Gangaa update Wednesday 1 January 2020

Gangaa 1 January 2020: The nurse comes to the stage with a pack of gun powder in hand. She was determine to change wedding environment into death house tomorrow. She spoke to a lady on call that there must be no mistake tomorrow, Ganga and Sagar should not be left alive. She enjoyed thinking about burning of Chattervedi family.

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The next morning, Krishna passes a flying kiss to Sagar from behind the window. Nirandar was with Sagar, Niru asks if Sagar is going to bid him that he is getting emotional. Sagar forbids him say this again. Niru was happy that they will be together. There, Madhvi confirms Ganga if she is happy.

gangaa January teasers 2020

Krishna gets them garland. Niranjan asks Sagar what is he excited about today, and tells Sagar he was impatient to see Madhvi as bride. He couldn’t withdraw his eyes from over her; he is restless even today. Sagar cries hugging Niru.

Ganga gets Madhvi ready. Madhvi tells her to get ready now, as its her wedding actually. Krishna wants to get Ganga ready. She was upset that the flowers on her hair didn’t adjust well. Ganga tells Krishna they are loveable. Supriya comes to call them downstairs. Kashish was watching from upstairs. The nurse awaited the blast at lighting of fire.

Pulkit notices an old man try to enter the wedding unnoticed. He asks about his identity, the nurse at once goes to tell Pulkit its her father. She greets him, then explains to Pulkit she invited him here. Pulkit apologizes him, and tells the nurse to serve him well. She points towards the man, who says he wished to see this family’s destruction with his own eyes.Ganga and Madhvi come downstairs. Krishna calls Sagar, while Niranjan stands up.

Sagar turns to look at Ganga. She walks beside Sagar who forwards his hand for her. Ganga ignores his hand and moves forward. There, Niru smiles looking towards Madhvi. Kashish stood upstairs. Pandit tells the couples to keep standing for Jaimala. The couples perform vermala. Krishna thinks she always wanted a happy family from God. There, Yash was worried what if he gets recognized. The nurse looks towards him and finds his moustache coming out, Pulkit was coming down from behind. She was worried what if Yash is recognized. Yash notices her signal and gets alert at once. Pulkit brings him to get seated.

The couples are seated on stage. Yash thinks if Ganga sits away from the Hawan, his plan would fail. The nurse goes to correct her seat, bringing it near to Hawan. The Pandit asks for oil for Havan, the nurse brings it. He then asks her to pour it in the Hawan while he would light the fire. She was reluctant, and everyone visibly notices this. Madhvi urges her to hurry up. Yash was worried at once, while the nurse slips over Hawan. Ganga confirms if she is fine, the nurse tries to compose herself and hurries to correct everything.

Supriya comes to help, Pandit asks for another Hawan. Madhvi sends Supriya inside for another Hawan pot. Yash was curt. Pandit lights the fire and the function begin. Niru and Sagar fill the head partitions of respective brides with Sindoor. Madhvi was emotional looking at Niru. Krishna was happy for Ganga and Sagar. The mangal sooter ritual takes place afterwards, followed by wedding rounds. Ganga and Sagar take blessings from Niranjan and Madhvi. They notice Niru’s cough, he goes towards the room with Madhvi. Sagar and Ganga were tensed. The nurse turns to look at Yash, who was fuming.

Supriya brings flowers to Ganga and Sagar’s room decoration. Krishna was excited to decorate the room.
In the room, Niranjan tells Madhvi he is a little tired. Tonight is the second innings of their married life, he won’t leave her hopeless. Madhvi wish to be his wife in every life. Niru teases he wanted to have a hot babe in the next one. They then speak about Sagar and Ganga’s new life.

Madhvi assures Niranjan that Supriya would make sure Krishna stays with her tonight. They pray for happy life of Sagar and Ganga. Niru says it would only be possible when they stop fighting.
Ganga comes to her room and finds it decorated all around. She comes to the mirror, and takes her jewellry off when she hears Sagar and rushes to sit on the bed. Sagar watches her waiting on the bed, and shuts the door behind. He drinks the glass of milk, peeking at Ganga through the corner of his eyes.

Sagar comes close to Ganga and takes his pillow from behind, laying on the bed. He says their family doesn’t know about the reality of this wedding, this decoration is all because of that. He was removing the flower petals from over the bed saying he needs to sleep. Ganga asks about the meaning.

Sagar sits up saying this wedding is a show off, but they don’t need to make this up in the closed doors. Ganga leaves the bed furiously, saying he is a stubborn and dry person and has changed a lot. Sagar asks Ganga since when she knows him, didn’t they decide this. Ganga asks what deciding matters, sometimes a person has feelings and a desire to change things; but he won’t understand.

He doesn’t feel anything. Sagar says alright, buts its Ganga’s self-respect that blinded her. He is stubborn and dry, but Ganga is also arrogant, her ego doesn’t let her forgive anyone. He wonders why she is confused, because she herself doesn’t know what she wants. She is clueless. Tears fell off her eyes, she murmurs she know what she wants. Sagar tells her to trust someone else once in her life.

Ganga stands up deciding what she wants, she needs him. Sagar was left speechless. Ganga demands her old Sagar from him. Sagar apologizes, it has gone to an extent that it’s impossible. Ganga says sorry to him, and comes to hug him from behind; she accepts he had to suffer so much for her. She hurt his emotions, just for her ego; she also kept him away from Krishna.

She know he suffered a lot because of her, she knew he was drunk that night still she didn’t forgive him. She comes to confront him, while he backs up. Ganga says she wants to say a sorry for all of her mistakes, it’s the most difficult for him.

She could never understand this single word can put everything at ease, her family, relation and everything would have been in place. She is now apologizing, can he please forgive her. Sagar backs up, saying I am sorry as its really late. He will forgive her for what she did, but he might not be able to forget; its better they do what they decided that is to stay happy in front of everyone.

But when alone, they would live as strangers. He jerks her hand away, going to sleep. He lay in the bed, smiling it’s now his turn to tease her; he won’t forgive her so easily and will make her suffer now.
Yash tries to explain his mother that Abha tried her best. His mom was screaming that Ganga and Sagar are now married.

Yash tries to calm her down, as it wasn’t the first marriage of Ganga and Sagar. She must only think what they need to do now. She smiles that she got another plan, and asks to call Amma ji. They can use Amma ji as their puppet.

Amma ji calls Madhvi, saying ghunghat wali mata ji told her about the bhasam that is the right treatment for Niru. She tells her about the whole treatment. It needs to be burnt later. Amma ji advices her to try be everyone’s strength, as she is stuck in rush over here. Yash confirms his mother if this plan would work, she says surely Amma ji would convey the message to Madhvi who will follow the instructions immediately without realizing what she has done.

Madhvi brings Niranjan while he was asleep. She hands him the medicine who gulps it with water. She remembers to burn the packet after bhasam, and lights it throwing the paper on floor. Niru begins to cough at once. Madhvi was concerned, and gives him water. Niru gets blood in his cough, Madhvi is shocked to see it there.

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gangaa January teasers 2020


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