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Gangaa 3 May 2020:Niranjan calls Babli. He wants to talk to Madhvi. I tried her number but it’s not connecting. Babli calls out for Madhvi. Mama ji wants to talk to you. Madhvi hasn’t heard it but Omkar has. He gets tensed. He asks for a medicine for headache from Madhvi. She goes to bring it. Babli is heading towards kitchen. She tells Niranjan that Ganga is not well. She heads to Amma ji’s room as he wants to talks to Ganga first. Omkar gets tensed thinking what if Ganga tells Niranjan everything. Omkar is worried that his own daughter might ruin things for him. Babli gives the phone to Ganga. She requests her not to tell anything to Mama ji. I only said to him that you aren’t well. He is very far. Niranjan asks her about her health. She is in dilemma as she cannot lie to him. She starts talking about other things instead. He tells her about Allahabad. She wants to go to Allahabad. He tells her to study hard for that. I am very happy that you learnt all the tables. You will have to write an essay on my family without anyone’s help. She makes faces. He guesses that already and she is surprised.

Can you see it through the phone? He denies. I know my Ganga so well that I can guess her reactions. You can start studying if you pass in this exam. Don’t worry, try to write. I know you can do it. I have full faith on my Ganga. You are very smart. There is nothing that you cannot do. She agrees to write the essay. Omkar wonders what they are talking about. Amma ji finds him peeking inside her room. She asks him what he is doing here. He lies that he came here to ask about Ganga’s health. She calls him big hearted. He nods. I am elder. I cannot keep grudges with a kid. She tells him to come as Madhvi has made tea for him. He cannot hear Ganga’s convo now.

Niranjan tells Ganga that she will get all the happiness in the world if she studies. You must learn how to read or write. She thinks of Sagar’s outburst and agrees to do whatever he will ask her to. He says that’s good. I will talk to you when I am back. She smiles broadly.

Ganga comes to Sagar’s room. He is playing with his toys. He senses her presence. She tells him that she knows what he feels. You think I cannot do anything? But Babu has told me that I can do anything. I will do the task that he has given me. You will see for yourself, just wait and watch!

Gangaa says One day I will become a big person. I will have everything, just like you and your friends have. He walks out of the room in a huff. She thinks that she will definitely do what Babu has asked her to.

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Ganga walks around thinking that Babu will seriously send her to school if she writes this essay. Babu never lies. She recalls seeing the kids playing in Sagar’s school and how a few kids had laughed over her when she had spoken to them in Hindi. I will write it. I will study then. I too will start speaking fluent English like Sagar and his friends. I will play new games. I will become a princess in the drama and I will win every time. I have to write the essay before Babu returns!

Ganga is in the kitchen. She thinks and then writes. I only had Bappa in my family earlier but he too left me. Then I met a lot of many people. Babu, Bahu ji, Pulkit Bhaiya, Amma ji. She realises that she will have to write his name too. She writes Maharaj ji. Maharaj ji thinks that she is saying something to him btu she clears it to him that she is writing an essay on my family. you too are my family. he gets emotional. You think that I am your family too? She nods. If my Bappa had an elder brother then he would have been just like you. Amma ji calls out for Maharaj ji. Prabha is here. Bring sherbet for her. Maharaj ji asks Ganga if she will write about Prabha too. Ganga nods. I will write that she comes here and immediately asks for something to eat or drink. He smiles. Don’t write it or you will be scolded. He goes to give sherbet to Prabha.

Omkar is going to Gazipur to bring Suman’s jewels for Babli. They are her blessings for her daughter after all. I should give them to Babli on the right time. I will be back by evening. Amma ji wishes him happy journey. He leaves.

Amma ji is irked seeing Prabha munching on fruits. Ratan gets up to go. Amma ji tells him not to worry about her as she is in her own home after all. Yash too comes to the kitchen as he is hungry. Ganga asks him about it and he asks her what she is doing here. He snatches that notebook from her. Amma ji is very strict but sweet. Bahu ji is very simple. He calls her mad. You don’t know anything. She tells him that she knows everything. Go, let me write the essay. Babu had asked me to write an essay on my family. He reasons that family loves their members. Find out about all of them first and then write.

Prabha says what if this girl would have died. You all would have gotten into a big problem. This girl ate anything without even thinking. She got saved this time but what if she tries again. What will you say to police about her and her relations? Madhvi interrupts her. Amma ji too has been thinking on the same lines. Prabha tells her to throw Ganga out of the house. Why bear this problem? Amma ji agrees. I will talk to Niru once he is back from Allahabad. This is true that no one will be at peace till the time she is here. Ganga overhears their convo from behind a pillar. Yash points out to Ganga that he was right. Find out what they all think about you. Now you should write the essay. People are talking about throwing you out of the house and Madhvi Bua is listening quietly. Ganga says Bahu ji could have done / said something. What’s the need to be so quiet? Why was she standing quietly?

Ganga comes to the balcony and is all sad. Yash tells Ganga that he was right. No one is the way she thinks them to be. Everyone will throw you out one day. I will help you in writing. You should write – Dadi is very short tempered and Sagar is also not a good person. Madhvi Bua is not concerned about anyone else. Pulkit Bhaiya is so elder yet he is only concerned about himself. Niru Fufa ji doesn’t stay at home much. He accepts whatever Amma ji tells him. She shakes her head at this. He shares that Niru Fufa likes it when someone tells the truth. He will like it if you write it. He tells her to do it on her own then and leaves. She finds truth in the last line. She is in a fix. What should I write, that what I think or that what Yash was saying? I overheard Amma ji and Bahu ji’s convo. Bahu ji was all quiet before Amma ji. I cannot understand anything.

Madhvi tells the menu to Maharaj ji to cook for the dinner. Ratan wants to leave but Prabha insists. Omkar returns with a sad face. Amma ji notices his sad face. He starts his drama. I have lost my everything! It’s all over. Babli wont be able to get married now. My business partners stole Suman’s jewels and are absconding. They dint leave anything behind. It’s over. Everyone is taken aback. We worked together. We all had a key of the locker. I dint know they will betray my trust. The engagement is tomorrow. All the guests will be here. How will I face them? No, I wont let it happen. I will talk to them beforehand only. This marriage will not happen. Amma ji wants to think of some way out but he stays put. We cannot do anything now. Those goons will not bring them back. They were Babli’s mother’s blessings and my respect. How will I get into this now? It is good to break this relation or we will lose our respect before Babli’s would be in-laws.

Amma ji suggests that Madhvi can give her jewels if it’s only about jewellery. Prabha tries to say something but Ratan stops her. Omkar asks Amma ji if she will give her DIL’s jewels to his daughter. This cannot happen. Amma ji insists. It is a DIL’s duty to help the family in the time of trouble. It is only about jewellery. If relation breaks before roka then it will be a disgrace for Babli. Madhvi will give them don’t worry. Omkar does his drama again and thanks her. Madhvi eyes him angrily. She goes to bring her jewellery so Omkar can choose which one to give to Babli. Madhvi leaves reluctantly. Amma ji too follows her upstairs.

Niru returns home. He finds Ganga standing in a corner holding the notebook in her hands. He calls out for her. she asks him why is he back so soon. He asks her if she is not happy. oh, you haven’t done the work I had given you. No problem, I will give you more time. I am back early. I will listen to it tonight. Go and complete it. He pats her head lovingly and leaves. Ganga is still thinking what to write. Babu wants to hear it tonight only!

Amma ji convinces Madhvi. You don’t trust Omkar? You think he wants to loot you of your jewels. You look at him pointedly all the time. Madhvi denies. Relations are way above jewellery and anything else but I want to consult Niranjan once. He enters just then. Amma ji tells him everything. I somehow convinced him. He was about to break the marriage. I asked Madhvi for help so Babli can be happy but she looks so heartbroken. Would she have not done it for her daughter? Niranjan asks Madhvi if something is troubling her. She cannot say anything in front of Amma ji. I don’t have any proof to prove it that I don’t trust Omkar at all. Niranjan cannot believe it that she is so attached to her jewellery. You dint have to ask me anything. Babli is like our daughter. Why would I say no? Right now, all I am concerned about is Babli’s happiness. We have got such a good match for her. How can we let it go? He goes to talk to Omkar.

Niranjan assures Omkar that the marriage will happen as he had wanted it to be. You must file a complaint against your partner. You should not let him get away like this. Omkar nods. I am so lucky to have a family like you. I am grateful to you and Amma ji. Niranjan tells him not to worry about Babli.

At night, Sagar, Yash, Pulkit and Babli are playing bluff. Pulkit is winning so easily. Ganga observes them. Pulkit Bhaiya lied? Babli explains that this is a game of lies. The one who lies will win eventually. We should do what we believe in! Sagar thinks of Ganga. Someone people have a habit of lying. You should not trust them. Ganga reasons that God watches everything from above. One day he will bring out the truth in open. He will prove it who is right or wrong. Yash is irked by her lecture!

Ganga mutters to herself. He called me a liar! Everyone is lying while playing. They are instead calling me a liar. Maid calls her a liar. You see everyone like yourself. Ganga makes it clear to her that she never lies! Maid leaves. Ganga thinks of her words. This means bad people find everyone bad. Now I know what I have to write. She writes down the essay.

Niranjan has brought gifts for everyone from Allahabad. They all smile that they can speak in English right now as Omkar is not here. Yash and Sagar ask for more chocolates. Yash lies that he has only got 2 chocolates. Niru points out that he keeps a tab on everything so he can find out if anyone is lying or not. Ganga comes there. Niru gives her a chocolate as well. Amma ji tries to say something but Ganga recalls it well that she cannot eat anything after sunset. Niru likes it. Ganga remembers everything that you tell her. Prabha says she speaks so smartly. Yash reminds Niru of the essay that Ganga was supposed to write. Niru holds out his hand to take the notebook. He makes her read it next. Ganga begins with the eldest member of the family – Amma ji.

She is very bad and moody. She always scolds me. Everyone is taken aback. Sagar is also very mean. Bahu ji also doesn’t care about anyone. She keeps quiet even after listening to everyone. Pulkit Bhaiya is mad. He is only concerned about himself. Prabha adds fuel to the fire. In a way she has called you a witch! Amma ji scolds Ganga. You think those about those who gave you shelter? Sagar too is about to retort but Niru stops them. Have you (Ganga) written anything else? He takes the notebook. Amma ji regrets allowing him to keep Ganga here.

Niru reads further. This is what Yash thinks. Everyone turns to look at Yash. Yash is all tensed. Niru reads the rest of the essay. My Bappa used to say that people think the way they are. Maid also said that liars see everyone as liars only. This is why I dint listen to Yash. I only had Bappa earlier but he too went to God. I got a bigger family then. Babu, Bahu ji, Sagar, Pulkit Bhaiya, Amma ji, Maharaj ji, Maid! Amma ji is a little strict, scolds sometimes but she is just like coconut. Amma ji is surprised. Sagar is stubborn but has a good heart. He speaks out whatever is in his heart. Sagar thinks I am lying. No problem, I know that I am speaking truth! Niru looks at Sagar and then resumes reading.

Sagar is not selfish. He gets angry at times even when the matter is of no consequence. He loves Bahu ji and Babu a lot, just the way I love my Bappa. Bahu ji is very nice. She is very beautiful too. I ask God if my Maiyya was just like her. Did she love me this much? Amma ji wipes her tears. Everyone is emotional. I am the only daughter of my Bappa but if I had a brother then he would have been just like Pulkit Bhaiya.

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