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Maharaj is sure they must miss them, and suggests Amma to call them. Amma argues she is the elder one. Maharaj turns to leave, Amma ji confirms if she must call? He nods at her. Amma ji takes the cell phone.

There, Sagar serves pizza and calls Madhvi to enjoy them. He thinks about cancelling all his meetings tonight as well. Madhvi asks why he is doing so. Sagar place his head over her lap saying he gets little time to spend with her mother and goes to play some good movie. His phone bell rings, Madhvi cries watching Dadi’s number and show it to Sagar.

Amma ji was restless to speak to him, but Sagar cuts the call. Amma ji was determined to keep calling him until he answers the call. Krishna had come behind Amma ji in the same temple with Ganga, Krishna ringing the temple bell. Sagar takes the call, Amma asks Sagar if he has forgotten this bell ring, she cries that she is aware he has the same feelings for her as she has and asks her to call her as Dadi once.

Sagar calls her as Dadi. Amma ji asks him to return once. Sagar wasn’t ready, all their relations have broken, and they will never come to that home again. He hangs up, Amma ji wonders if there is no reason left to get Sagar back. Ganga and Krishna are shown praying behind.

Sagar fell on the bed, missing all his past; his happy family, Niranjan taking Zoya’s side. He asks Madhvi if she understands why he did so. Madhvi tightens the grip over his shoulder, he leaves crying.

At home, Kashish brings children wishing Krishna, having planned birthday surprise for Krishna. Ganga takes her inside to get ready in her new dress. They come outside, Kashish asks her to blow the candle and cut the cake.

Krishna’s friends challenge her to burst the biggest balloon, Ganga goes to bring stool while Krishna climbs the dining table. Kashish warns Krishna of falling over, she was sure she won’t and bursts the balloon. All at once, the notice Krishna fell of the table after fainting.

Ganga was worried that Krishna’s hand was deeply cut, they take her to hospital.
Sagar was sipping a drink thinking about Ganga. He wonders how a child could be born to them. About Niranjan’s favor of Zoya, and throw the glass down. All at once he gets a heart ache. Madhvi comes concerned for him.

Ganga was worried for surgery, Kashish assures it a minor one. The cut is deep and she has to get stitches.

At home, Madhvi asks the doctor if he is ok. The doctor wants to inspect him further.
In the hospital, Ganga comes to Krishna. Krishna tells Ganga that she felt pain while getting stitches, but she didn’t cry. Ganga scolds Krishna for being stubborn and not listening to her. Kashish takes Ganga outside to speak to her, leaving Krishna to rest.

Kashish tells Ganga that doctors got Krishna tested, Krishna got dizzy and her BP shoot. Ganga was worried how is this possible, that is such a young age. Kashish asks her not to worry, but once the tests are out they can get it confirmed. Ganga insists on meeting the doctor, and goes to doctor’s room.

The doctor offer then a seat and informs Ganga there is a hole in Krishna’s heart. Ganga was taken aback. Sagar wakes up, Madhvi comes out with the doctor. The doctor assures he is fine, but excess of drinking isn’t good. Madhvi shares with the doctor that Sagar has a hole in his heart, he is a blue baby.

There, Ganga recalls Sagar was also a blue baby. She shares with Kashish that she know about this illness, it seems her past has come to her again. She comes to Krishna who had fallen asleep. Kashish keeps a hand over her shoulder. There at home, Pulkit and Supriya again argue. Supriya was complaining if Pulkit has an interest in her, he is always working.

Pulkit complains she never takes care of him, and asks if she knows Dadi has fever. Supriya was shocked to hear and didn’t really know. Maharaj ji comes to take Pulkit to Amma ji as she hasn’t eaten anything since yesterday. Zoya brings milk for Amma ji. Pulkit takes the glass from her and sits beside Amma ji. Amma ji conditions him to call Sagar first, only then she will have milk. She forbids him worry for Niranjan, she will speak to him.

Madhvi was feeding Sagar with soup. Sagar was upset that he troubles Madhvi a lot. Madhvi says children never trouble a mother, no matter they are closer or far away. Pulkit agrees to call Sagar, Madhvi was happy watching Pulkit’s call and asks him to take the call and put it on speaker.

Amma ji nods at Pulkit approvingly, Pulkit asks Sagar how he is; then asks Sagar to bring mom here once. Sagar asks what Papa wants, if he is aware he called them. Pulkit was speechless. Zoya thinks her years of hard work would go in vain, if Sagar comes here. She speaks that Abbu would want this as well.

Sagar says if Zoya is still there, there is no question for them to come here. Amma ji insists on them to come and meet her for one last time. She asks about Madhvi. Supriya comes there complaining Pulkit to have locked her credit card, she shouts in front of Amma ji. Amma ji scolds them and suggests them to separate than fighting this way.

Amma ji tells Sagar not to care about whatever she has heard. Amma ji tells Sagar she wants to name everything that belongs to her after Sagar and Pulkit. Sagar asks her to name his share after Zoya, he doesn’t need anything and hangs up.

The next morning, Krishna was ready for school while Ganga was bandaging her. Kashish asks her not to send Krishna to school today, Krishna insists on going to school as she has music classes today and how she would get selected if she miss the school. Ganga helps her with the bag, kiss on her cheek and bid her a bye. Kashish asks Ganga why she didn’t inform Krishna about her illness, she must know.

Ganga says she has seen Sagar fight with the disease in childhood, he was always shut at home and couldn’t play with his friends like a normal child. She doesn’t want Krishna to bear that all.

Sagar was ready to leave for office, Madhvi insists on Sagar not to go. She complains he is always stubborn, he decided even today that they won’t go to Banaras anymore, alright. Sagar turns around towards her. She was worried for Pulkit and Supriya’s fights, there is something wrong and she is helpless as no one shares anything with her.

Kashish asks Ganga what if Krishna someday questions why Ganga didn’t tell her. Ganga replies she doesn’t know what to tell Krishna. Kashish asks if she won’t ever tell her that Sagar is her father. Ganga was determined never to tell Krishna.

Kashish suggests what if one day Sagar returns to confront her, what would Ganga do the day Sagar and Krishna meet each other. Ganga was worried that this should never happen. Sagar decides that they will go to Banaras.

Sagar promises Madhvi to go to Banaras to fulfil Dadi’s dream, and resolve the matters of Pulkit and Supriya. Madhvi says if it’s for her only, they shouldn’t go. Sagar assures this all is for himself, they will go to Banaras but won’t stay in that house. He can’t get his mother where Zoya lives. Madhvi tells him that she also dislikes Zoya’s presence there, but they can’t break their relation to that family.

Ganga picks Krishna up, Krishna insists on cycling. Ganga remember that Krishna is a blue baby, then warns her to drive slowly. Krishna races her cycle, Ganga calls her to drive slowly but Krishna was cheerful that she always drive fast. She reaches the spot and boasts about winning. Ganga says Krishna is a champion who can never be defeated. She judge Krishna is really happy today, it seems her music teacher appreciated it. Krishna was excited that her class is going for nature trip to Anand Ashram. Ganga was worried at once and dis allows Krishna to go on the trip, as she isn’t well know.

Pulkit comes to Amma ji. Zoya over hears from outside, Amma tells Pulkit that Madhvi called from London, Sagar is ready to come here. Pulkit was happy, but was worried what they would tell Niranjan; how he would react. Amma ji was ready to handle Niranjan but was worried that Sagar won’t step into the house because of Zoya. He isn’t wrong as well. Pulkit assures about speaking to Sagar.

Pulkit was ready to book a room for them in hotel, Amma ji says they must stay in the Ashram. She asks Maharaj ji to call Ashram as Madhvi and Sagar would stay there, he must send bed sheets and some other useable items to Ashram.

Zoya was worried and walks outside upset. Her lover stood there in the car and comes to her concerned. Zoya was worried what if Sagar and Madhvi attract Niranjan towards them and what if Amma ji insists on them to stay here what would happen to her? Her lover taunts that another heir would be added to her father’s heirs. He asks her for any help in the matter, Zoya was determined to do it by herself and walks inside. He was ready to help her this time proving herself.

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