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Gangaa 13 May 2020: Ganga bangs at the door again. Please let me go. I don’t want to stay here. Everyone must be waiting for me. The girl tells her not to act stubborn. No one will let you get away from here ever. There is no point in screaming or shouting. Rest now. Ganga insists on going but the girl repeats that that is impossible now.

Niru tells Omkar to go home. I am going to look for Ganga along with Raghav ji. I too want to try. Omkar reminds him about Sagar’s health. Niru loses his cool. Do you think I am not worried for my son? He is my own son. My heart wants me to be with my son but my mind wants to find Ganga asap or she might get into some big trouble. He leaves with Raghav ji.

Niru and Raghav ji check at every possible place and ask every passerby.

The lady returns to the room where Ganga is. Ganga has fallen asleep. She locks the door from outside once again. She next walks into another room. There is another door inside which leads to an adjoining room where many other girls are kept as well. She looks at all those girls. She calls out for Kamini. I had told you to take care of these girls but they look so frail. Feed them well. I have to send them to the city tomorrow only. Kamini (the same girl who was given the charge of Ganga) nods.

Niru and Raghav ji check at the Railway Station and bus stand too but in vain. Niru wonders if she might be at the ghaat. A lot many kids are taken there to beg.

Niru’s rickshaw has to pass by the red light area to reach the ghaat. The lady (owner, Surili) drops water down. The rickshaw puller was about to scold the person but greets Surili when he notices that it is her. the guy (surili’s goon, Heera) asks her if everything is fine.

Niru prays Ganga never comes here. Raghav ji wants to go to the ghaat. Niru asks the paan seller about Ganga. He shows him her pic. Heera comes there. The paan seller tells him that Niru is looking for a girl. I dint see her but you might have as it is your job after all. Heera tells him to mind his business. He next asks Niru if he is looking for someone. Niru shows him Ganga’s photo. I am looking for this girl. Have you seen her? He gets tensed.

Surili tells her girls to get the girls ready nicely. I have to run this house so you have to work hard. She asks Kamini if Ganga has eaten anything. Kamini denies. Ganga said that she is a widow and she cannot eat all the fried stuff. Surili is surprised that such a young girl talks about all the rules that a widow has to follow.

Heera lies to Niru. She looks so simple and innocent. The times are changing. She might have been taken out of town by now or worse, killed her. Niru retorts back saying he dint ask for his ideas. I will find her at any cost. He leaves with Raghav ji.

Heera runs upstairs to tell Surili that Niru is looking for Ganga. He is not going to give up soon it seems. Surili tells him to keep an eye on Ganga and all the other kids. I will send them away tomorrow itself. I don’t want to get into any trouble. He nods.

Prabha is hungry and irked as no one is eating anything. I will die hungry! She calls out for Maharaj ji next. Bring something for Madhvi didi. She sits down on the sofa. Amma ji is counting beads. Maharaj ji brings food. Prabha is very happy to see it but then asks Madhvi to eat it. Who will take care of Sagar if you fall ill? You have to take care of yourself. Madhvi is not hungry. Prabha tries to feed Amma ji also but Amma ji scolds her. Who can eat in this situation? You only should eat! Prabha sends the plate back sadly.

Niru returns home. He tells everyone that he couldn’t find any clue. Omkar says you couldn’t do anymore. I k now you would have searched in every nook and corner of this city. Amma ji too tells Niru to leave it on God. Niru is in no mood to sit back. Wolves are outside on the streets. They don’t even care about the age of the girls! Amma ji too is worried about Ganga. God will save her. Your son is ill. You have to worry for him too. Madhvi adds that Sagar is scared. His medical condition is anyways bad. Niru says that can never change but we will have to make him stay strong through all the ups and downs in life. He heads to Sagar’s room with Madhvi and Amma ji following him.

Pulkit and Babli try to divert Sagar’s mind but he sits there sadly. They try to make him play card but Sagar denies. He recalls the last time when they were playing cards. When will Ganga come back? I don’t like playing anything without her. She always supports me, takes care of me. She never lies. I am missing her. Please bring her back. The elders overhear all this. Niru assures Sagar that Ganga will surely come back. Police is looking for her. She will be found real soon. Sagar blames himself for this situation. I only asked Ganga to play cricket with me and she agreed. Nothing like this would have happened if she would have said no.

This happened only when she went out of the house. Niru denies. You are not at fault. You only wanted her to play with you. It can happen anywhere with anyone. You don’t have to blame yourself. You fell sick? Are you this week? You are my strong son! You will grow up in a few years and then you will have to look after the family. You will have to be strong for that. Sagar admits it that he was very scared initially. Niru asks him if he will tell this to Ganga when she is back. You know how strong she is even in the tough times. She stays strong and never loses her calm. She always tries to move forward.

It is night. Ganga peeks out from the window. I am not going to get scared of anything. They can scare me for anything but I wont fall weak. I will leave from here tonight at any cost. I have to go to school from tomorrow after all.

it is night. Ganga peeks out from the window. I am not going to get scared of anything They can scare me for anything but I wont fall weak. I will leave from here tonight at any cost.

Niru tells Sagar how strong Ganga is. She always tries to move forward even in times of troubles. You too have to become strong like her. Nothing will be tough for you then. Sagar agrees to remain strong. But when will she return? Niru too doesn’t have an answer for that yet but he assures his son that Ganga will be with them very soon. She is a strong girl. She will have to come back. He hugs his son. Niru hopes that tomorrow brings a new start too. Hope we get to meet Ganga again.

Next morning, Heera and Surili have decided to keep the girls in the carton. No one will even doubt on us. Heera tells her that they will have to wait for the night. The public can create trouble. Surili nods. These girls should not find out about where we are taking them. Blindfold them and bind their hands too. Make those girls happy with makeup and all. We have to divert their mind. Surili calls out for Kamini.

Ganga wakes up. She peeks out from the window. It is raining outside. She gets sad as it is her first day of school. I was waiting for this day since so long. I am missing you all Babu, Bahu ji, Sagar. Please take me from here. Kamini brings food for Ganga. Ganga tries to escape from the open door but Kamini stops her. Eat breakfast. Ganga talks about the rules that a widow has to follow. One takes bath and then does puja. Then only can one eat anything. She next gives her colourful clothes. Kamini reasons that no one is here to tell Amma ji anything. Ganga refuses to cheat Amma ji. I know it.

A girl calls out for Amma ji. Amma ji gets happy for a second thinking that it is Ganga but her face falls when she notices the girl. Maharaj ji asks her why she dint go for the Ganga snan today. Neither of them have slept in the night. Amma ji hopes that nothing wrong happens with Ganga as she is just a little girl. A girl is not safe out in the open these days!

Ganga requests Kamini to let her go. You look a little soft. That other lady (Surili Bai) looks a little strict. Kamini tells her that just like she cannot go against Amma ji, she cannot do anything against Surili Bai’s orders. Ganga is surprised. Surili Bai is much stricter than Amma ji? She doesn’t allow you to go out in the day time also? This is wrong! Kamini stands there all quiet.

Amma ji is sure it is some enemy as there has been no ransom call so far. Who will do this to that little girl? Mehri points out at Prabha. She dint like Ganga at all. Prabha overhears this and twists it back on Mehri. She next points out at Omkar. He always used to have a problem with Ganga. She too always used to complain regarding him. Omkar is tensed while Amma ji scolds Prabha. There is no one in our house who can commit such a sin. We are good people. She asks Maharaj ji to find out about Ganga’s whereabouts. Did she have any fight with the kids she used to play with? Maharaj ji leaves to find out. Amma ji is really worried for Ganga.

Omkar questions the men whom he had made kidnap Ganga. Where is she? Is she with you people only? The situation has gone out of hand. Police is looking for her. Tell me where she is and I will take her home. They stand there quietly. We have sold her to Surili Bai. Omkar slaps them. You sold her? Have you lost your mind? I dint tell you about any such thing! One of the guys take out a knife and points it at him.

Enough of your drama! We did what you wanted us to do. Give Surili Bai 60k to take her back if you want her back. They also warn him not to raise his hand on them again or they wont spare them. Omkar thinks that this isn’t what he wanted. I dint want her to get there. I only wanted to make my image in Niru’s eyes better. Things took just about another turn here!

Ganga still hasn’t eaten. She sits near the bed. Will I have to live here only? Will I not be able to go back to my home again? How will I live without them?

Omkar doesn’t have that much money. I will have to do something. If anyone gets any clue about Ganga or takes my name then I will be finished. I have to think of something. Ganga should return and no one should doubt on me too!

Niru tells raghav ji to get another date for the court proceedings. I am not in a condition to do anything. Madhvi asks him to eat something but Niru denies. I am worried about Ganga. Amma ji tells him not to be sad. God will set everything right. She asks him to eat and he finally agrees. Prabha comes running inside the house holding a newspaper in her hand. A troop of goons have started kidnapping little kids in our city. They take out their body parts and sell it. Two such kids were found dead last week only. What if something like that happens to Ganga? Madhvi stops her. Niru calls Raghav ji as he gets up to go to the police station. Amma ji scolds Prabha for talking without realising the situation.

Omkar rushes inside the house as he calls out for everyone. I have found info about Ganga. I have seen her. Everyone is surprised and a little relieved.

Surili Bai pays Omkar’s goons more money. They tell her that Omkar is asking for the girl. Surili tells them that girls don’t go back from here. Heera wonders what if he brings police. The guys are sure Omkar wont do that as he himself will get into trouble. He isn’t that foolish!

Niru, Raghav ji and Omkar are at the police station. Omkar shares that he was looking for Ganga. I noticed her. Some people were taking in a car forcefully and took her away. I tried to follow them but I lost them. I couldn’t see where they exactly took her.

Ganga notices a small window tab above the door. She throws a shoe down through it. Can anyone hear me? Take me out from here.

Inspector asks Omkar if it was Ganga only. Omkar affirms. Niru asks the Inspector to raid that area now as they have a very important lead. I am sure she will be there only. Jija ji will also come with us to show us that area. Omkar is tensed. I hope those goons aren’t there or they will recognize me. He reluctantly leaves with Niru, Raghav ji and Inspector.

Surili Bai is talking to one of her regular customers. The same goons whom Omkar had hired are still there. They keep eyeing the girls. Heera notices them and tells them to leave. One has to have money to even look at Surili Bai’s girls. They both leave. Heera tells the girls to get back to work.

Ganga is thirsty but the jug is empty. She calls out for Didi (Kamini). I need water. Please give me some. No one hears her shouts. Ganga notices another door in the room. She pushes it back to get inside. It is kind of a store room where all the cartons are kept. She hears someone sobbing. She reaches the main hall where Surili is sitting but hides to avoid getting seen. She turns to go back when she hears someone crying again. She peeks in at the room where the girls are kept.

They all are in tears and want to return to their home. One of the girls was sold by her own uncle. They talk about not even trying to get out of here. One of them has tried it many times but got caught and was beaten badly. Ganga decides to do something for them. She tries to break open the door but heads back towards her room when she hears some noise.

Kamini brings water for Ganga. She notices Ganga coming from the adjoining room. Ganga says I was looking for water. I still haven’t got it though. Kamini gives her water. Ganga drinks it. She calls Kamini good. Everyone must be worried for me. Please let me go back home Didi. Ganga hugs her. Kamini asks her not to hurt her by requesting her again and again. I am much more helpless than you. She thinks of her own situation. I too was brought here forcefully like her. I too tried to go away from here but in vain. Now I have got used to it. She hopes that Ganga gets out of here safely. Ganga is sure she wont stay here at all. Kamini prays that Ganga’s wish comes true.

Sagar is finding a new game that he can teach Ganga when she returns. Madhvi gives him medicine with milk. Sagar asks his mother if Ganga will come home today. Madhvi replies that Niru had gone to the place with police where Omkar ji had seen Ganga. Let’s hope everything goes well. Sagar goes to pray for Ganga. Please God send Ganga back to home. I will never fight with her or trouble her. She thinks of me to be her friend. I too will become her best friend. Please send her back. I don’t like doing anything without her. I miss her a lot. Please send her back. Madhvi and Amma ji see this. Amma ji too hopes that Ganga returns home all safe. Madhvi and Amma ji pray for Ganga.

Omkar has brought Niru to the same red light area. I had seen her here only. Inspector knows that this is Surili Bai’s area. Omkar is relaxed thinking that he brought them at the perfect place. I wont have to give money to save Ganga. Plus Niru will think good about me. Inspector decides to get down searching every corner of the area to look for Ganga. Niru too joins them.

Ganga is running inside the main room. A few girls try to catch her so they can make her wear colourful clothes. Kamini smiles seeing them thus. Surili Bai comes there. She tells the girls to let Ganga stay like this only. Ganga asks her where she is sending her. Surili bai replies that she is sending her away from this city. Ganga refuses to go anywhere. Surili Bai tells Kamini to feed Ganga something. Ganga repeats her question.

The police team raids the brothel. Everyone runs helter-skelter to save themselves. Omkar stays downstairs only. Heera informs Surili Bai about the same. They are asking for some girl in particular. Surili Bai tells the girls to take Ganga inside. Hide her in a place where no one can see her. Ganga is sure her Babu has come. She hears Niru’s voice. Just then the ladies cover Ganga’s mouth. Niru comes to the room where Surili bai and Heera is. He tells her that he is Ganga’s Babu. She is like my daughter. She was kidnapped. Someone from my family has seen her here only.

The ladies cover Ganga’s mouth using a cloth and also tie her hands and legs. Kamini feels bad.

Inspector talks about raiding the place. Surili Bai tries to dissuade him but Niru points out that she shouldn’t be scared of anything if she isn’t wrong. Let them raid the place. Surili Bai goes quiet. The girls put Ganga in the cupboard.

Niru comes to room where Ganga has been kept. Ganga sees him through the gap in the door. He puts his hand on the door of the cupboard to open it but Inspector calls out for him just then. Surili bai was right. There is nothing wrong here. Maybe your BIL was mistaken. There is no point wasting time here. He looks again at the cupboard and then leaves. Ganga mentally tells him that she is here only. Get me out from here please.

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