Gangaa update Tuesday 14 April 2020

Gangaa 14 April 2020: Ganga runs around and offers sherbet to every passerby. Amma ji comes out to look for Maharaj ji. She notices little Ganga running around so much while giving sherbet to everyone. She goes back inside without saying anything to anyone. ganga is tired.

She sits at one corner. She hears Maharaj ji’s voice and opens her eyes. She too is thirsty. Sudha comes out and sits down next to her. it is a sin even to look in that direction (where the sherbet is) or the fast might be broken. She heads inside. Amma ji has overheard their convo. Sagar too notices Ganga all tired and thirsty. He offers her water but she declines. She goes inside instead.

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Sudha is pouring water over Ganga (bathing her). Ganga recalls how she used to taste rain water. She pulls out her tongue but then closes her mouth as she thinks of Amma ji telling her about the fast.

All the ladies are singing bhajans. Ganga gets up but is feeling dizzy. Madhvi and Amma ji watch her in concern as she somehow manages to reach another corner of the courtyard. Amma ji asks Sudha if they should give some water to Ganga. She is not used to stay without water. Sudha denies. Nothing will happen to her. She was talking big words. Let her do this fast once so she can understand how difficult this fast is and how difficult it is for women like us to live. She will start respecting us then only. Right now she doesn’t care much.

Amma ji is still concerned for Ganga but she starts singing the bhajan loudly just to distract herself. Madhvi too cannot see Ganga in this condition. He (Niranjan) too has given me Ganga’s responsibility. What if something happens to her! She is fulfilling all the rules of the fast one by one. She is very stubborn and doesn’t even listen to me. Amma ji will scold her if she breaks some rule but then she will atleast be free from the fast. Sagar looks on sadly while Ganga sits in a corner almost dazed out. I have to break her fast but how!

Sudha walks up to Ganga asking her to sing the bhajan along with them. These are 21 chapattis. Find a cow and feed them to her. Ganga eyes them longingly. Sudha wants Ganga to say it once that she cannot do it. tell me that you cannot do it, that you have lost. Ganga says I wont lose. I will fulfil this fast. I will even feed the cow with my own hands. Sagar makes up his mind to break Ganga’s fast so she can eat / drink something. You wont be able to do it. Ganga goes outside.

Ganga looks at Maharaj ji preparing sherbet for people. Sagar brings a glass for her. Dadi wont even find out. Maharaj ji too asks her to drink it. Children are the favourite of God. They are never punished for such petty things. Ganga refuses to eat / drink anything stealthily. I don’t want anything out of pity. Madhvi and Sagar’s hopes are broken. She goes out looking for cow. Sagar runs after her so he can be with her.

Sagar and Ganga look in every lane but cannot find a cow anywhere. They wonder what they will do if they don’t find any cow. Ganga hears temple bells. She signals Sagar in that direction. Many people are feeding chapattis to cow already. The kids smile seeing this. ganga gives the plate to Sagar and turns to cow. You must be full already but please eat these chapattis too. I have to complete my fast.

Sagar gives them one by one to Ganga and she feeds them to the cow. Sagar gets an idea. He thinks of Madhvi’s words and hides one in his pocket. She is happy in the end that she completed the task successfully. She thanks the cow and the kids head home.

Ganga keeps the empty plate in front of Sudha. I fed all the 21 chapattis to the cow. Sudha is amazed. Amma ji takes the credit for the good changes in Ganga. Sudha too praises her for her hard work. She next tells Ganga to chant a mantra loudly for 108 times. It should be audible to everyone. Madhvi vouches for Ganga. The little girl is thirsty since morning. How will she chant the mantra loudly in this case? Sudha reminds her that she had cleared it in the beginning itself that the fast is really tough. But this girl insisted that she will do it. So, let her do it. she will have to follow every rule and ritual related to the fast or let her accept that she wont be able to do it. Amma ji agrees with her half heartedly. Ganga agrees to do it while Sagar declines. She asks him the reason for it. He points out at the left out chapatti. You had to feed 21 chapattis but one is still left. She reminds him of what he had said. You hid it then? you lied to me? Sagar tells her that nothing can happen now as her fast has broken.

Sudha holds out her hand as she asks for towel. Ganga holds her hand. can I take bath now if you are done? Amma ji stares at Ganga in amazement. Sudha frees her hand from Ganga’s grip. Madhvi gives her towel. It is Ganga’s turn now.

Madhvi advises her not to take bath in the evening in this condition. You can fall ill. Your Babu will scold me if he finds out about this. Ganga reminds her of the ritual to be followed for the fast. You have my swear. I know Babu will be upset and will tell me to break my fast but I will fulfil it no matter what. I will never lose Bappa! Ganga takes bath.

Pulkit finds Sagar all lost in thoughts. He assures him that nothing will happen to Ganga. Niranjan overhears this and is surprised. What has happened to Ganga? Is she alright? He asks Madhvi too. Madhvi tells him that Sagar is concerned about Ganga as she is hungry since morning. You were right that the little girl has been through so many troubles in such a small age so this fast is nothing in front of all that. She is following all the rules diligently while keeping this fast. Niranjan nods. I knew that her confidence is way stronger than my trust. We can sway from our goals but that girl will never ever give up, even if the condition worsens. He has brought notebooks for the boys and gives it to them. He leaves to freshen up.

Sagar asks his mom why she dint tell Papa that Ganga is not well. She tells him of Ganga’s swear. She goes to give tea to her husband. Sagar feels bad for Ganga. I have troubled her a lot. I will have to do something to rectify my mistake. Pulkit says you have already helped her. Will you say sorry to her now? Have you ever said sorry to anyone? Sagar agrees to say sorry to Ganga. Pulkit makes him practise. Sagar fumbles.

The ladies are singing bhajans. Amma ji finds Ganga sitting in a corner with half closed eyes. She signals Maharaj ji to drape a stole around her. He does as he is told.

Sagar practises saying sorry to Ganga in front of the mirror. Pulkit laughs seeing him thus.

Amma ji too sits down with all the other ladies.

Pulkit is asleep. Sagar continues to practise but is unable to say the word sorry. He gives up. BHaiya is right. I wont be able to say it.

Next morning, all the ladies sit down to have food. Ganga is replicating Sudha’s actions. They offer prayers and then begin to eat. Ganga smiles at Sudha but that smile irks Sudha. Do I have to give you a separate invitation? Eat the food. Ganga says you eat first, Sudha Bua. I can stay hungry for another 2 days. Pishi Ma smiles. Sudha says I am elder to you, not your friend. I thought I will pity you as you are a little girl but look at you! Ganga clearly tells her that she does not want any pity. I had told you already. Sudha is all hyper again. don’t look up so much that you stumble and fall down. You too are a widow like us. Our respect and self respect have gone for a toss because of it. You wont even get a place in hell if you remain this stubborn. Consider this as a curse from my side. Everyone is taken aback and looks at Sudha. Ganga says it isn’t good to be so angry. Bappa used to say that you cannot understand what is right or wrong when you are angry. See it cost you only. Your fast is broken now as you have cursed me. Sudha is shocked (at the realisation). Amma ji tells Ganga to be quiet.

She points out to Sudha that Ganga is right actually. It is prohibited to say anything wrong or curse anyone when you are fasting. I wonder if your fast will be fulfilled now or not but you are grown up. You should be a little more careful. They resume eating. Amma ji looks a little lovingly in Ganga’s direction (when she is not noticing it) while Ganga is about to take the first bite. Madhvi and Sagar are also relieved / happy for her. Sudha eats a bite and two and then excuses herself.

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