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Gangaa 19 June 2020: The room echoes with the sound of gangaa anklets. She apologizes to him. I cannot wear it.Amma ji will find out about it. He nods. Dadi will get to know about the anklets through its sound. She will scold us. It is my fault. I shouldn’t have brought the anklet which had ghungroos. She gets another idea.

I will wear it and Amma ji will also not know about it. He asks her from where she gets so many ideas. She says I use brains. She removes the ghungroos from the anklets so they don’t make any sound. Sagar loves the idea. Dadi wont get to know it then. Mehri asks them about it. Ganga drops the anklet on Jalebi Prasad. Mehri waits for an answer. What are you hiding from Amma ji? Sagar says it is nothing. Who are you to interfere in my every matter? Mehri says I don’t have time to interfere in anything. Amma ji and Bahu ji asked me to call you both downstairs. Ganga looks at her potli. Sagar tells her not to worry. Maybe she called us for food. They leave Jalebi Prasad behind.

Madhvi serves food to Niru. Amma ji notices Sagar limping. He says he got hurt while climbing stairs. I have applied herbal paste on it and then bandaged it. Sagar is tempted to see the yummy food his mother has cooked. Ganga looks on. Niru says your mom always cooks these delicacies on Dhanteras Day with love. Amma ji takes the credit for guiding Madhvi. Niru teasingly agrees with her. Sagar says my mom cooks best food. Amma ji asks Ganga to eat too. Everyone is surprised. Ganga gets happy. Can I eat jalebi and kachori? Amma ji says you ate in the morning too. I will bear all the sins.

Ganga asks her if she can eat jalebi and kachoris from now onwards. Amma ji corrects her. Only for today. You did so much for my family so I will allow you today. But I wont like it if you go against my rules. Madhvi gives a plate to Ganga as well. She sits down near Amma ji. They hear the sound of anklets. Ganga and Sagar look worried. Jalebi Prasad comes out of the potli. The anklet gets entangled around his neck and feet. He moves around making the noise. Everyone looks up. Amma ji asks Mehri to go and check.

Ganga offers to check but Amma ji tells her to eat. Mehri checks downstairs but cannot see anything. Amma ji asks her to check upstairs. Jalebi Prasad sits near the stairs. The sound stops. Amma ji asks Mehri to bring more food. Sagar and Ganga look relieved. The very next second they hear it again. Jalebi Prasad roams upstairs in the balcony. Amma ji decides to go and check herself.

Shanta Dadi enters Chaturvedi Sadan just then. She is also wearing anklets. She calls out excitedly for her sister Kanta (amma ji). Amma ji stops in her tracks all shocked to see her sister. Sagar gives her intro to Ganga. Amma ji stands rooted to her place. Shanta Dadi keeps saying that I am here. She farts. The kids laugh. Shanta Dadi tells them not to laugh. Everyone farts. She next asks Amma ji to touch her feet. I am your elder sister after all. Did you forget your values? Tell me if you are hesitating in doing so. I don’t like blaming younger people for anything. Ganga thinks of Amma ji’s description. This is Shanta Dadi! Shanta Dadi keeps on talking in monologue. Everyone stands around quietly. Amma ji says I am a little overwhelmed to see you.

I got your letter today only. She bends down to touch her sister’s feet. Shanta Dadi makes her bend down a little more. Bless you. Thank God you are fine. That dream scared me. I had been looking forward to your letters but nothing came from your end. I thought to check on you. I came here. Amma ji says I was about to send you a letter today. Shanta Dadi guesses everything correctly that Amma ji might have thought of. Ganga wonders if Shanta Dadi is a magician. This is what Amma ji made me write it. Shanta Dadi says I felt so sad when my son and DIL held onto my feet while I was leaving the house. I made them understand somehow. Niru whispers to Madhvi. Massi ji will say she has come here for atleast 15 days. Shanta Dadi says the same thing right then. Amma ji looks a little shocked.

15 days! Shanta Dadi says I know they are less. I too want to give the keys to my DIL and then stay with my relatives. But I am not as lucky as you. Niru tells Madhvi that the meeting between Amma ji and Massi prove it that Amma ji can also be controlled by someone. Shanta Dadi holds Amma ji’s face. You look so old. People will call you my elder sister if we go out together. Madhvi is concerned for Amma ji. Sagar tells Ganga that Shanta Dadi is not letting Dadi speak at all. Ganga says the same. Mehri too thinks of it. Now we have another Amma ji too. She talks so much. Shanta Dadi keeps on talking. Your BIL still calls me a new bride. She finally notices the other family members.

Madhvi touches her feet. Shanta Dadi tells Amma ji to dress up Madhvi properly. Amma ji asks Maharaj ji to take Shanta Dadi to her room. She next meets Niru. She ruffles his hairs. She hugs him and then makes him touch her feet. Niru smartly gets up before she can hold him down for longer. She calls Amma ji careless. She thinks only of herself. Now I will feed everyone nicely so you all get fat. Both Dadi’s go inside. Everyone follows them. Shanta Dadi sits with Niru. She keeps taunting Amma ji and asks Madhvi to dress up nicely. It will help you keep your husband in your control. MY DILs dress up line Rani all because of me. She asks for her grandsons. Madhvi introduces Sagar to her. He too has to go through the same ordeal. She kisses him forcedly and hugs him. She asks about Ganga.

Madhvi tells her about Ganga. Shanta Dadi taunts Amma ji. You have made your house widow ashram only. Your husband died before age. That woman is luckiest who dies as a married woman. Everyone feels bad. Niru excuses himself. Mehri gives water to Shanta Dadi. Shanta Dadi scolds Mehri for being a turtle. She is asked to massage Dadi’s feet. Mehri looks at Amma ji and then obliges. Shanta Dadi does not give up. She keeps talking about married women and widows. I don’t know what mistake my sister made that she became a widow! Ganga thinks how Amma ji’s sister uses stronger words than Amma ji.

Amma ji ask Shanta is she done now. Shanta says not yet and farts. Sagar and Ganga smile. Shanta says this is nature, stomach and gases are together. Amma ji thinks Shanta is troubling everyone, how will we bear her for 15 days, what will be the reason of her sudden coming here. Ratan and Prabha are at temple with their son Yash.


Ratan asks Prabha to put 10rs in charity box. Prabha says this is kalyug, misery in Lord’s name too, and thinks how to get money, she did not get his bonus and salary, help me Lord, she will not return jewelry, she does not wish to go jail. A lady asks her to walk ahead. Prabha makes faces and sees people putting money in charity box. She thinks they are not asking her, she needs more, they are foolish to give money to Lord, who gives them money.

Ganga and Sagar take care of the puppy Jalebi Prasad. Sagar says its good Shanta Dadi came and topic was changed. Ganga says Shanta talks so much, I have seen Amma ji quiet for the first time. He asks is she saying bad about Dadi. She says no, I don’t insult elders. Sagar says maybe Jalebi Prasad got unwell, he maybe dehydrated. She asks him to get water. He asks her to hold puppy and goes to get water. He brings water and she makes puppy have water. Sagar says he is not drinking, and gets cotton to make puppy have water.

Ganga says I feel Jalebi Prasad got ill. Sagar checks him and says maybe, we have to take him to doctor right now. Ganga asks how will we get money for doctor’s fees. He says I have just 50rs. Ganga says it won’t be sufficient, if you did not spend daily pocket money, we would have got money for doctor’s fees. He says he has spent money to buy anklet for her. She asks did I tell you to get gift for me, just think how to get money. He says we can’t ask money, what will we say.


Prabha asks lady to have patience, she is pure devotee, she will donate real money, not stones. Prabha sees Ratan praying and hides the 10rs. She puts a one rupee coin in charity box and apologizes to Lord. She says she needs money, sorry, I will take some money from this box. The pandit sees her taking money from box and asks what is she doing. Prabha says I was putting money in it, I m donating more as I m real devotee. Pandit blesses her. Prabha says its Lord’s duty to help me, what will Lord do with money. Ratan asks her to have darshan. She says Lord is everywhere, I can’t take heat, come soon. She goes.

Shanta gives saree to Mehri. Amma ji hears them and says Shanta gets already worn sarees in good packets. Shanta calls Amma ji a miser. Amma ji says no, I also gift sarees. I can give white sarees too. Mehri says I don’t wish to. Prabha turns and sees Ram ji. Ram greets Prabha. Prabha asks Lord why did he send the man to ask for money. She sees the beggar and takes his blanket. She hides covering herself with that blanket. Ram tells his wife that Prabha was here, she went, she has taken loan from me, I will get every penny from her. Prabha hides and runs. Ram sees her and goes after her.

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