Game Of Love Update Wednesday 10 February 2021


Game Of Love 10 February 2021: The landlady threatens of filing a police complaint. Anika says no, I m just asking for a day’s time. Sahil’s mum scolds her and says I won’t spare you if anything happens to my son. Anika says just give me one day time, I will pay all your money. The lady says fine, I will give you time, you have to do what you said, fall in my feet and apologize. Sahil’s mum asks her to fall in the lady’s feet and apologize before she changes her mind. Gauri says no, don’t do this, we will manage, don’t listen to her.

Anika says enough, nothing is imp than my family, I m willing to fall in her feet if you will get a roof this way. Gauri shouts no. Anika bends down. Sahi gets dizzy and falls. Gauri and Anika get shocked. They shout Sahil and hold him. Sahil’s mum asks what happened to my son. Anika lifts Sahil and shouts is there any doctor here, please check my brother, doctor…. Gauri says the clinic must be open, we shall take him there. They leave. The lady says listen, take your stuff today itself, else I will sell it tomorrow. Sahil’s mum cries.Doctor says I gave him injection, he will get fine, his immunity is low, if he gets drenched in rain again, he may suffer from pneumonia, he won’t be able to fight with it. Anika says your sister won’t let anything happen to you, I will make everything fine.

Anika says Gauri, I don’t understand, if Nikhil was here, he would have helped. She calls someone and says I need some money, my brother is sick, I will return all the money, you may take interest as well, please lend me some money. Priyanka comes there. Sahil’s mum asks who is she. Anika says you… Priyanka says I went to your home and found out that you are no longer living there, then someone told me that you are here, what’s all this.
Anika says actually I couldn’t pay rent to the landlady so… Priyanka says so she has ousted you, tell me the amount, I will give you. Anika says you thought to help me, that is more than enough for me, thanks, we are not used to borrowing money.

Sahil’s mum says shut up. Gauri asks her to be quiet. Priyanka says I came to offer job, I told you to see my marriage arrangements, I want you to be my wedding planner. Anika recalls Shivaye and says I can’t take up this job, thanks. Priyanka asks but why. Anika says we have suddenly got into this problem, I need to find a place to stay and then I will be able to think of work. Priyanka asks where will you stay. Gauri says its a big city, we will manage. Priyanka says till you find the place, you can live with us, our driver Mohan has just vacated his quarter, you can live there, please don’t refuse, you saved my life, I will do anything to help you, I would love to help. Anika says it was my duty to save your life, it was my mistake.

Priyanka says no, don’t blame yourself, come with me, please. Anika says Priyanka, but what about your family, I don’t think they will be okay with this. Priyanka says I will call Shivaye and ask. She calls Shivaye. He asks are you okay. She says yes, my friend doesn’t have a place to stay, can we allow her to stay in Mohan’s quarters. He says of course, do anything you want, take care. She says thanks, you are the best. She ends call and says he has no issues, come with me now. Anika recalls doctor’s words and thinks fate is playing a game with me, Sahil is not well, we don’t have a house, I m jobless and got this chance, but how can I live in that man’s house. She says I have a question, we will only stay in your driver’s quarter right. Priyanka says yes. Anika thinks it means I won’t have to face that man, then I will find another place to stay in a few days. Dadi says she took so long, she should have come by now. Old Dadi comes and hugs.

New Dadi asks what happened. Dadi hugs her and says there are many bad memories associated with this house, I lost my Shakti here, I have been running away, be it to an ashram or Tej-Jhanvi’s house, I had to return as its Shivaye’s marriage. New Dadi says really, I can take up your responsibilities, but not your place, its your upbringing that ShivOmru, they gave me the same love and respect, they missed you a lot but they never said it. Omru come and hug Dadi. Dadi blesses them. Rudra jokes. Om says we missed you a lot. She says I missed you fools too. Shivaye comes and touches her feet. Dadi hugs him. She says you agreed to marry suddenly. New Dadi says just I know how I convinced him. Dadi says he is ready now. He says sorry, I know you are here, but I have imp work, I will finish it and will be back soon. He goes. Rudra asks did you get anything from London. Dadi jokes and hugs him. Priyanka gets Anika and others. Anika says I felt we would stay in quarter. Priyanka says yes, Mohan used to stay in outhouse. Anika wishes she doesn’t face Shivaye. Sahil’s mum asks is this a house or a palace. Priyanka asks what happened.

Anika says I was expecting the quarter to be away from home. Dadi asks Priyanka who are they. Priyanka says she is my new friend Anika, she saved my life. Dadi blesses Anika. Priyanka says she is a wedding planner also, she will handle all the arrangements of my marriage. Dadi says Shivaye will decide it. Priyanka says let him plan his own wedding, I will plan mine, Anika will handle all arrangements, they will stay here until the wedding is over. Dadi asks what do you mean. Priyanka says they had a small problem, so I got them here, they will stay in Mohan’s quarter, I asked Shivaye. Sh asks Anika to come and see the outhouse. Anika hanks Dadi for helping them. Sahil’s mum says this place is cooler than heaven, what an amazing house….. Its night, Sahil’s mum says thank God, we got a place to live. Anika says its time to give medicines to Sahil. Gauri says I will find the medicine.

Light goes. Sahil’s mum asks her to go and see what happened. Anika says we shall wait for some time. Sahil’s mum says at least, get a candle. Gauri says I will get it. Anika says wait, I will get. She goes. Shivaye comes home. Khanna sees Anika and says what is she doing here, it will be a big problem if Shivaye sees her. He sees Shivaye coming. Anika turns. Shivaye stops. She thinks where is the fuse box. She goes. He turns. Khanna says you.. Shivaye asks was anyone here. Khanna says no. Shivaye says why do I feel someone was here. Anika restores the lights. Sahil’s mum shouts happily.
Shivaye asks what’s this sound. Khanna thinks its Anika’s aunt, it means even they are here. He says no I didn’t hear any voice. Shivaye says it came from outhouse, is there anyone. Khanna says Mohan is gone. Dadi says Priyanka’s friend’s family has come to live there. Shivaye says oh yes, Priyanka told me, it must be them, Khanna top up the car fuel. Dadi asks him to freshen up and come for dinner. Anika says I didn’t want to come here, but Sahil’s condition would have got worse, so I had to come, Priyanka said that we will stay in her driver’s quarter, I found that that their driver is…


Khanna says if Shivaye comes to know, it will be a big problem, you know what happened in hospital. She recalls and says don’t worry, I won’t come before Shivaye, I will leave in the morning.Anika sees Sahil’s mum keeping something and asks what are you doing. Sahil’s mum says nothing. Anika asks why are you tensed, what are you hiding in the trunk. She checks and finds some glass items. She says you have stolen this from Oberoi house. Sahil’s mum says its a big house, they won’t know about such a trivial thing. Anika says theft is theft, we may not have anything, but we have honesty, they trusted us and gave us a roof and job, you are doing this. Sahil’s mum says I will do what I feel right. Anika says I won’t let this happen. She goes to keep the things back. Lights get on. Shivaye sees her. He recalls and asks what are you doing in my house, answer me. Omru come. Shivaye asks how dare you step inside my house. Dadi and Priyanka come.

Priyanka says I got her, she is my friend
Anika, I told you my friend has a problem, I insisted her to stay here. He says when will you understand, a nobody doesn’t deserve to stay here. She says please, don’t insult my friend. Shivaye says you met her two days back and you are defending her. She says she saved my life. He says she intentionally fed you cashew dosa so that you fall sick, she saved you to become your friend and take advantage of the friendship. Anika says no, I didn’t know about her allergy. Priyanka says she is saying truth. He says every info about Oberois is available on net, I know people like her, its all a plan, she aggravated your allergy and took you to the hospital, she pretended to be good, you felt she is nice, she used you and you didn’t realize. Anika says its not like that.

Priyanka says I went to her home and got to know that her landlady made her out, so I got her here. He says such a perfect and calculated strategy, amazing, you believed what you wanted. Anika says sorry Priyanka, I should have not come here, we will leave right away. Priyanka says I won’t let you go anywhere at this time, sorry for this insult. He says I can’t believe you are apologizing to her. Rudra says yes, she is a stranger for us, you still got her home. Priyanka says yes, because I trust Anika. Anika says sorry, don’t fight with your brothers because of me, I shall leave. Priyanka stops her. Shivaye stops Priyanka.

Anika says its better if I leave. Dadi says you won’t leave, if Priyanka got you here, we will keep her word, you can stay here, Shivaye guest is like Lord, you can’t insult her, Priyanka’s friend will stay here with all the respect. She goes. Om says its really late, go and sleep, if you need anything, tell Khanna. Omru and Priyanka go. Shivaye says despite so much insult, you are still standing here, what type of person are you. He goes. Anika cries. Shivaye sees her crying. Khanna asks what are you doing here. Anika sees Shivaye. Shivaye says its my house, I can roam around anywhere. Khanna says you asked me to top up the fuel, its done. He goes. Dadi says Khanna, do you know that girl. He says yes, she stays in my locality. She asks how is that girl, what do you know about her name, blood and family. He says I don’t know about her family, I just know that Anika and Gauri are orphans, they live with their aunt, Anika is a courageous and hardworking girl, she looks after her sister and aunt’s son also, she looks after the entire family.

She asks what kind of lady is her aunt. He says she is bad, she curses Anika all the time, Anika is really nice. She says Priyanka is young, you are sensible and know everything about this family, even about Pinky and Shakti’s matter, I have hidden the truth from Shivaye too, he merely suspects it, till I get him the truth, he will just have a doubt, he doesn’t belief in marriage, when he knows that a lady is responsible for his parents’ death, he will lose faith in marriage, that lady trapped Shakti for money and spoilt Pinky and Shakti’s married life, else they would have been with us today, I get scared upon seeing people who have never seen much money, whose name and family we don’t know about, there are three young boys here, two young girls came to stay, I don’t want any obstacle in Shivaye’s marriage, history is repeating itself. Khanna says don’t worry about Anika, she is a very nice girl.
Its morning, Rudra says an international perfume is launching in India, guess who is the face of that perfume. Dadi says my grandson. He calls her genius. She blesses him. Om says its wrong, give us blessings first. Om and Shivaye take her blessings. Om says we cracked the big deal. Dadi says I think Laxmi stepped in the house today. Anika comes. Shivaye looks at her. Priyanka says thank God you are here, I was waiting for you, its my roka tomorrow, we have got to do much work, I have made a list, come with me. She takes Anika. Shivaye and Anika look at each other. Music plays…… Shivaye says I will make a video call and come. Priyanka says there is lot to do. Anika says relax, don’t worry and enjoy, I will manage, what are you going to wear.

Priyanka says my stylist didn’t send the dress, what if it doesn’t fit me. Anika says I will get your dress, I m going to my stall now, give me the list. Priyanka says yes, the file is in Dadi’s room, I will get it. She gets a call and says its my fiance’s call, get the file from Dadi’s room. Anika asks where is her room. Priyanka says go ahead and take left. Anika smiles and goes. She says maybe its this room. She gets inside and looks around. She touches the mirror and thinks why do I feel like I have come here before. She says I should just do my work, maybe its this file. She gets shocked seeing Shivaye. She thinks he had seen me crying last night. He thinks she saw that I was watching her cry. She thinks I should leave before he talks about it. He thinks it will be better that I pretend that I didn’t see her. She tries to go. He moves and comes in her way. Tu jaane na…..plays……… He moves aside. She goes.

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