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Gangaa 25 September 2020: Ganga looking at the bangles in Sagar’s hands. She recalls Sagar and Madhvi’s convo. Amma ji tells Janvi everything is fine. Janvi leaves with the shagun. Ganga thinks the bangles were mine. Why did Sagar give them to Janvi? I will just ask him! She gets up to go.

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Amma ji tells her to finish her work first. Ganga sits down reluctantly. She looks angry and disturbed. I will have to ask Sagar. Why did he give something to her that actually belonged to me!

Janvi shows off the bangles to Sagar. He is shocked. Who gave them to you? She replies that aunty gave it to her. Sagar says mom said they are for my would-be wife. Janvi is elated. She likes me. Sagar asks for the bangles. Moms are very smart. Maybe she gave them to you to know what you feel. You know I am not ready for marriage yet. I don’t want anyone to know about us till we decide something mutually.

She asks him when that will happen. He says soon. Give me the bangles. If you don’t give them willingly, then I can use force. Janvi refuses to return the bangles to Sagar. They cutely fight over it. They fall on bed. Ganga notices them thus. They too notice her just then and stop fighting. Sagar takes the bangles. I won. He tells Ganga they were righting playfully. He gives the bangles to Ganga to give to mom. Tell her to keep them safely. Janvi feels bad. Ganga asks him if he dint give them to Janvi. Janvi denies.

Aunty gave them to me. Ganga shares that Bahu ji kept them for your would-be wife. Sagar says Janvi was not wearing any bangles so she made her wear it. You only should make mom understand that Janvi and I are just friends. Ganga is relieved. She turns to go when Janvi tells her to let it be. I will make aunty understand. She takes the bangles from Ganga as she leaves. Sagar shows his camera to Ganga. I will click all the pictures of today’s function using this only. Ganga thinks she was mad to think Sagar gave the bangles to Janvi. They are only mine!

Janvi gives the bangles back to Madhvi. Madhvi tells her to wear them. Janvi says they are expensive. What if I lose them! Ganga denies. Her friend Sagar told her to return it. He also said to explain it to mummy that Janvi and Sagar are just good friends. Janvi sadly nods and leaves. Ganga says Sagar must be so worried that you (madhvi) might think something else altogether. She leaves.

Janvi begins packing her stuff angrily. Sagar asks her what she is doing. She tells him she is going back tomorrow. You aren’t sure about our relationship till now. I cannot understand what you want. He asks for time. She agrees to give him time. But please let me go. I cannot bear it anymore. Ganga competes with me on everything. He reasons that Ganga is out of the competition.

Janvi replies that he is blind. He cannot see anything. That girl loves you! Sagar refuses to believe it. we are best friends. She says it is written on her face. She loves you. anyone can tell but you cannot see it! Maybe you are losing interest in me. tell me if its that. He repeats that he and Ganga are only friends. Would I have tried to bring Ganga and Sahil otherwise?

He calms her down. I like you a lot but I don’t know if this is love or not. I wont let you go anywhere. Right now, it is only you in my life. I have never seen Ganga that ways and I never will! You don’t have to worry about that. But yes, I cannot exactly comment what the future of our relationship is.

Marriage is a very big decision. I am not ready for it. He says sorry to her. I know I have hurt you a lot. Trust me I don’t want to make any decision in haste which we will regret in future. Please understand. I like you. She smiles finally. Madhvi is relieved. I was wrong to think negatively about Sagar and Ganga. Sagar really thinks of her as his friend. If Ganga has any such thought then it will automatically go away.

The roka ceremony starts. Ganga smiles as she looks at Sagar. She imagines her Bappa doing his tilak and all the rituals. Ganga can see little Ganga and Sagar sitting for the roka ceremony while her Bappa blesses them. Her Bappa pats at her shoulder. Your Pulkit Bhaiya’s wedding has been fixed, not yours. she says it isn’t wrong to dream. You only taught me to dream so I can fulfil it. I have seen a dream. I will make it come true. He kisses her on her forehead.

On the other hand, Sagar holds Janvi’s hand. She smiles shyly. Madhvi is happy to see them thus.

Madhvi asks Pulkit ans Supriya to seek Amma ji’s blessings. Amma ji tells them to stop. I will bless them, but I want answer to my questions first. Prabha is happy to witness a drama.

Amma ji asks the bride’s family about the alliance which was also fixed in the past. Why dint you tell us about it? Prabha exaggerates it. surely the girl is not right! She goes quiet when she notices Madhvi glaring at her. They should have told us. Amma repeats her question. What was the reason behind the alliance getting broken? Niru says we like the girl. That is enough.

What will we do with all that kind of history? Amma ji wants to hear the truth from the bride’s parents. Supriya begins to tell when Pulkit takes over. Supriya backed off from the wedding as the guy was not good enough. Amma ji makes a issue of it. they are already hiding matters from us. They can hide a lot of things in future then. Niru says you are exaggerating the matter for no reason. Amma ji advises him to do everything along with his wife then. Why do the kids need my blessing then! She walks away in a huff. Ganga thinks how Amma ji can do so at this point of time

Maharaj ji keeps all the shagun in Amma ji’s room. You wanted to check what Supriya’s family has brought. She nods.

Supriya’s father thanks Pulkit for maintaining their respect before his family. Supriya told me that she has told you everything about her previous alliance breaking up and of their financial status. Pulkit suggests him to call him son instead of SIL. Supriya’s father is touched.

Madhvi and Niru tell Supriya and her family not to take Amma ji’s words to their heart. Supriya’s father speaks nicely about Pulkit. You guys are really lucky to have a son like him. They leave. Supriya looks at Pulkit as she sits in the car. Ganga is very happy for Pulkit. Niru goes inside. Sagar asks his brother to come upstairs. We have to talk a lot. He asks Ganga to come too. Ganga follows them.

Amma ji checks the stuff that Supriya’s family has brought. This is not at all expensive and local stuff! Prabha adds fuel to the fire. I will marry off Yash to a well to do family. The society people will say we have fixed Pulkit’s alliance with a beggar family. Madhvi tells her not to speak like this today atleast. Amma ji cuts her off. She is not saying anything wrong. They are only middle class after all. Madhvi says it doesn’t matter where she is from. I wanted this kind of girl only for Pulkit.

Prabha adds that it would have been a good family with good dowry if it was Sagar in Pulkit’s place. Madhvi gives her a nice reply. She also tells Amma ji to let her make decisions for her sons. You made decisions for your kids! She walks off. Amma ji sends Prabha out of the room and shouts after Madhvi. Don’t come to me later. I wont even answer anything you ask me!

Sagar gets to know of Supriya’s background. Is this why you said yes to marry Supriya bhabhi? Ganga nods. who can forget their first love? Janvi looks at her. Sagar hugs Pulkit. I am proud of you. Pulkit says I only wanted Supriya not to face what I face in my family. Ganga calls her lucky. She knows that her life partner will stand by her in every problem.

What else can be a good thing for a girl? This is what love is. Janvi says it is old fashioned. Today’s lover boys have to give different types of tests. She holds Sagar’s hand. Sagar nods. Pulkit bhaiya has shown me such a good example. I am sure I will pass that test too. Sagar and Janvi do hand fight behind his back. Ganga keeps looking at Sagar with love.

Ganga puts her bedding near the stairs. Maharaj ji adds that Amma ji wont open the door tonight. She is very upset with Bahu ji. He gives her torch as well. Light goes off at night. Ganga lies down to sleep. A while later, she hears some sound and wakes up. She goes upstairs to check. She finds two men inside the house. They drop all the looted stuff as they see her. She confronts them. I will send you in police.

She calls out for everyone. One guy takes out a knife. He holds it around her neck. Niru and everyone come out. The men warn the family members to stay back or we will kill her. Sagar tells them to take whatever they want. Nothing should happen to Ganga. Janvi tries to pull Sagar back but he still goes ahead. The man attacks him with knife. They leave Ganga and run away. Niru, Pulkit and Sahil go after the goons. Sagar assures everyone he is fine. He asks Ganga if she is alright. She nods. Ganga thinks of Sagar’s words (of passing the love test).

Amma ji is shocked to see Sagar hurt. She wants to call doc but Sagar assures her he is fine. It is nothing. Niru, Pulkit and Sahil could not catch the goons. Madhvi reprimands him for leaving their son alone when he is hurt. Madhvi, Janvi and Amma ji insist upon bringing a doc but he says he is fine. Ganga supports him.

She asks everyone not to close in on Sagar. She checks the wound. It isn’t deep. Niru is relieved hearing it. Amma ji refuses to believe Ganga. Ganga repeats that the wound is small. I brought Vaid ji’s lep, Babu’s English medicines and will get Sagar a tetanus injection tomorrow too. She cleans his wound.

Sagar keeps looking at her. He thinks of their childhood when she used to tend to his wounds in a similar manner. He keeps looking at her sweetly. Madhvi and Janvi are uncomfortable. Niru smiles seeing Sagar and Ganga fighting cutely. Ganga asks everyone to rest. Sagar is fine. I am with him. Everyone leaves one by one except Ganga and Janvi. Janvi offers to drop Sagar to his room. Ganga reasons that Sagar got hurt in his hand and not feet. Sagar tells Janvi he is fine. Janvi is angry.

Janvi says I still feel Sagar should be taken to hospital. What if the wound is deep? Ganga declines. It isn’t necessary. Janvi asks her how she is so sure. Are you a doc? Ganga replies she does not have to be a doc. If the wound was deep then Ganga would have died before Sagar! Janvi looks at her.

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