Game of Love Update Wednesday 13 January 2021


Game of Love 13 January 2021: Shivaye reaches some old house. He says this seems the right house, but maybe no one lives here. He sees Trivedi written on the door. He pulls open the door. Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky sit silent and upset. Tej says I don’t want to have food. Anika comes and asks did you talk to Shivaye, he didn’t come back home, his phone is switched off, I m worried. Pinky says I spoke to him, he is fine, he is stuck in work, he will come late, maybe he broke his phone, don’t worry. Anika goes.

Shakti says why didn’t Shivaye come. Pinky says he won’t sit at peace till he finds Mr. Kapoor’s murderer. Tej says I hope there is no misunderstanding. Pinky says he knows to differentiate between truth and lie, we didn’t do anything wrong.
Jhanvi says good thing is he is with us. Pinky says we should
also know the entire truth, then this Kalyani mills chapter will end. Shivaye gets inside the house. He checks the house and everything around. He sees Harsh’s pic with his daughters. He sees names written on almost everything. He gets some cassettes and plays one. He hears little Anika’s conversation with Harsh.

Harsh says you like writing names on everything. Anika complains about Chutki. Shivaye thinks it seems a happy family lived here, don’t know where are those two girls now. He thinks of Anika’s language. He hears Harsh saying Anika, from where do you learn such strange things. Shivaye says Anika does such things, Chutki is Anika’s younger sister. He thinks of Shwetlana’s words. He says is Harsh really Anika’s dad, just one person can confirm this. He goes.

He asks Tia is Anika really Harsh’s daughter, its imp for him to know this, please tell. Tia says you are right, Harsh is Anika’s dad, he was foreman in Kalyani mills. He asks how do you know. Tia says when we planned revenge, we did research about mills, mom knew Harsh, I knew this and was scared thinking this can affect your and Anika’s relation, sorry I had hidden this. He says its okay, at least you cleared my doubt, I wanted to know Anika’s family as Anika wanted to know, I can’t think, Anika would be so happy knowing about her dad. He thinks her dad was blamed, I can’t tell her complete truth, what shall I do.

Anika says he didn’t come yet. Shivaye comes. She holds him and asks where were you, you didn’t answer my call, I was so worried, you would have not taken food and medicines, I will get food. She gets food and serves him. She says its bit burnt, but better than staying empty stomach. She feeds him. She says you said you will just come, you came now, I was waiting and slept on sofa, I got neck sprain, you have to massage my neck, I saw a drama on tv/Chalumati and got irritated.

He recalls and hugs her. She says this is good way to change topic, but I m still angry. He says everything will get fine. She asks what. He says your anger will calm down. She says I won’t agree easily. He says I worked all night and came home, I m having burnt food, pity me, I mean its tasty food. She says finish it then. He sees her and thinks sorry, I have your biggest happiness, I m not able to say, don’t know what and how to tell you.
Rudra says you were out for meeting all night and called us for meeting now, what’s the matter. Shivaye says there is a problem. Rudra asks what, did Shwetlana run from jail. Shivaye says I got to know about Anika’s dad. Omru say its good thing, she will be happy. Shivaye says I can’t tell Anika, what shall I say, her dad was foreman in Kalyani mills, he was accused, he died in that accident, the blame wasn’t proved.

Rudra asks did he set the fire. Shivaye says police concluded that, but no one can say if its true, I m scared to tell Anika, she can hate her dad, don’t know what to do, I feel I should tell her, she longed for a family, I can tell her last name, I can tell her who are her parents, I can give her big happiness, I get scared thinking of that blame, she may shatter. Om holds him and says I can understand, you say that every problem has a solution, find entire truth about her dad and then tell her, we know the burden of half truth, when we felt our parents are involved in the incident…. Rudra says sorry, I don’t agree, you should tell truth to Anika, we will handle her. Om says you are getting emotional, think what will she go through when she knows many people died because of her dad. Rudra says what will she go through if she knows this truth by someone else. Omru talk.

Shivaye thinks of Anika. He says you both are right, its imp to tell her and hide it, we know Anika is very strong, just one thing makes her weak, which leaves her happiness incomplete, that’s her family, I can’t return her family, but I can make her feel them, I can show who were her parents and how much they loved her, she is Anika Vardhan Trivedi, I will tell her, I can’t make her identity away, I won’t tell the past, I think if Anika is Harsh’s dad, he can’t do wrong, I will find about him and clear about him, I want Anika to be proud of her dad. Om says we are with you. Rudra says if you need my help, I will cancel my honeymoon. Om asks are you going on honeymoon. Rudra says I just said, how can I go when my brothers didn’t go yet. Shivaye says do one thing, I will give an address, come there.

Shivaye asks Anika to come. She asks where. He says you will know, come. He blindfolds her and gets her to the house. She asks where are we going, will I roam like Gandhari…. He shows her the house. She sees the house. She sees Trivedi written and touches it. She looks at him. He opens the door and says come.

Shivaye takes Anika inside the house. She looks around and touches the furniture and other things. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays…. She feels her connection. She sees a pic and says Chutki, he is my ….Shivaye says he is your….She says Harsh Varshan Trivedi, he is my Papa….She cries and says and this is….. Shivaye says yes Anika, this is your…. She says my house, Shivaye she is my little sister Chutki, and this is me. He hugs her. She says this is me, this is my family. He says its your home, all this, this is all yours. She says do you know how this was named Chalumati, this didn’t work for two days, my dad, Chutki and I sat here being stubborn and started praying, this started working, so we named this Chalumati, see that bed, Chutki and I used to hug each other and sleep, do you see that radio, my Papa used to play old hindi songs after coming home.


He asks which one. She says ude jab jab zulfe teri, you won’t be knowing, he used to go on work early morning, he used to come back during lunch break, he used to cook delicious cook, because we didn’t had our mum, she died while giving birth to Chutki, I don’t remember much about her, but my Papa was my hero, Chutki and I used to watch tv and wait for him to come home, then one day, Papa, Chutki and I got separated, when I came tp senses, I was on the temple stairs, Papa was not there, he had disappeared, Shivaye you found my house, then you must have found my Papa, is he fine, I want to meet Papa, please. He makes her sit and hugs.

He says your Papa is no more, he died of a heart attack. She cries. Anika says my Papa might had some relatives, why didn’t anyone come to see us, why were we left on the temple stairs, why, we didn’t harm anyone, why were we abandoned. He thinks how to tell you, maybe everyone broke relations with you after the allegations made on you. She says my Chutki would had been with me. He says I promise I will find her, I have to give an imp news, I have a surprise for you, I will be back, just sit here.

Anika asks where are you going. Light go off. She calls him out and says I m scared. She sees the decorative lights, balloons and poppers. Shivaye comes with a cake. She asks what’s this. He says happy birthday Anika Vardhan Trivedi. She says I don’t know when is my birthday. He says the day a person is born is called his birthday, today you got reborn, you got an identity, pleasant memories have replaced the bitter memories, so we will celebrate your birthday on this day every year.
She kisses his hand and thanks him. She says you have no idea what you have given me today. He asks her to cut the cake. He lights the candle. Music plays….. Anika holds his hand. They together cut the cake. They eat the cake. He smears some on her nose. They click selfies. Roop sees them via binoculars. Shivaye kisses Anika. They smile. Roop says Anika has sent my son to jail and celebrating, this will be her life’s last happiness. She calls Shivaye and says you seem to be smart, you got Anika’s dad’s history in one day, did you tell her about her dad. He says come to the point. She says come and meet me. He ends call. He says sorry, I have imp work, I will drop you home. They leave.

Shivaye asks Roop why did you call me, get to the point. She says I want to see your wedding, I want you to leave Anika and marry someone else. He checks her and says you aren’t sick, did you not cope up with Veer going to jail, I will call a doctor. She says if you don’t do this, I will get Harsh’s truth out. He says threaten someone else, I know there is no evidence against Harsh, he was just alleged. She says it was not proved as I hid the evidence, I have his suicide note, he accepted he has set the mills on fire and killed Mr. Kapoor. He says why do you feel I will believe you. She says you will definitely believe this. He reads… I, Harsh, am guilty of many innocent people who lost their lives in the fire incident, I killed Mr. Kapoor too, I was paid money to do this, I did this crime to give a good future to my daughters, but now I m feeling guilty, I can’t bear this burden, so I m committing suicide. He says its absolute nonsense, Anika’s dad can’t do this, I don’t believe this. He tears the letter and throws.
She says you destroyed the evidence. She laughs. She says its all right, I have its copy. He tears the copy as well. She says I have a copy in my phone as well. He throws her phone.

Shesays you got enraged, you look afraid, you know if Anika knows she is a murderer’s daughter, what will she go through. He says her dad didn’t do anything, I destroyed the proof. She says you are so naive, I do have many copies, its with my lawyer too. He says I know Anika’s dad can’t be a murderer, I will prove this, no matter what.

She says relax, don’t work hard, I will tell you, I did all that, I set fire to Kalyani mills, I killed Mr. Kapoor, not only that, I killed Anika’s dad. She recalls. He asks you did…. how could you do it. She says forget all that, just think, if I can do all that, what can I do now. He says I won’t let you do anything. She says I have evidence against your parents and Anika’s dad. He says its fake. She says yes, I forced Anika’s dad to sign this suicide note, but how will you prove this in court, you are trapped, if you save your parents, Anika’s dad will be proven guilty, if you try to prove him innocent, your parents will go jail, what will you do now.

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