Gangaa update Friday 18 September 2020

Gangaa 18 September 2020: Sagar introduces Janvi and Sahil to his family members. Janvi initially extends her hand to greet Amma ji but then touches everyone’s feet one by one. Sagar asks for Ganga.

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The smile disappears from Madhvi, Amma ji and Janvi’s face. Ganga gets emotional upstairs. He asked for me. Sagar asks his mother about Ganga. Madhvi stands all speechless. She must be around. You all should freshen up. Maharaj ji asks Sagar to have food first. Sagar insists upon meeting Ganga first. Pulkit tells him she is upstairs. Sagar rushes upstairs. Ganga thinks what she should do now. Madhvi and Amma ji stand there tensed. Janvi feels awkward.

Ganga wipes her tears as she stands in the balcony. She is touched when she hears Sagar calling out her name. She smiles at herself as she peeks in the mirror. The vermilion is intact in its place. Sagar is looking for her. She wonders why her heart is beating so fast hearing Sagar’s voice. Why do I feel so shy? Its as if my feet stuck to the ground. Your Sagar is here. He is calling for you. Why don’t you go? Why to be shy with Sagar. Go! She hides yet again as he comes near that room. He talks about jalebi that he has brought for her. He stops as he feels some fragrance around. She was here only. Where is she now?

Madhvi asks Maharaj ji to get breakfast ready. Amma ji says Sagar wont sit quietly without meeting Ganga. Madhvi smiles looking at Janvi. Now this story wont continue for long. Amma ji follows her gaze.

Ganga thinks she cannot face Sagar. I wont be able to meet him. She runs downstairs when he goes to the other side. Sagar could not find her anywhere in the house. Ganga runs all the way towards the ghaat excitedly. Sagar keeps the box of jalebi down. I agree I lost. I couldn’t find you. JP comes there. Sagar talks to him. If I don’t find Ganga then she will fight with me. Help me. Where is she? JP stays quiet. Sagar treats him with biscuits. Tell me where she is. JP goes outside. Sagar follows him.

Ganga finally stops at the ghaat. You will find me, right? I am sure you will if you are the same Sagar. You will reach your Ganga. I will fight a lot with you if you cannot find me! Sagar is coming. Kanha ji he is coming. She looks at her reflection in water. Sagar reaches ghaat just then. He spots her looking in the water. He calls out her name. Finally I found you. You dint meet me on any of my previous visits I kept asking about you. Everyone answered that you went to some Ashram with Sudha Bua. She mutters he had no idea she was dying to see him. He asks her if she said something.

She thinks he did good or they wouldn’t have met this time as well. He asks her to look at him. I am here. Will you not see your Sagar? I did so much to surprise you. Will you punish me like this? Say something. She closes her eyes as he comes to stand before her. He looks at her. Why are your eyes closed? Open your eyes. She turns her face away. He gets angry. I am leaving if you don’t want to see my face. I have to go to Delhi tomorrow so will see you later. He begins to walk away. She asks him what this is. You came today and will go tomorrow?

He sits down on the stairs happily. This was my trick to make you open your eyes. He notices her tears. Why are you crying? Maybe something went in your eyes. Let me see. She says you are in my eyes. They share an eye lock. He laughs at her. You did not change at all! No one can win from you in talks till date. She says you have changed though. He points out that I have grown tall a little. You are still that small. Let me look at you first. She is all nervous. She turns to the other side. He is confused at how much she has changed.

You look so beautiful. You feel shy too! He laughs. I cannot believe it that you feel shy. She retorts why she will do so. He compliments her anger. She replies he is also short tempered. Sagar talks to Ganga about how many girls are after him in college. She asks him about it. Janvi calls out for Sagar. He excuses himself to go to her. Ganga wonders who this girl is.

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