Game of Love Update Saturday 16 January 2021

Game of Love 16 January 2021: Roop asks Shivaye to bring the evidence for her. Shivaye thinks I can burn the proof, but I can’t risk Anika’s life. Roop says keep the phone on. Shivaye says my Anika….. Anika tries to alert Shivaye. Veer pulls her back. Shivaye leaves from the house. Veer leaves Anika. He says Shivaye is gone, its only you and me in this house, scream as much as you want. She says you didn’t learn a lesson by going jail, Shivaye will punish you. He says nice joke, Shivaye has gone, leaving you alone here, with me. She says I m enough to handle you. He says I love your confidence, give me a high five partner. She hits him and runs with her phone and dupatta. He says well done and smiles.

Roop laughs and says say something Shivaye, else how will I know you aren’t doing anything, I can feel your anger,
helplessness and pain in silence, don’t grind your teeth in anger, real beauty lies in anger, Veer will be hurting Anika, what a plan, I deserve a praise. Shivaye thinks I have to make sure Anika reaches home safe, then I will show Roop and Veer what I can do. Anika runs downstairs. She calls Shivaye and gets number busy. Anika stumbles by the carpet and drops her phone away. Veer comes in between. He asks what’s wrong, were you trying to call Shivaye, take this, call Shivaye, your communication with him is very strong. Anika takes a vase. He says don’t be scared, call Shivaye, I insist. She hits him with the vase. She runs with her phone. Veer holds his head. She hides and thinks I have to stop Shivaye before he goes far. She calls Shivaye.

Roop says atleast sing a song for me, sing maar diya jaye….. Shivaye gets tensed. Roop says this isn’t right, why didn’t you sing, sing for me. Anika gets number busy again. She thinks I will call him again, maybe he answers. Roop says let it be, you have a terrible voice, crack a good joke, I m getting bored while laughing, I m telling for the last time, sing a song otherwise….. Anika will sing on your behalf. Shivaye sees Anika’s incoming call. He stops the car.
He thinks Anika is calling me. Roop says sing a song. Anika says please answer my call. Veer pats Anika’s shoulder and smiles. She runs away. Shivaye answers the call. Veer runs to Anika. Roop’s call gets on hold. Veer holds Anika. Shivaye asks are you okay Anika. Anika falls down. Her phone falls away. Veer smiles. She hears Shivaye on speaker. She calls him out. Veer picks the phone and sits to talk. He says Shivaye, I told you our game has just begun, we will play a chasing game. Anika shouts Shivaye. Veer says if you disturb me again, I swear I will kill Shivaye. He asks her to be quiet. He says Shivaye don’t worry, Anika is fine. Shivaye says if you hurt her, I will kill her. Veer says if you want Anika to be fine, just do what you are told, be a good boy and meet the one who is waiting for you. He ends call. Shivaye drives ahead.

Roop asks why did you put my call on hold. Shivaye says Veer had called me. She asks why would he call. He says you would know the best, he is your son. She thinks I hope he doesn’t ruin my plan. She asks Shivaye to come soon. Shivaye says I m coming. She calls Veer. She says I told you not to use your mind, you had to take Anika way, who asked you to call Shivaye. He says I didn’t call him, Anika had called him, so I spoke to him. She says why don’t you unite them. He says control your anger. She says just do what you are told to, stop using your foolish mind. He says fine.

Anikabreaks a bottle on his arm. He gets angry. She says if you dare to touch me, I will beat you to pulp. He says I developed feelings for you because of this attitude, I didn’t tell you, when I had installed CCTV cameras in your house in Goa, it was only so that I could see you all the time, I did a lot to come closer to you, but failed, today we are in Oberoi mansion alone, we are so close, its only you and me here. She scolds him. She says you should have seen your face before dreaming about me, you have much overconfidence, I feel like laughing on you, you don’t deserve to dream about me. He says shut up. She says you shut up, you couldn’t defeat Shivaye so you are hurting his wife, you know how we regard the ones, who prove their masculinity by hurting women, impotent….

Roop says find out where Veer took Anika. Charlie goes. Veer takes Anika to a construction site and recalls her words. Charlie says he isn’t answering my calls. Roop says don’t know what he is upto. She calls Veer and asks are you doing what I told you. He says I m doing what I should go. She says get Anika here. He says fine and ends call. He says I will bring Anika to you, but she won’t be alive. Shivaye thinks of Anika. He thinks don’t worry Anika, I won’t let you get harmed, I promise to prove your dad innocent. He thinks of Roop’s words. Pinky says I hope Shivaye is fine. Shakti says don’t worry. Roop says great, groom’s parents are here, why didn’t Tej and Jhanvi come.

They ask about Shivaye. Roop says let me be a good host, its a wedding here, what will you have. Shakti asks what do you want. She says I want Shivaye to get remarried, I found the girl too, I deserve a ring, don’t refuse, groom is getting ready, get seated. He says tell me if you are upset with us. She asks Dhol artists to start playing dhol.

Pinky asks what happened to you, don’t do this. Shakti says you think we did wrong with you, punish us, what did children do. Roop asks what did my son do, why was my son made away from his mum, why was he punished, you did what you had to, its my turn now. Omru and Khanna hide. Rudra says Bua has crossed the limits, she was blackmailing Shivaye, now she is after entire family, she is not taking Oberois seriously, I will see her. Om asks have you lost it, you think Shivaye couldn’t stop her, he is following her instructions for a reason, we can’t do anything, we don’t know the reason, we have to wait for Shivaye. Rudra says call Shivaye and inform him that Bua is making his marriage arrangements. Om calls Shivaye. Veer puts Anika in a huge water sum. She calls out Shivaye. Shivaye hits aside to avoid a cart. His car hits a tree. He falls inside. Anika shouts Shivaye and wakes up. She looks around and says where am I. Om says Shivaye isn’t answering. Roop calls Shivaye. She says why isn’t he answering my call.

Anika says Shivaye. Veer says its me Veer, welcome to watery hell. Roop says Shivaye isn’t answering my call, go and find him, I want the evidence. Charlie goes. She asks Shivaye to answer her call. Shivaye is fallen unconscious over the steering. Anika tries to get up. Veer asks what are you trying to do. She says I want to go to Shivaye. He says be careful, do you think I will let you go to Shivaye. She asks do you think you will stop me. He says you have much proud of yourself, love and Shivaye, you maybe not scared, but Shivaye is scared, so he is listening to my mum, your lovely Roop Bua is my mum. She gets shocked.

Charlie reaches Shivaye and checks the car. Veer says what all did Shivaye hide from you, didn’t he tell you. Anika says you shouldn’t care for that. He says I m telling youba big truth. She says for me, what Shivaye says is the truth. He says he is not in a condition to talk, he is in big danger, you want to hear me out, fine.

Charlie sees Shivaye inside the car. He calls Roop and tells her. He takes the folder and goes. Roop asks Pinky to say, what does she want to talk. Pinky asks who will bear their children to get punished for their misdeeds, you have problem with us, take revenge from us, spare Shivaye. Roop says I would have thought of it if you told this before, its no use now. Pinky falls in her feet and says forgive me Roop. Roop says your apology won’t be enough, Shivaye has to touch my feet and apologize to me and Veer too.

Veer says you can’t imagine Shivaye is in trouble. Anika asks what did you say, I can’t hear you. He says Shivaye is in trouble. She goes close and thinks to show him. She pulls him down. He falls in the sum. She goes out and runs. Pinky asks what’s Shivaye’s mistake, why will he apologize. Roop says he has to make an apology. Pinky says Shivaye is my pride. Roop says I will shatter it, how will you stop me. Pinky says I will stop you, even if I have to kill you. Roop shows the gun and says its not easy to take life, but its easy for me, I can kill you right now, then how will you see your beggar bahu and son’s destruction. Pinky shots and hits her with a vase. Roop faints. Charlie knocks and asks is everything fine. Pinky says I will run by window, no she will vent anger on Shivaye, I will call Shivaye, he can get me out of this problem. She gets a phone locked. She cries. Anika falls down. She runs

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