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Friday 15th March update on Gangaa

Gangaa begins to walk away when Mehri’s daughter (Rakhi) calls out for Ganga. Ganga stops in shock. Mehri reaches for her daughter and begins to run after her. Palash and Pulkit hear her. She shares that it was Mehri Didi only. She is wearing a blue coloured saree. Her daughter and baby were also with her. Mehri runs with her kids.

Palash sends Ganga and Pulkit in a different direction to look for Mehri. He next calls his goons to make sure they are not able to track Mehri. Mehri hides behind a car with her kids.

Sagar requests Inspector to call Ganga once. I want to make sure she is fine. She went to find Mehri Didi who was at home only on the day of Janvi’s death. Inspector asks about Palash. He has not come here since many days. Has Ganga told you about the fingerprints on the syringe? Sagar is confused. What syringe? Inspector says we found a syringe from Janvi’s room after her death. I gave the forensic report to Palash. Sagar is shocked to know this. Neither I nor Ganga know about it or she would have told me for sure. Inspector says it is strange. He said he will show it to Ganga first of all. Sagar asks for the report. Inspector goes to bring it. Sagar thinks Ganga cannot miss telling him such an important point. Surely Palash wouldn’t have told her but why!

Palash joins Ganga and Pulkit. None of them could find Mehri. She sees them talking from behind the car and runs in another direction along with her kids. Palash notices her thus but keeps quiet. Ganga suggests checking in the same direction but Palash takes them in the opposite direction.

Palash calls his goons. She has gone towards main road. Take Mehri and her kids from here asap. He goes after Pulkit and Ganga.

Madhvi brings food for Niru. She finds him sitting sadly and feels bad. Eat something please. You haven’t eaten since you are back. You look worried. He makes her sit. Did you eat? She looks down. He knows how much worried she is for their son. I had a word with a very big lawyer in Delhi. Sagar will come home soon if everything goes well.

She says what all happened suddenly. Sagar is in jail away from all of us. Amma ji’s condition is worsening. We surely made a mistake for which we are getting punished. He tells her not to give up now. You have been my strength. What will happen if you will break? God is testing us. This too shall pass. We have to fight together to get our son out of this problem. We need to be strong for this. We cannot be strong without food. He feeds her food and she also makes him eat. Supriya comes to inform them that Amma ji is not at home. I checked whole house. She is nowhere. Niru tells them to check inside while he checks outside.

Niru meets a man finally who guides him after Amma ji. Niru stops her. Where are you going? She replies that she is going to ghaat for Sagar. I want to pray to Ganga Maiyya to get Sagar out safely. He worries for her health. She argues with him. You only keep saying it. You couldn’t do anything even after being a judge. I feel some bad spirit is in our house. It will continue till I don’t do this puja. He rebuffs it. She talks about what all could be happening with Sagar in jail right now. He shouts Amma ji to stop her. She cries as she hugs him. He promises her Sagar will be out soon. I will help you in doing puja once you get well. Let us go home now. A man had been watching them and has heard their entire convo. A man collides with him because of which the blanket over his head falls down. The man covers himself again.

Ganga hears a kid telling his mother that Rakhi is running with her mother there. She alerts Palash and Pulkit. Palash is irked. Ganga shouldn’t get Mehri. Pulkit and Ganga go after Mehri. Palash talks to his goons. Why dint you take Mehri from here till now? The goon says I am waiting for her at the main road. I will take her as soon as she comes this way. Palash tells him not to waste another minute as soon as they see her. Goon agrees.

The goons warn Mehri to stop. She recognizes them to be the same people who came to threaten her that day. Ganga comes there just then. Mehri begins to run in the opposite direction. The goons follow her. Mehri agrees not to tell anything to anyone. Let us go now. The goons refuse and her and her daughter. Ganga tries to free Mehri. Palash and Pulkit intervene. They beat the goons. Who sent you both here? Palash signals the goon to run. He sees Pulkit beating the other guy badly. He begins to hurt him but then signals him to flee. The goons flee from there. Palash and Pulkit join Ganga who is comforting Mehri. Those goons have run away now. No one can hurt you now. Do you know those people? Why were they after you? Mehri replies that they wanted to kill her. They came to my house also and were threatening us. Ganga asks her if she knows them. Why do they want to kill you? Mehri says I feel Yash has sent them. Palash smiles. Ganga and Pulkit are shocked to hear Yash’s name.

Ganga asks Mehri why Yash would do so. Does he have enmity with you? Why do you feel so? Say something. Why do you think Yash sent the goons and wants to kill you? Mehri says I saw Yash killing Janvi. Everyone is stunned.

Sagar paces in the cell. Palash dint tell anyone about the syringe, not even Ganga or she would have told me for sure. Niru comes to meet him. He looks at Sagar. Sagar goes out and hugs him. I am happy you came here to meet me. Do you know about the syringe which police found from my room after Janvi’s death? Niru denies. Sagar shares everything with him. there are some fingerprints on it too but we don’t know whose fingerprints are on it. Niru says we have come to know of this clue so late. Sagar says Inspector Dwivedi told Palash but he dint tell anyone about it. he hid everything intentionally from all of us including Ganga. Niru finds it strange. Sagar asks him to figure out whose fingerprints they are. It is really important. Niru agrees. Sagar asks him if he had a word with Ganga. Did she meet Mehri Didi? Niru says he hasn’t spoken to her till now. I will try her number once I go outside. Sagar nods.

Niru tries Ganga’s number but it is unreachable. I will call in a while.

Ganga gives water to Mehri. Stop crying please. Tell me everything in detail. What happened that day? Did you see anything? Mehri tells Ganga how she asked Janvi about cleaning her room but she told me to do it later. I later felt that Bahu ji might scold me for not doing my work properly. I went inside the room stealthily to clean it. I was cleaning on the other side of the room that day when I heard some noise. I saw Yash giving injection to Janvi. Janvi tried to free herself but Yash dint leave her. Janvi fell on the sofa but Yash injected her again. He was also asking for money transfer from the computer. Janvi did it as she had no option. We heard a sound then because of which Yash panicked. He hung her on the fan and ran away. Pulkit looks angry. Mehri says maybe Yash saw me that day. This is why he sent goons that day so I leave Banaras. He will kill me and my kids. Ganga assures her she wont let anything happen to her or her kids. You only have to tell all this in court too to save Sagar. Mehri refuses to do it for her kids’s sake. Ganga requests her to save Sagar. Only you can do it. Mehri denies. Don’t put my and my kids’ life in risk. I will go far away from here. Neither you nor Yash will be able to find me then. She begins to go but Ganga blocks her way. Please don’t do it. Mehri stays put. I don’t want to get into all this. Ganga takes her little baby from her and begins running. Mehri chases her and so does Palash and Pulkit.

Ganga stands at the edge of a small cliff. Mehri worries for her baby and Palash is worried for Ganga. Ganga warns Mehri to not take any step further. If you can get selfish then I can be selfish too. I wont give your baby to you. Mehri requests her to pity the baby. Return it to me. Ganga denies. She pushes a stone which falls down the cliff. Ganga warns Mehri to stay put or she will jump down from here. Mehri breaks down. Please return my kid to me. Ganga is moved to tears. She gives the baby back to Mehri who hugs her baby tight. Ganga says your baby was away from you for two minutes and you panicked. Think about Sagar. He will be severely punished if you don’t give a statement in his favour. What will happen to his family? How will they live without him? They will die. I know you are worried about your kids. I take their full responsibility. I will get you police protection. No one will harm you. Please save Sagar’s life. You have been associated with that family since years. Please don’t let it break. Please return Babu and his family their happiness. Only you can do this. You have your kid’s swear. Save my Sagar please. Mehri agrees to come to court with her. I will tell everything honestly. Palash is shocked and upset while Pulkit is happy.

That same guy who has been hearing Amma ji and Niru’s convo comes to Chaturvedi House dressed as a Baba. Amma ji falls in his words. He suggests having a yagya at his place. I would need some money to make preps for it. Can you get it? She readily agrees to do anything for Sagar. He tells her that his abode is at the end of this lane. Come with 10k in the evening. I will wait. She agrees.

Palash, Pulkit, Ganga come home with Mehri and her kids. Mehri thinks of that unfateful day. She looks uncomfortable. Ganga tells her not to worry. You will be safe at Palash Sir’s place. Plus we are with you. There is nothing to worry. Mehri hugs her. Mehru’s daughter holds Ganga’s saree. Please come with us Didi. I am feeling scared. Ganga says there is nothing to worry. This uncle will take care of you.

He wont let anything happen to you. Rakhi refuses to go without her. Ganga agrees to come later. Rakhi insists. Mehri scolds her to come with them for now. She will join later. Ganga tells Rakhi again she will come soon. Rakhi leaves Ganga’s hand sadly. Pulkit asks Ganga what she is thinking. She wonders if everything will be fine. I feel something is wrong. He says it will be fine once Mehri Didi gives statement. Ganga sends him home and goes to inform everything to Sagar.

Amma ji comes to her room. I am so lucky that I met such a great Baba. I suddenly recalled that I still have my bangles. She takes it out from her jewellery box. It is with me since years. What use will it be to me! It will take care of the yagya. Everything will be fine then. She thinks to lie outside to the family members. She takes her jhola and goes out of her room.

Niru is coming downstairs just then. I was coming to you only. How do you feel now? She replies that she is feeling perfectly alright now. I am going to the ghaat to hear evening aarti. I feel uneasy without Sagar. He offers to come along but she lies that Sudha is coming already. We will do jaap together. What will you do amongst the ladies? He says again but she denies. Pulkit comes just then. Amma ji rushes out of the house.

Sagar is shocked to know Yash is behind it. Ganga says that he also sent goons after Mehri Didi. I saw them trying to take her forcibly. You will be out of jail soon. You will be free from all your problems and insults. He tells her not to cry anymore as everything is falling in its place. She says everything will be fine when Mehri Didi will give a statement. Sagar asks her if she has kept Mehri Didi and her kids at their home. Yash can send goons again. They will be safe there. She denies. I have sent them to Palash Sir’s house. He withdraws his hands in shock. She is confused by his behaviour. What are you doing Ganga? I told you I don’t trust Palash at all. She insists that he is mistaken. You don’t know how much he is helping us. He left everything and came there when he got to know I met with an accident. He argues with her over this.

Did he tell you about the syringe police found in my room aftrer Janvi’s death? There were someone else’s fingerprints on it. She shakes her head. he says why dint he do it then. He got the report long ago yet he kept quiet. She speaks in Palash’s favour. I too blamed him when we got defeated first. He might have hidden it intentionally as he would want to know whose fingerprints they are. He asks her why she is supporting Palash so much. This wasn’t the first time. He was indirectly forcing me to sign the confession too. I don’t have any personal enmity with him. Somehow I feel that he dint take your saying no to his proposal well. He is taking revenge. If my doubt it right then I think you did a very big mistake by leaving Mehri Didi at his home. Constable asks Ganga to come. Sagar again asks her to take Mehri Didi to their home. She isn’t safe there.

Mehri is comforting her little kid. Rakhi likes the book that Palash has brought for her. Mehri asks Palash for some milk. My baby is hungry. He tells her to take anything from kitchen on her own. You don’t have to ask me time and again. She keeps the baby down and goes to bring milk. Palash is looking for his phone. Rakhi has it. She is checking it when he takes it from her. Is this a toy? Leave my stuff. Yu have your toys. You will play quietly now. The baby keeps crying. Palash looks irritated. I wonder till when I will have to bear them. I already have a headache. His phone’s battery gets over. He is shocked to see the goons at his door. He signals them to wait outside and goes after them. Mehri comes back with milk bottle when she hears his voice. She looks closely. Palash pays money to the goons. Mehri is shocked to see it. One of the goons notices her peeking at them. They signal Palash who looks at Mehri. Her eyes widen in fear. These are the same people who wanted to catch and kill me. It means you sent them? You want to kill us? Palash says I dint want you to know to but now that you have then. She looks at him in shock.

Ganga thinks of Sagar’s worry regarding Palash. Who to trust? I feel that Sagar cannot be wrong. There must be some reason because of which he felt that ways. On the other hand, I cannot believe it that Palash Sir can be against Sagar. He is trying to save Sagar at every step yet Sagar doubts Sir. Goons have left by now. She misses seeing them as she is lost in her own thoughts. She thinks to meet Mehri once. She rings the door bell but there is no reply for a long time. Palash finally opens the door. She tells him that she came to meet Mehri Didi. Where is she? Mehri is tied up in the kitchen. Palash lies to Ganga that she went to her home. She said she needed to pick up some urgent stuff.

Ganga worries for her. He repeats the lie. How could I stop her? It is her wish. She thinks to wait here only for Mehri Didi till she is back. The baby cries. Ganga tries to pacify the baby but in vain. She heads towards the kitchen to get milk for the baby. Palash gets tensed. Mehri hears her too.

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