Gangaa Written update – Monday 10 December 2018


Shankar tries to inch closer towards Chaturvedi Sadan when police comes there. He turns around but the constables ask him for his ID. He lies that he left it in the Dharamshala. Constables ask about the Dharamshala.

Shankar notices Ganga coming there. If she sees me then it will be a problem. Constables shoo the crowd away. Shankar too disappears.

Ganga asks the constables if they nabbed the criminals that barged inside their house. They deny. We will find them soon. She nods. I will just send tea for you. MLA is in a meeting.

Shankar calls MLA. He tells MLA that he cannot watch at Chaturvedi Sadan as police is keeping a tight vigil on the house. MLA wants the CD at any cost. Niru must be coming back soon.

Sagar is trying to run a CD while Madhvi waits for him to drink milk. Ganga tells Madhvi the good news that she found a new dance teacher for them. He is irked. I need to practise. This CD isn’t working! Madhvi goes downstairs with Ganga to finish kitchen work.

Bulbul and her gang and the teachers aren’t happy to see Sudha. Ganga talks in her support. What is the relation of education with dance? We need to learn dance and she dances really well.

Principal Madam seconds her. Be good with Sudha ji. She thanks Sudha for agreeing to teach dance to girls. Let us go and register the song for the performance. The girls head to their class. Ganga stops Bulbul. I told you I will find a way. See we found a teacher. Bulbul eyes her angrily.

Principal Madam, Sudha and the girls come to register their song for the competition. Ganga loves the song that they have chosen. Now all the problems will be solved as we have found Sudha Madam.

They get to know from Mr. Chauhan that this song has already been selected and registered by another school so they cannot do it too. Two teams cannot perform on the same song. You will have to choose another song.

Ganga says we have been practising on this very song from the beginning. Mr. Chauhan says you dint register it in your name though. Sorry but I cannot help you in this matter. Bulbul smirks. Ganga wonders what they will do now.

They come out of the room and find Sagar’s team practising on the same song. Everyone looks on in shock. Raghubir notices them. He stops the kids and excuses himself for a minute. He greets Principal Madam. I hope you would have made all the preps for the competition. We don’t have much time. Where is your dance teacher? Principal Madam introduces Sudha to him.

Raghubir looks at Sudha from top to toe. A kirtan’s community member will teach dance to these kids? Superb! Sagar and all the kids come out. Ganga asks Raghubir why he is saying so. He comments that times have really changed. The widows of widow Ashram have stopped praying to God and want to dance on filmy songs! They too want to be heroines it seems!

Principal Madam calls it bad that such good schools have appointed such bad teachers. How will you teach anything to the kids when you yourself don’t have any respect for anyone! Sudha walks out from there followed by Principal Madam and the girls. Raghubir smirks.

Raghubir’s words echo in Sudha’s head as she walks out of the gate. She also thinks of the incident when Omkar had insulted her. Ganga holds her hand. He says anything. He spoke ill to Gunwanti Madam too. There is nothing to be sad about if they have chosen our song. We will practise hard in these 2 days.

Sudha asks Ganga if she isn’t happy to get her insulted. I wont do anything else for you. We widows have to only pray to God. It will only get us Moksha. I don’t know how Pishi Ma fell for your words and I gave
in too. I am not going to do anything for you now.

Find another dance teacher if you are so interested in participating in a dance competition! Spare me! Don’t try to stop me now. Principal Madam tries to reason that people keep talking. Sudha reminds her of the difference between their lives. It isn’t in my hands to pass that line. She leaves.

Pishi Ma finds Sudha back in the Ashram. Sudha looks a little shaken up. Pishi Ma asks her about it. Sudha regrets going there in the first place. I made a very big mistake. I forgot that we widows only get respect in the four walls of this ashram only. The people outside eye us either with disrespect or with lust. I made a mistake by falling for Ganga’s words. She doesn’t know anything about our lives but we do!

The girls return to school with the teachers. Bulbul refuses to follow what Ganga says. Ganga says I am saying that we will do it. People will joke that we registered our names but couldn’t participate in the competition! Bulbul blames her for sharing the name of the song to Sagar.

You only would have told him. Ganga denies. Why would I cheat you all and my school? Ganga calls her Sagar’s maid. We practised so much. You only would have told him.

Ganga and Bulbul get into a scuffle as Bulbul calls her a liar. Principal Madam separates them. The girls keep saying the same thing to each other. Principal Madam says we don’t have time for this or to look for a new song or to practise.

We wont participate in this contest now. A hope had sprung but sadly, our school will not be able to get the trophy this year too. She sends everyone in their classes.

Shankar is talking to someone on phone in the market. Amma ji is there too. He hears her talking to a vendor and stops in his tracks. He turns and walks up to her. He calls her by her name – Kanta! Amma ji is shocked to see him.

She drops the bag from her hands and runs away. He keeps calling out her name as he follows her. She hides behind a cart and runs in the opposite direction when he walks past there.

She heaves a sigh of relief when she reaches Chaturvedi Sadan. Shankar has seen her though. She lives here? He immediately calls someone and tells the person about Kanta. I have been looking for her since so long. Finally I found her!

Amma ji locks the door from inside. Mehri asks her about her bag. The door bell rings just then. She asks Mehri not to open the door. Amma ji lies that it might be the goons. Madhvi hears the door bell and comes to open the door.

Amma ji says the same thing. Madhvi assures her that the policemen outside wont let just about anyone come in. She opens the door. It is Ratan and Prabha. Prabha suggests staying there till Niru is back. I have told Prince too and have also brought along my bag.

Ganga is returning home. She thinks of all the instances.

Sagar and Yash are practising on their song. Ganga asks them why they changed the song. You chose it as our song is much better. Sagar asks her if she thinks they will be scared of her school. We have been winning this trophy since so long! She speaks against his dance teacher. He spoke so rudely to our teachers.

You both might have stolen the song and informed your dance teacher about it. no one else can do it. Sagar tells her to be quiet. Don’t you know how to respect teachers? She knows it well but has seen Raghubir ill treating her teachers. You kept asking for my song.

You cheated me. Yash is glad to see them fight. You are a maid! You call us thief? Sagar seconds Yash. What proof you have? Poor people like you do that only (stealing). Dadi is right about you.

You only think of yourself. My papa brought you in the house, got you admitted to school. My mother takes good care of you. I gave you my laptop to practise on your song yet you call me a thief? Go out of here then if you think we are a thief.

I liked playing with you. You are inside the house because of me. You still call me a thief? You are a liar. Go away from here. I wont talk to you now. She stays put. I am not lying. If you stop talking to me now then you wont be able to make up for it ever again. He refuses to talk to her again.

He closes the door on her face. She looks at him but he has his back turned towards her. She looks on sadly and turns. Yash is very happy to see them thus. The epi ends on the split screen of Sagar and Ganga.



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