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Jhanvi is killed by Yash. More troubles for the Chateurvedi as Sagar is blamed for her death. This trials only bring Gangaa and Sagar even closer and then Prahba causes them a final separation! March 2019 teasers for Gangaa…

Monday 25 March 2019
Episode 71

Pre-wedding celebrations are in full swing. Will Gangaa and Sagar finally tie the knot without disturbance from Prabha? A game of drinks creates unforeseen challenges for both of them.

Tuesday 26 March 2019
Episode 72

Prabha plots to get rid of Gangaa and Sagar by trying to shock them to death.

Wednesday 27 March 2019
Episode 73

Things get awkward when the priest asks that Gangaa’s father perform a ritual. Gangaa faints during the ceremony.

Thursday 28 March 2019
Episode 74

Gangaa is out on the streets? Who will save her from the humiliation she is facing?

Friday 29 March 2019
Episode 75

Prabha convinces Madhvi that Gangaa has been cheating on Sagar all along.

Saturday 30 March 2019
Episode 76

Gangaa proves Sagar wrong in court. Mr Pathak is forced to hand the property back to Rahat.

Sunday 31 March 2019
Episode 77

Sagar reminisces on his childhood along Gangaa’s side. He then declares his hatred for her.

Extended teasers

☑ Ganga and amaji arrive at a party, wherein ammaji is tensed, that there might be accusations hurled at her, and she might have to face insults too. ladies too start gossiping, and finally one of them comments that its indeed true, that since they have kept this philandering girl in the house, and the son of the house is after her romantically, then they dont have a right to cast accusations at anyone else. ammaji lashes at her and asks her to stay shut. she takes ganga’s hand, and gives it in sagar. ammaji tells everyone that from this day forth, she declares that ganga is a part of their family, as sagar’s would be wedded wife. they are shocked, while ganga and sagar are overwhelmed.

☑ ammaji gathers the family together and informs that she wishes to get ganga and sagar married. ganga has a box of jewellery in her hands, and ragini is excited to know about whats in the bag. before ganga can talk about her marriage with sagar, he hastily tells that these are jewelleries for his would bw wife. after all disperse, ragini tries on the jewellery. Ragini thinks that if its sagar’s bride, then its rigjhtfully hersonly. Prabha overhears this from a distance, and is amused as to how now she shall use this pawn, to ensure that ganga never gets married to sagar.

☑ Prabha comes to ragini, and tells her that she has an idea, by which she can become sagar’s bride. ragini asks how. prabha asks her to promise first that she wont tell anyone. she complies. then prabha makes her dress up in a saree, with flowing hair, just like ganga does. prabha eyes her evilly, while ragini is tensed.

☑ Rudra along with others, catch sagar red handed with ragini. he is flustered. Ganga comes in and is shocked too. sagar gets a shock of his life, to find ganga at the door. sagar then turns to her, who he had been caressing, and finds that its ragini. all are agape.

☑ Prabha meets yash in the jail, who tells her, that sagar’s family is hosting a bash tomorrow and what if in that party, ganga does something, that might make sagar hate not just her, but even her face, for the rest of his lifetime. prabha is surprised. yash says that he has a medicinal hallucinogen, that they can get administered to ganga and the person gets in an inebriated state, after that. prabha likes the evil idea, of this new twist in ganga and sagar’s love tale

☑ At the party, Prabha insists Chef prepare food in kitchen. She puts powder in drink for Ganga. Sagar instead drinks the beverage and loses his control. He gets intimate with Gangaa but is not aware of it.

☑ Pulkit starts arranging for the wedding. He arranges for the furniture, chairs and fans etc. Prabha says that they should get table fans too, instead of only ceiling ones. he asks her not to worry, as its all taken care of. after he leaves, prabha thinks that he has no clue that the fan brought on rent shall cause such havoc in the family.

☑ After the haldi ceremony is done, they are asked to wash it down, with a pious bath. ammaji instructs the bride’s mother to wash the groom’s face and vice versa. they happily comply. to arrange for water, she asks sagar to get the mug of water. oblivious to the live circuit, he progresses towards the water area. Sagar is about to put his hand inside the water pool. Rudra is tensed and is about to sense something.

☑ Ganga steps out of the palenquin, looking pretty as a picture, dressed as a bride. a widow asks why is she sweating so much. she says that its all okay, and she is fine. sagar’s family stands happily, eager to welcome her in. suddenly, she sways and falls on the ground, unconscious. they are all shocked and aghast, while prabha smiels evilly. Gangaa is revealed to be pregnant!

☑ In front of the entire family, pulkit suggests that if there is so much doubt, then they can easily go for a paternity test to verify the same. A vehement Ganga denies and says that she shall not give agnipariksha for her genuinety, and when there isnt any trust and belief, then whats the point of a relationship. sagar is distraught and shocked, while all others stand tensedly. Gangaa leaves the chateurvedi house for real this time.

☑ Gangaa leaves the chateurvedi house and goes to the widow ashram but she is rejected. Prahba comes looking for her and she is told that gangaa does not live there. Prabha meets ganga on the road and tells her that she has been totally defamed in the society here. she asks her to go away from here, as thats the best option for her, being her well wisher, she wishes that ganga leaves the town and settle somewhere far. ganga is baffled and shocked too. she asks her to stay happy wherever she is. she resignedly complies, and gets into road transport, tensedly. prabha watcehs amused.

☑  Gangaa decides not to leave town but face her problems. Goons are after her but she is saved by a woman who takes gangaa to her house and she meets her two daughters. The chateurvedi family is unhappy, they implore Sagar to remarry but he refuses. He decides to live the house and go far away but Rudra stops and clams him down.

☑ Gangaa settles in with her new family and warms up to the other girls. Prahba keeps spreading false lies about Gangaa. Sagar accompanies Supriya to the hospital for antenatal. He meets Gangaa there and they get into arguments about the paternity of the child. Gangaa also starts working at the hospital.

☑ Some goons attack ganga’s house, and try to take kashish away, the other ladies fight them off. The landlord also tries to eject the women from the house but gangaa promises to fight for them.

☑ Prabha talks to yash, on the phone, about how she cant stand the fact that everyone is happy, and now her next target is supriya whose child wont be born, after having separated sagar and ganga. she decides to poison her, so that the child dies before its even born. she swears revenge on the family. as she enters he kitchen, she finds madhvi preparing meds for upriya, multi vitamins. she says that she is busy and asks prabha to go and give it to her. she agrees and advises to give the meds in milk. madhvi complies. while prabha is preparing milk, she slips the medicine that she has brought for termination of pregnancy, and then takes it up to supriya, Supriya drinks it and goes into complications. But she is saved…

☑ Zoya, Rahaat daughter is coming to Baneras and Rahaat is tensed about her own secret coming out.

Prahba learns that Supriya is planning to bring gangaa back to the house. She is against it. She follows Supriya to Gangaa’s residence and causes a great accident to Supriya that cause her to lose her baby for real! Ammaji blames Gangaa for the loss of Supriya’s child.

However Rudra exonerate Gangaa by showing the video footage of Prahba spilling the pickle oil. He tells them that Prahba has only been living with them to take revenge for her husband and son.

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