to drink too, but rudra asks him to relax and let go of himself, while he wishes to be with supriya and rudra. drinks arrive and they both start drinking. rudra gets a call, and he goes out, to attend to it.

Location: On the road
Raahat is frantically searching for zoya and akhtar. she along with ganga, go to ask people on the road. when they dont get any success, raahat suspects maybe they didnt come only. they then approach the nearest paan wala, from where they get an idea that zoya and her husband were spotted earlier in the day, by one of the grocers. They are shocked to know that zoya and akhtar landed in benaras, but didnt get to go home. raahat finds a broken watch on the road, and recognises it as Zoya’s and shows it to ganga. they are both tensed. raahat is extremely scared

Location: Bar
Sagar gets drunk and inebriated and starts hallucinating ganga, approaching him with a smile, and then starts dancing with her on a romantic number. The bartender nudges him awake from his dream, asking if he needs anything else. he denies, still surprised. rudra comes apologising, that he got a client’s call. he then pays the bill, and they both leave.

Location: Ganga’s residence
Raahat is increasingly tensed, about the disappearance of Zoya and akhtar, and the broken watch. they try and assure her that maybe she went to meet her friend, but raahat is unconvinced saying that she would have called. they suggest maybe the cell phone’s battery died off. but ganga points out how can it be, that both zoya and akhtar’s call isnt coming through.

Raahat is tensed and suggests that they should get to the police, to file a missing complaint. ganga complies, and they get up to go. In the middle of the night, just then, zoya comes totally brusied and wounded and badly battered and clothes torn up, dishevelled and distraught, and they are all shocked and aghast to see her like this. raahat asks her what happened. she is barely able to speak that akhtar was killed, and she was molested. they are left shocked and stunned into silence. they clutch at her tightly, while she cries and breaks down into uncontrollable tears. they ask her continuously who did this, and she doses off into unconsciousness. they are aghast.

Later, as the hospital fellow, take akhtar’s dead body away, zoya is aghast and apalled, and screams not to take him away, as she cant live without him. they all try to calm her down, but in vain. she is distraught, asking how shall she live without him. raahat somehow tries to console her, begging the lord, why he did so, with her daughter, who never meant ill for anyone. onlookers watch. they carry her inside.

Ganga tries to give her water, while she is in a daze, saddened and shocked. raahat is apalled to see her like this. the police arrives and all get tensed. they express their condolences, and says that they know, that this isnt an oppurtune time, to bother her but delay might lead the culprit to get away, and asks her to help the sketch artist, so that they canm nab the guilty. ganga asks zoya if she wants to punish her husband’s murderer, and that he and she herself get justice, and asks her to explain the features, whatever she remembers. they nudge and make her confident to speak, while she stands silenced. then she starts talking, and gets upset. ganga asks her questions so that she can answer, all sorts of queries that might provoke her to talk.

Raahat is too dazed to talk. zoya says that she doesnt know anything, and clutches at raahat in scare. the police tries to talk, but raahat asks him to stop, as her daughter has been through enough, and he wants her to relive the trauma, but apologises citing that its their work, and asks her to get a medical test done for zoya tomorrow, for confirmation of rape. zoya says that she wont get anything done, nor do anything. raahat begs him to try and be considerate. but ganga sides with the inspector, saying that this is the only way for catching the monster. raaahat tries to talk to zoya, saying that ganga is right and they need to get this done, so that they catch the culprit and put him to justice, as they shall always be by her side.

Location: Sagar’s residence
a drunk sagar is brought home by rudra, who keeps talking about going to pulkit to the hospital. rudra manages him, and reports that supriya has come back. he wishes to go to ganga then, to talk. just then, madhvi comes, and she is tensed to find him like this, and asks where are they coming from. she senses that sagar is drunk, as he hugs her. sagar assures her that he is finel. rudra asks him to go and sleep as he was feeling sleepy. they watch him, go to his room. after he has left, rudra explains to mahdvi, that sagar was with him, forcibly, as after what happened, with supriya, prabha and ganga, he was tensed, and should have relaxed. she says that alcohol doesnt calm down. rudra apologises but begs her not to scold him, as he took him, as he only meant well. she says that she likes he cares for sagar so well, like an elder brother and thanks him. he asks her not to, and assures that she shouldnt bother about sagar, and apologises for bothering her this late. he turns to leave, but she spots blood on his waist. she asks him, and if he is hurt. he gets tensed, but composes and says that he is okay, and merely bandaged himself. eh retires for the night.

In his room, he takes his shirt out of the pants, and then rudra observes the wound in his waist. with great difficulty, with a knife, he manages to take the shrapnel out, and winces in muffled screams. ragini comes in and is apalled to see this. her sounds startle rudra who wasnt expecting her there. she asks him why he did this, as it must be paining her. he tries hard to explain, saying that a thorn had pricked him, which caused him hurt. she says that she got scared. he says that he shall put a bandage and all shall be okay, but asks noone to be told about this. but she says that she shall tell everyone. he says that rudra is a brave boy, and wouldnt want his wounds to be exposed to the public. she complies, and he puts her to rest.

Location: Raahat’s residence
The next morning, ganga and dolly, and others talk about how they have to divert zoya’s mind. they find raahat bringing in zoya, who is still in a daze. all gather around her. Raahat asks ganga if the criminal shall be brought to justice, who brought this destruction in zoya’s life, or would he get to roam scot free. ganga says that if justice still prevails in the world, then the person who ruined zoya’s life, wont ever be able to live in peace. zoya lies in raahat’s lap in a daze.

Location: Sagar’s residence
Rudra comes and tries to gather everyone into organising, a puja that he plans to keep for his forefathers. the priest and others praise him galore for the same. sagar finds this as a means of getting supriya active, and despite pulkit being boggled, he rushes and gets her out, to ask her to participate. after she is gone, he asks whats the matter. sagar responds that this is the best way to get her back to her feet. Meanwhile, all the prepartions are laid out, when rudra gathers everyone. just then, he gets a call, and rudely says that he cant come, come what may. they are tensed and ask him whats the matter, and he diverts saying that its work related issue. then they sit down to pray.

Location: Ganga’s residence
Ganga and raahat maa are determined to try and get zoya back to her feet, and counsel her galore, and keeps her happy and occupied, so that her mind can be shifted from the tragedy and nightmare that she had to live through. finally, their efforts pay off, and she agrees to helping the police. the police gets a sketch artist and she gives him directions, and the sketch that he makes, shocks Ganga completely when she finds that its Rudra’s picture. Later, after the police go, she is still unable to believe. raahat is shocked. ganga tries to put zoya that she might be wrong, but zoya is adamant and vehement that she cant be wrong. ganga is distraught. she suddenly gets determined and takes her and leaves. raahat is boggled.

Location: Sagar’s residence
After the completion of the puja, sagar and his family are shocked to find ganga with zoya, seeing whom rudra gets tensed. zoya is aghast as she eyes rudra. they are boggled and suspicious too. ganga asks her to speak up. zoya confirms that its him only. ganga asks if she is sure. Zoya comes with ganga, and confronts rudra, recognising him as the man, who did this to her, saying that she cant make a mistake about identifying the person who ruined her life, killed her husband, and molested her.

Sagar comes and asks ganga whats this nonsense now. ganga along with zoya confrotns rudra and says that zoya’s criminal is rudra himself, and that he raped zoya and also killed her husband. sagar and madhvi are shocked to hear this, along with the rest of the family. rudra stands aghast.

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