Game of love update Wednesday 15 July 2020

Game of love 15 July 2020: Tia says this is too much mom, I can’t bear Anika more. Mrs. Kapoor says its time to end Anika’s chapter.She asks the goon if he is ready. He says yes, I have what you want. Some time before, Shivaye and Sahil sit having icecream in kitchen. Pinky comes there and says you are sitting here Shivaye with him, you have a big heart to talk to a thief. He says this topic ended. She says but Lohri function is starting, and Tia is ready, you and Tia have to do puja together. He asks why. She says first Lohri after marriage is very important for Punjabis, this puja is our house tradition, which we can’t break, Tia is your wife, you have to do puja with him, come she is waiting. She goes. Shivaye asks Sahil to have icecream.

Dadi comes and asks are you not ready Billu, its your and Anika’s first Lohri, you both have to to do puja together. He asks really Dadi. She says yes, for we punjabis… He says first Lohri after marriage is very important for Punjabis, we never break this tradition in our house, correct. Dadi says you got smart, get ready and come. She goes. Sahil says you got trapped. Shivaye says I think so. Sahil asks what’s solution, option A or option T. Shivaye says option is one, the one with whom marriage happened. Sahil says oh my Anika Didi. He says proverb. Shivaye asks what’s connection with this situation. Sahil says Anika is annoyed with you, leave puja, she will not even talk. Shivaye says I will talk and convince her for Lohri puja, for that I have to explain her my way. Sahil says it means Tadibaaz SSO is back. Shivaye says you can think so.

Shivaye goes to Anika. Anika cries. He thinks come on, time to be SSO. He walks to her and asks did you not get ready till now, I m talking to you, you know we have to do Lohri rituals together. She asks will your respect won’t get down if you do puja with thief’s sister. He says don’t start that topic again. She asks why, its big thing, you are showing like nothing happened, my brother is blamed for theft, you want me to celebrate happiness and Lohri with you. He says I don’t have time to waste, everyone is waiting downstairs, make your mood better and come. She says I won’t come. He says I m not asking you, I m telling you, you have to come with me. She says I won’t. He walks to her. She gets back.

He says change clothes and come. She says I said no. He says I don’t have habit to hear no. She says then get that habit. He says don’t challenge me, you don’t know what I can do. She asks what will you do. He holds her against the wall and asks do I need to say. She makes him away and says I m not afraid of you. He does not let her go and holds her. He says don’t force me to become that Shivaye which I don’t want to. She asks what worse will you do, will you force me again. He says you are forcing me, you know I don’t have time to make you agree. She recalls how he forced her for marriage. He says I know your weakness.

She recalls Shivaye threatening her about Sahil. She says don’t dare to touch Sahil. He says you are smart. She says if you touch Sahil. He says I don’t need to do anything, Sahil is in this house, go and get ready for Sahil’s sake, go. He goes away. She asks how can you do this. He stops. She says whatever was between us since many days, friendship, respect, trust, concern for each other, after all that, how can you do this, how can you easily dump this relation at the point from where it started.

He thinks I wish I could tell you why I m doing this, I wish I could tell you seeing you hurt, how much hurt I get, I wish I could tell you I m doing this for Om, and maybe that day, you forgive me. He sees her crying and asks her to change clothes, come down in 10mins. He goes.
Pinky goes to Tia and asks are you ready. Tia says yes mom. Pinky smiles seeing her. She says I forget all my sorrows seeing you, if I m happy, you should be happy too. Tia says thanks, I was thinking if Shivaye comes with Anika in Lohri puja… Pinky says don’t think so, I told him to do puja with you, we will together show Anika her place. Tia smiles.

Anika cries and thinks of Shivaye’s words. She says Sahil and rushes out. She sees Sahil. She asks are you fine. He says yes, what happened. She says Shivaye. He asks what. She says I mean whatever happened… He says leave it, go and get ready for Lohri function. She says I won’t go in any function with that Bagad Billa. Sahil says you are angry on SSO for no reason, maybe there was some reason for what SSO did. She asks what do you mean. He says I mean maybe he has some problem about business, he stays busy, leave it, forgive him, please, get ready for Lohri function.

Shivaye comes and asks did you not ready till now. She says I came to see whether my Sahil is fine or… He says I said you have 10 mins, now 8mins are left, get ready. She looks at him. He says more 10 seconds got waste. She goes to room and shuts door. Shivaye and Sahil smile. Sahil says wow, you showed good Tadi. Shivaye laughs.
Pinky and Tia wait. Shivaye comes downstairs. Pinky says I told you he will not get Anika, when he comes down, you go and stand with him. Tia says yes. They see Anika coming downstairs. Dadi smiles and blesses them. Tia says enough is enough, I can’t bear this, I don’t deserve this, I m going. She goes. Pinky looks on. Shivaye and Anika leave.

Tia talks to Mrs. Kapoor. She says I don’t think your threatening is affecting Shivaye, guess what, he is going to do Lohri puja in front of everyone, I can’t tolerate Anika now. Mrs. Kapoor says you are right, Anika’s chapter got long, its time to end this chapter. She ends call.
Pinky comes to Shivaye and says I need to talk to you about the foolishness you are going to do. He asks what do you mean. She says with whom will you do Lohri puja, Tia is your wife in front of the world. He says its house function, how did world get in here. She says leave world, Chaddas are coming in party, will you sit with Anika in Lohri puja. Tej talks to Mr. Chadda on call, and wishes him Happy Lohri. He asks what, you are coming Mumbai today, okay, I will meet you next time, next week, fine. Shivaye and Pinky hear Tej. Shivaye says your problem got solved.

Pinky says could I ever say anything in front of your adamancy, do anything. She goes. He sees Anika and walks to her. Dadi comes to Anika and says its happiness festival and house Laxmi is upset.
Anika says I m fine. Shivaye looks on. Dadi says you are upset, and there is no brightness in festival. Rudra says Dholki people did not come. Dadi says its dhol, even you don’t know difference between dhol and dholki like your mum, where are they. Rudra says they are reaching, wait for some time. Mrs. Kapoor smiles and says even I m waiting for dhol playing guy. She calls the man and asks are you ready. He says yes, I m at gate. She asks do you have everything. He says I have what you want. The gun inside the dhol is seen. He stands with the dhol group. Khanna and others check everyone.

Khanna says if anyone has metal thing, remove it. Goon worries.
Dadi says come, let’s begin Lohri rasam, like you both took rounds around fire in marriage, same way, take rounds about this fire and pray, while putting all this til and makki in the fire. Shivaye and Anika take those things from the plate and put in fire, while taking rounds. Dadi smiles.
Security check goes on. Goon is stopped by guard and checked by metal detector. Rudra says one couple photo is necessary, stand here, I will click it, come close, keep hand on shoulder. Shivaye keeps hand on his shoulder. Rudra says not your own, keep hand on Anika’s shoulder. Shivaye rests his hand on her shoulder. Rudra says smile, and clicks pic. Khanna asks goon what’s in this. Goon says its music instrument, if I leave this out, what will I play there. Khanna says fine, go. Rudra tells Dadi that dhol playing guys have come. The goon comes along.

Shivaye sees the goon/shooter and runs to Anika. The goon shoots. Shivaye falls over Anika. Everyone look on shocked. Some time before, Rudra says Dadi, dhol people have come. The goon looks around. He goes ahead. Dadi asks the men to start playing dhol, punjabi’s happiness and shagun are incomplete without dhol. The men play dhol. Shivaye asks Om why are you standing here, come we will put til etc in the fire. Om says no, my mood is not fine. Shivaye says mood will get set, burn your anger in Lohri, come on Om. Rudra asks Dadi what to sing while putting til. Dadi sings. Shivaye, Om, Rudra, Anika and everyone put til in fire and walk around. Shivaye sees Anika.

The goon fixes gun. Om and Jhanvi see Tej getting Shwetlana. Jhanvi angrily goes. Shwetlana smiles. Om goes after Jhanvi. Mrs. Kapoor throws til at Anika and apologizes. Anika says its fine. Mrs. Kapoor signs her goon. She thinks now it will be fun.
Shivaye sees Anika. The goon aims at her. A girl talks to Anika and comes in front. Shivaye looks on. The girl goes. Shivaye comes in front of Anika. Anika walks away. He sees the fire and stops her. He asks what are you doing, if anything happened. Anika says you don’t need to worry for me. He says someone else in your place would have said thanks. She says I would have said thanks if there was someone else in your place.

The goon aims again, and Shivaye comes in front of Anika again. Shivaye helps her. She goes. Shivaye sees the goon aiming to shoot Anika. He shouts Anika. Anika turns to see him. Shivaye rushes to her. The goon shoots…… Shivaye comes in between. Everyone turn to see hearing the bullet sound. Shivaye falls over Anika. They both fall down. Anika closes her eyes. Everyone get shocked seeing this. Om also comes and gets shocked.
They all look at Shivaye and Anika. Anika opens eyes and sees Shivaye. His blood falls over her. He falls aside. They all get shocked. Anika sees the blood in her hand and sees Shivaye. Pinky shouts Shivaye. Om and Rudra also shout. Everyone run to Shivaye. Mrs. Kapoor and Shwetlana look on. Anika holds Shivaye’s face.

Shivaye is taken to hospital. Everyone cry. Doctor comes. Om asks him to save Shivaye. Doctor says we will do our best, we can’t say anything now, we have to examine him. Shakti goes to do formalities. Om asks nurse is Shivaye fine. Nurse says we can’t say anything as of now. Pinky cries and says what did this happen with my son. Rudra says Shivaye is superman, nothing can happen to him. Anika looks at them from far and thinks how Shivaye saved her.
Doctor asks nurse to prepare OT. Pinky asks how is Shivaye. Doctor says sorry to say, he is critical, bullet is near main artery, close to his heart, we know he has heart condition, sorry to say, this surgery will be crucial for him, it won’t be easy to save him, I m not sure he can bear this surgery or not. Pinky says how can you say this. Doctor goes. They all cry. Om and Rudra go to Anika. Anika recalls Shivaye falling. She says nothing can happen to Shivaye. She cries. Rudra and Om ask her to calm down. She says he is Shivaye, and his life can’t go, tell me, his life won’t go. Rudra says look at me, listen, I m cry baby and I m not crying now, why shall I cry when I know nothing will happen to Shivaye, Om see am I crying. Om says no and cries. Rudra says I m still cool Rudy, doctors are not smart like me, right Om. Om agrees. Rudra says nothing can happen to Shivaye, don’t cry, he will get angry with me, that you cried in my presence. They cry. Om says nothing will happen to Shivaye and hugs them.

Jhanvi says you are Mata Rani’s devotee, atleast trust her, nothing bad will happen. Pinky asks will my Shivaye get fine, doctors fool to get money, they think Shivaye is so weak that he can’t bear an operation, he is my Shivaye, if he gets stubborn, he will fail even death. Jhanvi nods. Pinky says nothing will happen to him, he will prove everything wrong. Jhanvi says by Mata Rani’s blessing, nothing will happen to him.
Pinky says when problems comes on family, he stands like a wall, he can fight for himself with courage, its a mother’s belief, he will get fine, he can’t leave me and go, what did he think, he is annoyed with me, I told him a lot, you tell me, if he does such things to get scolding, will I do his aarti, mum’s slap also has love, I don’t think bad for him, I want his betterment, I want to hug him when he comes to me, but I say bitter as I want his good, I don’t want that girl to ruin his life, I told you all that girl is unlucky for us, she will ruin all of us, you all did not listen to me, see my son is standing between life and death, why did we keep her at home, its happening because of her, why are you all not understanding. Jhanvi hugs Pinky.

Anika says I m responsible, if he did not save me, he would have not got shot, that bullet was for me, why did he get shot, if anything happens to him, I can’t forgive myself. She cries. Pinky says I can’t forgive that girl ever, Shivaye risked his life to save her, my son is in danger because of her, I will not let her shadow fall on my Shivaye. Jhanvi asks what are you saying, this is not the time, you won’t do this. Pinky says don’t stop me, its much late, I wish I made her leave before, I will not delay more. Jhanvi goes after her to stop. Anika cries.
Pinky says I have thrown that girl out from my son’s life. She asks doctor to check Shivaye. Anika says you will get fine, talk to me. Some time before, Om says its not your mistake. Pinky comes and says its her mistake. She scolds Anika. She says since your steps fell in our house, our happiness and peace ended, not anymore, you will not ruin my son’s life further, get out from here. Anika cries. Pinky says I will not your bad shadow fall on my son, go from here.

Anika says let Shivaye get conscious, let me see him. Rudra interrupts. Pinky says you don’t talk in between. Rudra says I will say, she is my Bhabhi.
Om says you can’t do this, Anika is Shivaye’s wife. Pinky says I m Shivaye’s mother. He says I won’t let you do this. She asks will you stop me and say what’s good for Shivaye. Om says he is my brother, I know about his happiness. She says he is your brother, then he is my son, that too own son, we have relation of blood, no relation is superior than that, this girl is a thorn. Jhanvi stops her. Pinky says if anyone stops me, they will see my dead face. She holds Anika’s hand and drag her.
She gets Anika out. Anika says let me see Shivaye once, I will go. Pinky says don’t ever return to my house, get out from here. She throws Anika on the ground and shuts the door. Anika cries.

Shivaye’s operation starts. Anika cries standing outside. Shakti, Pinky and everyone cry. Jhanvi holds Pinky.
Anika says you can’t leave me and go, you promised me you will never leave me, if anything happens to you, I will die, I love you a lot, my mistake is I have never told you that I love you, you know my feelings, I m foolish, but you are smart, why did you risk your life to save my life, why, you can’t do this, you can’t leave me, please Shivaye. She cries and shouts Shivaye. Doctor removes the bullet from Shivaye’s chest.
Doctor comes out of OT. Shakti asks how is my son. Doctor says we did operation, but patient’s condition is critical, we can’t say anything till he gets conscious, we are shifting him to ICU to monitor him, go to admin office and complete formalities. Shakti and Tej go. Everyone cry.

Pinky and Dadi see Shivaye through the glass. Pinky prays to Mata Rani. Dadi says be strong, everything will be fine. Pinky cries and says which mum can be strong seeing son in this state. Dadi says don’t worry, the one who gave sorrow will make sorrow away, don’t lose hope. Pinky says you are saying right, we should not leave hope, our Shivaye will get fine right. Anika walks somewhere outside. She cries.
Pinky says the girl who was bad luck for my son, I have thrown her out of his life. Anika puts foot on some stick and falls. Pinky and Dadi see Shivaye getting critical. Anika senses it, being away. Dadi asks what happened to him. Pinky shouts Shivaye. Anika turns in shock.

Pinky shouts doctor, see my son, something is happening to him. Doctor says we will see him, calm down. Pinky cries. Anika rushes inside the hospital. Shivaye gets treated.
Doctor gives cardio shocks to Shivaye. He checks Shivaye’s heart beat. He checks machines and says its emergency. Dadi and Pinky worry. Anika collides with a ward boy and runs. She comes there to ICU. Pinky holds her hand and stops her. She says don’t dare to go to my son. Anika says please, just once. Pinky says I told you not to get your unlucky face and come in front of my son. Anika says I will never come in front of you all, just let me see him once, I will do what you say, please. Dadi says leave her Pinky. They cry.

Anika gets inside ICU. She holds Shivaye’s face and asks him to open eyes. Doctor asks her to go out, try to understand. Anika asks doctor to wait. She asks Shivaye to open eyes once, you will get fine. Her tear falls on his cheek. He takes a breath. She looks at him.
She recalls her tear falling on him before which made him conscious, and Shivaye’s tear falling on her cheek, which brought her back to life. She smiles seeing his hand moving, and normal lines on ECG machine. Doctor says he is out of danger. She smiles and holds his hand. Pinky and Dadi look on.

Dadi says the one you thought unlucky for Billu, she got him back from death, we all had fear to lose him, but Anika had belief, see fears lost, a wife’s belief has won. Anika sees Shivaye and cries, resting her head near him. Pinky sees them. Anika holds his face and hugs him. She cries happily.
Anika comes out. She sees Pinky and says aunty ji…. Pinky says I fold hands, get away from my son’s life, please. Anika holds her hands and asks what are you doing. Pinky says I m warding bad sight from my son, a mother can do anything for child, I will hold your feet if you say, don’t come back. Anika says don’t do this, you are Shivaye’s mum, it will happen as you say, I can understand everything, your pain and sorrow, I m saying true, I would have not come back if Shivaye was fine, but don’t know why I felt that my breath is stopping, I felt he is not fine so I….. They see Shivaye.

Pinky says if you worry so much for my Shivaye, go away from his life forever, please. Anika says I will go, just let me see him once for the last time, please, let me see him to content my heart. She goes and sees him through the glass. She cries.
Rudra and Soumya get Anika to Shivaye. Shivaye asks why are you standing so far Anika. They hold hands. Pinky says Shivaye… Anika hides under the bed. Pinky sits down and asks what’s this. They get tensed. Some time before, Anika says don’t worry, Shivaye will get fine, nothing will happen to him. Pinky also cries. Anika sees Shivaye via the glass and gets away. Nazdeek ko dil ke…..plays………..She turns away and goes. A tear rolls down Shivaye’s cheek.

Pinky says listen carefully, I should not see Anika inside and even outside the hospital, else you will lose job. Khanna says yes Mam, and goes. Pinky goes to Dadi. She says I kept puja for Shivaye in temple, pandit ji is coming, come. Dadi, Pinky and Jhanvi leave. Khanna stops Anika and says I m sorry Mam, but its Pinky Mam’s order that… Anika says I have to leave… He says sorry. She stops and says will you do one thing, when Shivaye gets conscious, just call me once, please…. He nods. She leaves.

Om holds Shivaye’s hand. Shivaye gets conscious. Om says Shivaye, thank God you are fine. Om and Rudra hug and kiss him. Rudra says you scared us. Shivaye says Anika….. Anika turns and cries. Shivaye asks where is Anika. Om and Rudra look on. Shivaye asks did anything happen to him, is she fine. Rudra says she is fine. Shivaye asks why is she not here, call her. Anika says why do I feel Shivaye is calling me. She runs back to hospital. She stops and thinks of her promise to Pinky.

She steps back and says I can’t go inside, I promised Pinky, Shivaye I can’t come to you, I m sorry Shivaye. She sits crying. Shivaye asks Om to tell him, why are you both silent, answer me. Om says Anika was here but… Shivaye asks but… Rudra says Pinky made her leave from hospital.

Shivaye asks what do you mean. Om says Pinky does not want Anika to be there in your life. Rudra says we tried to stop her, but she did not agree, she feels your state is such because of Anika. Shivaye says this can’t happen, why did you two not stop Anika, you know her life is in danger, if anything happens to her…. I have to find Anika. Om says you did not recover, calm down. He asks Rudra to call doctor, wound is bleeding. Rudra calls out nurse. Shivaye shouts Anika. Om and Rudra ask Shivaye to relax. Anika cries sitting at the roadside. Nurse puts medicine in saline. Anika shouts Shivaye….,Shivaye calms down and rests. Rudra says Om, we have to do something, I can’t see Shivaye like this. Om says don’t do anything stupid. Rudra says trust me Om and leaves.

Pinky asks doctor is Shivaye fine now. He says yes, but make sure he is not given stress, we got to know he got restless by stress and his wound had bleeding. Pinky says now my son won’t have any stress. Rudra and Soumya get food trolley. Soumya says I m scared. Rudra asks her to be confident, look straight, else we will get caught. Rudra lifts cloth and sees Anika. He asks are you comfortable. Anika nods. He says don’t worry, Shivaye will be in front of you in 5mins. Anika says thanks. He says we are in same team, and same team members don’t thank each other. Pinky comes and says Rudra. He drops the cloth. They get worried and come in front of the trolley. Pinky asks what’s this. Rudra asks what, Soumya got food from Shivaye’s fav restaurant. Soumya says yes. Pinky asks why. Rudra asks will he have boiled food here. Pinky asks will he have food from outside. Rudra says its not from outside, we got it made in less oil and spices, its healthy, food will get cold, Shivaye does not like that way, we will make him have food. Pinky says wait, its food upside, what’s downstairs, I will check. Rudra says there is nothing, its empty, let it be. Pinky lifts cloth. Anika worries. Jhanvi comes and says Pinky, Dadi is feel unwell, Shakti is going to drop her home, I think she took stress, talk to her once. Pinky goes.

Rudra and Soumya get trolley to ward. Om asks what were you doing. Rudra says I went to get gift for Shivaye. Om asks gift. Rudra and Soumya lift cloth and show Anika. Anika smiles seeing Shivaye. Shivaye opens eyes and says Anika….. He turns and sees her. She asks how do you know it every time. He says I just know it. She asks are you fine. He asks are you okay. She says you got shot. He says but it was shot on you. She says you saved me. He says and you saved me. She asks are you fine. He says I m fine now. Om, Rudra and Soumya smile. Shivaye asks why are you standing so far Anika. He forwards hand. She walks to him and holds his hand. O jaana….plays………. Pinky calls out Shivaye. Anika worries and hides under the bed. Pinky comes and asks did Shivaye not have food till now. Rudra says you go, we will manage. Pinky asks Shivaye how is he. Rudra gives food. Soumya says soup.. Rudra asks Shivaye to have tomato soup. Pinky says Shivaye can’t have it on own, I will help him. She feeds him soup.
Shivaye signs Anika and they hold hands. They both get tearful eyes. Pinky asks Shivaye why are you crying, what happened, is it aching. Shivaye says I m not liking it. She asks what, you are not liking this soup, will you cry if you dislike food, tell me, I will get something else, tell me what will you have. He says nothing, I don’t want to have food. She says it happens, you take rest, I will get food for you in some time, don’t cry.

She gets Shakti’s call and says your Papa called, Dadi was worried, I will tell her you are better. Her phone falls. She sits to pick it and asks what’s this, I did not expect this. Everyone worry. Pinky picks a syringe and says its such a big hospital and no proper hygiene, I will see the doctor. Rudra says then go. Pinky asks Shivaye to rest. Pinky goes out and talks to doctor. Soumya says its good aunty did not see Anika. Shivaye says you don’t need to hide like this Anika, I know mom told a lot, I apologize, its not her mistake, she would have got stressed out seeing my state and asked you to leave, don’t worry, I will explain her. Om says we all will talk to her and explain that this relation will not break now, its marriage, not any joke, right. Rudra and Soumya see each other. Shivaye looks at Anika.

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