Game of Love Update Tuesday 19 January 2021

Game of Love 19 January 2021: Roop asks the bride to take elder’s blessings. She asks Pinky to give blessings, else she has to work hard. Pinky blesses. Roop asks her to give shagun, right Shivaye, its important, I like her bangles. Pinky gives shagun. Anika says Pinky gifted her bangles to this girl, it means this wasn’t a fake wedding, it was fake, Shivaye would have not taken this far, everyone would not be happy, it means this was real. She cries. Shivaye senses her.

Roop doesn’t let him turn. Anika cries. Roop says if you believe them now, your dad’s soul will curse you, they have driven your dad to commit suicide, they are happy, they didn’t think how will you tolerate this, Shivaye has saved his family like a good son, its your turn now, to do a daughter’s duty, you have to get justice for your dad. Anika goes. Roop smiles. Shivaye beats a guard. They all catch him. Family members look on.

Anika walks on road thinking of Shivaye’s marriage. Roop says leave Shivaye. Shivaye asks for proof. She throws it in havan kund. They get shocked. Shivaye tries to get the paper. He cries when the letter burns to ashes. Roop says tit for tat, you thought you will fool me. He asks what do you mean. She says fake pandit, fake mantras. She reveals Omru. She says you thought I won’t know anything, when you were busy in this foolish plan, I was playing my biggest move, I have showed your fake marriage to Anika. They get shocked.
Anika thinks of Shivaye. Roop says she has seen it and she thinks its real, she has seen you all laughing and getting pics clicked with new bahu, she has seen Pinky giving shagun. He says I told you not to do this, why did you do this. She says I want you to suffer, I want Anika to cry on her bad fate and your cheat. He asks where is she. She says maybe she is wandering on roads, she got a big cheat from husband and inlaws, I m afraid she can commit suicide like her dad. Shivaye raises hand and shouts. Roop says you enjoyed it right. Shivaye says you…He shouts Anika and leaves. Anika thinks of Shivaye’s words. She thinks I trusted you, our bond was my pride, you have put it at stake. He is on the way. They think of each other. She thinks of Roop’s words. She shuts her ears and cries. A car speeds towards her. She turns and gets hit. Shivaye stops his car. Ishq me adhura sa….plays…. Anika lies on the road. He gets down the car.

He starts running on the road. She gets up and leaves. He runs. O jaana….plays…. She reaches somewhere. Veer pushes away Shivaye. Shivaye falls and sees Veer. Anika sees the police station. Veer says you are in hurry. Shivaye says I have no time for you. Veer says but I have enough time. He beats Shivaye, I will settle all scores today. Shivaye bleeds. Anika says I had some work. Constable asks what work. She shows the folder. Shivaye says you may settle scores whenever you want, but not today, I have to go to my Anika. Veer says you will go to her when I leave you. He beats Shivaye more. Shivaye falls. Anika says evidence, I have to give the evidence. Constable asks against whom. She says Shivaye and his family. He asks what proof. Veer says you are destined to die by my hands, you will die, Anika will be tortured by me. Shivaye kicks him. He gets up. Anika says Kalyani mills incident. Constable asks her to come, he will call inspector. Shivaye beats him. Anika cries and recalls Omru, Pinky, Shakti and Dadi.

She cries and thinks I found a family in Shivaye’s family, I accepted their family as mine, but they never accepted me, if Shivaye’s first priority is his family, then my family will be my first priority. Shivaye beats Veer and says I can take your life if I want, but nothing is more imp to me than Anika right now. He goes. Constable gets inspector says this madam is giving Kalyani mills evidence, where did she go, I had asked her to sit here. Inspector asks where did she go. Anika says whatever they did with me, how can I do this with them, I have been like a daughter, bahu and Bhabhi in that family, they gave me love and respect, no I can’t do this to them. She says sorry Papa, I can’t give evidence against Shivaye and his family to prove you innocent, but I promise you I will prove all the accusations false. She throws the folder in the junk bin.

Veer follows Shivaye. He gets hit by a truck. He falls on the road and bleeds. Roop gets the folder from the bin. She says I knew Anika won’t be of any use, but I will do this work, I will two kill birds with one arrow. She goes to inspector and says I have to give you proof against Oberois about Kalyani mills incident. Inspector says yes, you came some time back, what’s your name. She says Anika and smiles. She gives the folder. He checks the pics.

Shivaye comes home and asks Omru about Anika. Omru say we didn’t get to know about her. Shivaye asks Khanna to file missing report about Anika, please search for her everywhere. Shivaye leaves. He is on the way. Shivaye says I have to leave Anika before she takes any wrong step. Sahil says I has test today, I left everything and came, tell me why did you call me. Anika says we are leaving, we are going away from this city. He asks why, where is SSO, is he not coming along with us. Shivaye says Sahil…. let me call Sahil up. Shivaye calls Sahil. Anika throws the phone and says no need to talk to him, we have no relation with him. Sahil asks did you had a fight with him again. She hugs him and cries. Shivaye says why is Sahil not answering. Khanna calls Shivaye and says someone has seen Anika going towards interstate bus stand.

Shivaye reaches the bus stand. Anika goes towards the bus. It starts raining. Anika senses Shivaye and stops. She then boards the bus. Shivaye looks for her. He boards another bus and checks. Hamari adhuri kahani….plays….. Shivaye thinks how will I find Anika, don’t know where is she going and in which bus. He stands close to her bus window and doesn’t see her. Her hand reaches close to him. He goes away. He looks for her and runs after her bus. The bus leaves. Commissioner calls him up and says we are coming to arrest Tej, Jhanvi, Shakti and Pinky. Shivaye asks why. Commissioner says we got evidence against them, they have killed Mr. Kapoor too. Shivaye says Roop must have given you the evidence, all the evidence are fake. Commissioner says Anika has given us the evidence. Shivaye gets shocked and says Anika did this, how is this possible, how could Anika do this to me, no…… He shouts. Anika thinks I can’t believe, how can Shivaye do this with me.

Shivaye checks the footage. He sees Anika talking to constable. He says Anika can’t do this. Commissioner says you can’t deny this. Shivaye says this doesn’t mean she has given the proof. Commissioner shows the footage where she is seen sitting inside the police station. Shivaye says she can’t do this, someone forced her to do this. Commissioner says we have to issue arrest warrant against your family. Pinky cries and says why didn’t Shivaye return home. Shakti says I m worried for Anika. Pinky says they were so happy. Tej says Roop’s bad sight caught them, it would have been better if we didn’t had a sister like her. Pinky cries. Jhanvi consoles her. Tej says where did Omru. Pinky says they went to find Anika. Omru come. Pinky asks about Shivaye. Omru ask didn’t he come, we thought he will find Anika. Pinky wishes they come soon. Gauri and Bhavya come. Gauri asks Pinky why are you crying, what happened.

Shivaye says the evidence is fake, Roop accepted her crime, she has set the mills on crime and killed Mr. Kapoor, this is a manipulation. Commissioner says your wife has given the evidence to us, my team will reach your home to arrest your wife. Shivaye calls the lawyer and arranges the anticipatory bail for his elders. He says I know its difficult, do whatever it takes, I want this bail. Shivaye leaves. He cries thinking about Anika. He stops the car. He says why did you do this Anika, I told you not to believe anyone, just ask me and then believe the truth, why didn’t you trust me, why didn’t you wait for me, why….. He cries. Gauri says so much happened, Om you didn’t tell me, don’t you trust me. Om says Shivaye wanted to solve his problems himself. Rudra says we thought we could handle this, but Roop cheated us.

Om says Roop instigated Anika against us. Gauri says you are responsible for this, you never share anything with us. Bhavya says if you shared things with us, we would have been with Anika, Roop wouldn’t have succeeded. Gauri says they did a lot for us, you know that right, when they needed us, we couldn’t do anything. Om says you are right, its our fault also, we have to think how to rectify this. Rudra says simple, we will find her and then tell the truth. They hear Tej shouting. Tej asks the bride how dare she come in this house, they aren’t related to her. Shakti says whatever your name, the marriage was fake, just get out.

The girl asks where shall I go. Pinky says just go anywhere. The girl says Roop will kill me, Roop is threatening me about my family members, she kept them captive, she sent me here and said she will kill all of us if I leave from here, you only tell me, what shall I do. Rudra asks what’s your name. She says Pooja. He says look Pooja, we understand your problem, just go before Shivaye comes, else you will have more danger here.

Shivaye comes home talking to lawyer. Pinky asks how did you get hurt. He says I have to tell something to you. She asks where is Anika. He says its about you all, those fake evidences that prove you have set mills on fire and killed Mr. Kapoor, police has got that. They all get shocked. Veer gets a call from Roop. He answers call and phone drops down. She gives him the good news that her revenge is fulfilled. He says mum, I will never be able to come. She asks what rubbish are you saying, come, we will celebrate, don’t be angry, come to me. He says its late, I thought I will kill Shivaye, but Shivaye….. I met with an accident. She gets shocked. He says Maa and dies……… She drops her phone and shouts out Veer……

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