Game Of Love Update Tuesday 20 April 2021


Game of Love 20 April 2021: Dadi asks Aasya and Avi about the arrangements. Dhruv says Shivani has landed, but she didn’t come out of the airport. Dadi asks Shivaansh does he not care for her. Radhika says she got kidnapped. He says give my greetings to the kidnappers, if they call again, ask them for a ransom, we will ask for ransom to get rid of her. They ask what. Shivani calls him out. He smiles and jokes. He goes and hugs her. Nani says Kalyani you started crying again. Dadi says its an emotional moment, they both are my Shivaye and Anika’s children, so their names are Shivaansh and Shivani. FB shows Shivaye and Anika deciding baby names.

She says the name should be khidkitod, people should like the names and want to know the story of name-keeping. Dadi comes and asks them not to worry, she has thought of the names, if its
a boy, his name will be Shivaansh, Ansh/part of Shivaye and Anika, and if its a girl, then Shivani, you will find your story in these names. Shivaye and Anika say perfect, done…. FB ends.
Aditi gets a call from Dharam. He says I m from a news channel, I heard you have proof of Shivaansh’s staged kidnapping, we want to cover this story. She recalls Shivaansh’s words. She thinks I shouldn’t decide in haste, I will investigate, when I get proof, I will tell his truth to the world, Nandini has said it right, we can’t blame him without any proof. She says I have no proof against him, so police regards his statement true. She disconnects the call. Dhruv does shayari and says Shivani didn’t get ready by now. They smile when Shivani comes. Radhika says Ahujas are coming. Dadi says we are Oberois. Shivani asks Radhika to hear what Nani and Dadi have said. Shivani asks Shivaansh to hear them.

Shivaansh says my one sister already got married and even second one will go soon. He hugs his sisters. Dhruv asks will you cry on my marriage. Shivaansh asks him to come here. He pats his face and says I will beat you for trapping an innocent girl. They laugh. Nani asks Dadi to say her fav dialogue. Dadi asks her to stop it. She says happiness has returned in the house after many days. Nani asks her to save her precious tears, everyone will come in Shivani’s marriage. Everyone dances. Shivaansh gets sad and thinks I don’t know how many moments are there in my life, I just know how much life is there in one moment, I don’t want to die, I have to see Shivani’s marriage and change this idiot, I have much work and less time. He hugs Shivani. Avi and Aasya come to him. Shivaansh and everyone see the breaking news of Shivaansh’s kidnapping, which is a publicity stunt. They worry. Dadi asks how did this news come out, what will your fans think now. Shivaansh asks Avi to stop this news right away. He asks Aasya to stop the news airing on other channels. Radhika gets a call and asks what, talk to Shivaansh once. She says Ahujas have seen the news, they aren’t coming to see Shivani now. Dadi says her engagement was happening today. Shivaansh says her relation broke. Shivaansh sees Aditi’s pic in the news. Dadi faints.

Shivaansh rushes to her. Doctor treats her and says be careful that she doesn’t get stress. Dadi says if respect goes once, it doesn’t come back. Dhruv says everything will get fine, take rest. Shivaansh goes to meet Aditi at her house. She asks you here. He drinks water. He says you have hurt my sister and my Dadi fell ill, you have done this, how dare you. He throws the glass. She says I didn’t leak that news. He says you have given them pain, I will punish you now. She asks him to leave. She points gun at him. He asks her to shoot him. He says people know about me as much as I told them, you have no idea that you are in deep trouble now, I can’t forgive the person who is responsible for troubling my family, I don’t forget and forgive that person.
He takes the gun from her hand and points gun at her. He says whoever plays the game, I always wins. She says I think you have dealt with weak people, I didn’t learn to lose, its the truth, truth always wins, you think money can buy anything, me and my truth can’t get sold, truth is I didn’t leak the self kidnapping truth. He says I understood what you are, world thinks I m a cool charming romantic superstar, no one knows how dangerous I can get, I will give you 24 hours now, I will create troubles for you now, you are proud of this duty, I will shatter your pride, you will remember my dialogue before seeing me and my film. He throws the gun towards her and signs her.


Shivaansh sees Radhika, Dhruv and Shivani upset. He cheers them up and does shayari. He says small problems are like speed breakers, we are Oberois and we never look back, we just move on, its a new day ahead, we have to live it to the fullest, who knows about tomorrow. He asks Shivani to go and sleep. She says my engagement broke. Shivaansh says Angad will get on his knees and propose you, focus on engagement, it has to be grand, Nani and Dadi will surprise everyone by their dance. He says you both have to do it well, come on. He hugs Dadi. Nani says Shivaansh has set everything well, he has Shivaye’s blood, he isn’t afraid of problems. Dadi says problems are scared of Shivaye. Dhruv does shayari and asks them to praise it.

Shivaansh asks Radhika to think of makeup and other things, Shivani’s
engagement will be great thing. Nandini asks Nana and Gaitonde who did the leak the news. They swear that they didn’t do this. She asks them to find out who has done this. The man thanks Aditi. She says I didn’t tell you anything and still you have aired the news by my name. He asks her to look under the table, her anger will calm down. She sees the money notes and scolds him. She refuses to take the money.
Aditi gets the money and returns to the man. Officer from anti-corruption bureau questions Aditi. She says I have not done anything, I m not related to this matter, I have just come to return the money. Media clicks pics. Aditi thinks I have to talk to commissioner madam, just she can help me. Shivaansh meets her and gets taunting. He says just see what happened with you in next 24 hours, all the best. Nandini says I know Aditi well, she can’t do this work, its about her career, listen to me.

Aditi comes. Nandini hugs her and cries. She says I know you are innocent, I tried to explain this to my seniors, there is nothing I could do to help you. I know you are framed, I promise I will find that culprit. Aditi asks the decision made by dept. Nandini says you got suspended, sorry, I m helpless. Aditi cries and keeps her service revolver. She goes and says I don’t want Mohini and others to know about this, the house situation will get worse. Shivaansh comes to her. He stops his car and offers her lift. He gets taunting her further and says its public’s duty to help ex police, I will make everything fine if you apologize to me.

Aditi says I didn’t tell them anything, how many times should I say. He says I can help you in stopping the suspension. He asks her to come and find the proof of her innocence. He says lets race and see who reaches to the hotel first. Aditi runs and reaches the hotel late. Shivaansh says you have come late again. She asks for the proof. He asks her to meet Mr and Mrs Ahuja and convince them to form a relation with Shivani. She asks how can I do this. He says I will help you. He rings the bell and says now you have to do the remaining work. He leaves. Aditi meets Ahuja and introduces herself. She says I didn’t leak that news, I request you not to punish Shivani and not break this alliance. Dadi and Nani welcome everyone in the party. Nandini comes and hugs them. She asks where did Shivaansh go. Nani says he said he will come in the function. Shivani says I don’t think Angad or his family will come, I think I should just leave. Someone makes an entry.

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