Game Of Love Update Saturday 1 May 2021


Game of Love 1 May 2021: Bua says its the limit, Shivaansh and Radhika are missing. Nani says he maybe stuck in work. Shivaansh and Khanna come. Nani asks where were you, its Shivani’s Sangeet. He asks why is it so dull here in Sangeet. Bua says there should be dhol playing here, you were missing and Radhika came in bad state. He asks where is Radhika. He sees Radhika and asks are you fine. She says yes and faints. He shouts to Dhruv. He asks him to call a doctor. Doctor checks Radhika and says she is fine, she fainted because of head injury. Nani curses the one who did this with Radhika. Varun makes a face. Doctor says call me if there is any problem. Shivaansh asks Dhruv to get medicines. Bua scolds Shivaansh and says your entire family is unlucky, your grandparents and then parents died, people get killed in this family.

Nani says forget it, everything will get fine. Bua says we will see it that time, but now we don’t want this alliance. She asks Angad to return ring. Angad says but… Bua gets the ring from him and gives to Shivaansh. She takes Shivani’s ring from her hand. She says I m breaking Shivani and Angad’s relation. She takes Angad. Angad and his family leave. Nani cries and asks Shivaansh what did this happen. Shivaansh sees Mannat and says all this happened because of you, you are responsible for this, I told you if any problem comes in my sister’s marriage, none will be worse, did I tell you or not, didn’t you understand. Mannat cries. Varun thinks he will throw out Mannat, my hardwork will go waste. She says I didn’t do anything intentionally. Varun says don’t throw her out of house. Shivaansh says no, I won’t let her go easily, until Radhika gets up, she won’t go anywhere, Radhika will decide her punishment. Munni waits at the temple for Mannat. She asks for a phone. The man gives his phone. Munni asks where are you, I m waiting outside the temple.

Mannat says I m coming. Shivaansh takes her phone. The man takes his phone back. He asks who is Munni, your sister…. She says more than that. He says then you will worry for her, what if I do the same. He asks Munni to go home alone, Mannat will get late. He says you will get late here, so I told this to her. She says she is a little girl. He says you should know a sister’s pain, lets see what happens with her. He goes. She calls Chachi and asks her to pick Munni. Chachi refuses and scolds her. Mannat cries. Varun says finally I got time to read the will. He gets shocked. He calls someone and says its a bad news, our game is over, I got the will, I have put my life at stake, I married Radhika thinking she will get all property, Shivaansh has given entire property to trust, Radhika will get one lakh per month from trust until she turns 50, are we beggars, but there is one clause, if we kill Shivaansh, his wife will get all the property, but what will we our benefit, I don’t understand, tell me what to do.

Shivaansh is with Radhika. He sees Mannat. He coughs. Mannat goes to give him water. Jaanejaan….plays…. She sits by Radhika’s side too. Its morning, Radhika gets conscious. He calls out everyone. Everyone comes there. Shivaansi asks Avi to call doctor and ask what to give her in food. He asks Mannat to get out and not show her face again. She cries and goes. She comes home and asks Chachi where is Munni. Chachi says don’t know, she didn’t come home. Mannat gets shocked. Chachi recalls talking to Varun and getting Munni kidnapped by Varun’s aide. Chachi says I went to find her, but I didn’t get her.
Mannat cries and prays for Munni. She recalls Shivaansh’s words and says this happened because of him. Shivaansh talks to doctor. Mannat comes and calls him out. He says I told you not to show your face again. She scolds him for putting Munni in danger intentionally.

She says you should have punished me, what did Munni do. She says I was your fan, so I used to see red balloons when I saw you, songs used to play, I felt you are like hero, you are a villain in real life, I can’t be a villain’s fan, I know you care for family, its wrong to put others’ family in danger, Munni didn’t return home, I don’t know where to find her, this happened because of you, I know you will make a call to police and police will find Munni, but we are poor, I will get a chance to take revenge on you, its my promise to you. He asks are you done, get out, else I will call security. She leaves.

Nani asks Shivaansh did Mannat come. He asks her to relax, Mannat was an employee, not a family member. She asks did you fire her. He says she did wrong with Radhika. She says you did a big mistake by firing her from job, you will realize this soon. Varun hears Shivaansh. Shivaansh says Khanna, Munni is missing, find her and drop her home safely. Varun says relax, I will handle this problem for you. Shivaansh thanks him for taking care of Radhika and lessening his load. He says you are a great support system, thanks. He goes. Varun thinks I want to keep Munni away, so that you don’t know that I m behind her kidnapping. Mannat looks for Munni and doesn’t get her. She thinks to go to police. Varun calls her and threatens about Munni. She asks who are you. He asks her to check her phone.


She gets shocked seeing Munni in video. She asks why did you kid menap her, she is very ill, please leave her. He says she will be safe if you do my work. She asks what work. He says it won’t be good if you act smart. She says I will do as you say, don’t do anything to her. He says very nice, wait for my next call. He removes the mask and says Shivaansh, now it will be real gun. He says now Mannat will do what I say. Chachi says but you got Shivaansh’s will, why do you use Mannat. Varun says she will become queen, we will get Shivaansh married to such a girl whom we can fool and get money, that girl will be Mannat.
Radhika says sorry. Shivaansh asks what happened that day. She says Mannat had called a hair stylist for me, maybe she has hit on my head, I fainted and down myself somewhere else, that person was wearing red clothes, I couldn’t see anything well, I ran out when I got a chance, I was so scared and felt that I would die. He hugs her and says police will nab the culprit. Shivani comes and asks her to have medicines. Radhika says sorry, your marriage broke because of me. Shivani asks her not to say sorry. He says I know your and Angad’s relation got affected, I can talk to Angad, but he didn’t take a stand for you, I don’t think he deserves you, I will find the best guy for you. Radhika says we will together find him. He hugs his sisters and thinks I won’t forgive Mannat ever. Varun says Mannat is a big fool.

Chachi asks do you want to make her a queen, she is destruction. He says yes, she is Oberoi’s destruction, I will play such a game that they won’t know that they are getting married. Chachi says I heard Shivaansh doesn’t want to marry. He says yes, I have noticed this, he had no affair, I think there is a big reason behind this. He recalls Shivaansh and says he takes a medicine every day, I think something is wrong, there is some problem due to which he isn’t marrying, once we know it, we can play our next game. She asks how will we find out. He says Mannat will find out. He calls her and asks her to reach city hospital and wait for her call.

He asks her not to tell anyone. She agrees. He calls her and asks did you reach. She says yes. He asks her to go to record room. Nurse stops her and says its restricted area.  Mannat says sorry. She thinks what to do. She wears the doctor’s coat and enters. She says I have got in. He asks her to get record files of patients with O surname and come out to wait for his next instruction. She says Mannat has no idea that it will have Shivaansh’s file. Mannat gets the files. Doctor comes to take a file. She thinks I can’t lose any file, else kidnapper will not leave Munni. She says I m finding same file, I will give it to Dr. Verma. He asks who are you. She says I m intern, I joined today. He asks her not to get late. He goes. She calls Varun and says I got the files. He instructs her to keep files and get away. His aide gets the file when she gets away. He says good job, your Munni will be safe until you do my work. She cries. Khanna gets a message and runs to Shivaansh.

They see the breaking news. Reporter says Shivaansh is suffering from a heart disease. Everyone gets shocked. Avi says everyone is calling me to confirm this news, this is rumor right? Nani asks Shivaansh to say, what’s this. Varun asks what’s this Shivaansh, its not true. Shivaansh says its a lie, media can do anything for TRP. Shivani says they said they have your medical reports. Shivaansh says its not tough to make fake medical reports. Nani says then tell me its a lie, swear on me. He refuses. She slaps him and says you are lying. Varun recalls checking Shivaansh’s medical file. He calls and says we were making plans to kill Shivaansh, we don’t have to do this, because he is going to die, I think Lord is with us, he has a heart disease, so he isn’t marrying, we will use his disease now, I know what to do now. He asks his aide to make this breaking news out. Everyone asks Shivaansh and Khanna to say the truth.

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