Game Of Love Update Monday 25 January 2021

Game Of Love 25 January 2021: Shivaye says this is the school where I studied. Anika says it looks classy. He asks her to come. A man says Shivaye, how are you. Shivaye says my science teacher, Mr. Kalra, Anika is my wife. Kalra praises Shivaye. He asks how did you happen to come here. Shivaye says we had to get Anika’s brother’s admission here, we have a meeting with principal.

Kalra wishes all the best and goes. Shivaye gets a call and says I have to attend a call, go and meet the principal. She says no, finish the call, we will go together. He says we can’t make principal wait, go. She says don’t know what will she ask. He says just go, it will be just about Sahil. She says I shouldn’t be scared, principal isn’t a monster. She goes to ask. The lady takes her to principal’s office. Anika and principal get shocked seeing each other. They recall the meet. Principal says you HMT, how dare you enter my office without permission. The lady says Anika is Shivaye’s wife. Principal asks what, you are Shivaye’s wife, he is a Cambridge pass out and you are HMT, how can you be his wife. Anika asks why not, did he had to marry my degrees, just because I can’t speak in English, it doesn’t mean I m illiterate, I m educated.

Principal says we will see how much educated you are, tell me about your child. Anika says I wanted my brother Sahil’s admission to be done, he is very sensible, he is ranked first in class. Principal jokes. Anika says Sahil always stands first in class. Principal says our school is English medium, we have some standard, I will make sure your and Sahil’s standard matches with us, else students and parents will complain. Anika says my brother…The ladies laugh. Anika says Sahil really is very really…..hardworking, work hard…. Principal says its hardworking sweetheart, seeing your english, I can imagine your brother’s english, tell me, which school did you go to. Anika says I have studied till tenth grade. Principal says tenth grade, you want your brother’s admission to be done here, with children of these women.

She introduces the educated women. Shivaye comes and greets the principal Mrs. Raichand. He says you met my wife Anika. Mrs. Raichand says yes, it was pleasure talking to her. He asks the admission formalities. She says nothing much, we take interview of parents, we will have to do it with you, as you are guardians. He says then lets do it. She says how can we interview you, you have studied here and you are the Shivaye Singh Oberoi moreover, this interview is about mother, children spend much time with mothers, we will be interviewing your wife, then you can meet the chairman. He says I will take your leave, I will wait outside. He goes. Mrs. Raichand asks Anika to have water, she will need it. She says I m giving you a second chance just because of Shivaye, I will ask simple questions, if you answer any one right, your brother’s admission will happen. She says plural of box is boxes, what’s the plural of Ox.

Anika says oxes. Mrs. Raichand says so expected, wrong, its Oxen, okay, the next question, when did Napoleon die, don’t say you don’t know Napoleon, guys you should record this, lets have fun, share it on social media, people should know the standard of HMT, such people are not welcomed in our school, the next question is… Anika cries and says no need, I understood what you mean to say. She runs out. Shivaye smiles seeing his name on the toppers board. He asks Anika to see, his name is first on toppers list and sports list. He says I wish Sahil’s name is also in the toppers list one day, what happened, you are crying. She says I failed, I failed you and Sahil too. He asks what happened, tell me. She says sorry Shivaye, I have let you down today, Sahil’s future is ruined. He asks what happened. She says he is not handicapped, I m handicapped, I couldn’t get a chance for him which he deserved, principal asked me few questions, I couldn’t answer, I couldn’t speak english, I failed, how will I teach Sahil. He asks what happened inside, tell me. She tells him.

Chairman asks did Shivaye and his wife not come. Mrs. Raichand says Anika didn’t clear the interview and ran away. Shivaye says Anika is not someone who runs off. Mrs. Raichand says Anika couldn’t clear the interview, have a look at the report. Chairman says sorry, your wife…. Shivaye says she doesn’t know English, I know what Mrs. Raichand told, I know parents are judged before giving admission to children, we should also be given a chance to judge the teachers, we should be sure if principal and faculty are capable to teach children well, we should get a chance to interview the faculty. Principal says you have a point, I assure you, our faculty will pass in your interview, go ahead. Shivaye signs Anika.

She asks do you know the meaning of Anupras Alankar. Principal asks what is it. Shivaye asks don’t you know it. She says because its an english medium school. He says but english is taught here, our mother tongue is Hindi, its a compulsory subject in every school, I didn’t know that principal of a famous school didn’t know the meaning of Anupras Alankar. She says hindi is not my language. He says similarly, English is not my wife Anika’s language, tell her what’s Anupras alankar. Anika says certain words used as adornments in an poem, like Raghupathi Raghav Raja Ram… Shivaye says impress, now recite that poem. She recites. Everyone claps for them. He says maybe you all didn’t understand what she said, she has said that in Hindi. He translates for them.

He says the woods are lovely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep, you would understand this, Robert Lee Frost from England, Mr. Harivansh Rai Bachchan had translated this poem in Hindi. He asks Mrs. Raichand is our mother tongue hindi or english, hindi right, why can’t children of hindi speaking parents study in english medium schools, you teachers have to teach them, why are parents interviews, can’t we dream a good future for them, teacher means power and knowledge, you can make the future better, you are creating language barriers for them, I think you should give them admissions on the basis of grades, I will make Sahil’s grades easier for you to see, how many marks did he score in English, 99 %, I will tell you, who is Sahil.

He gets Anika to them and says Sahil is Anika’s brother, Anika doesn’t know English, your principal doesn’t know Hindi, I want to know by what right did she insult my wife, I can take the matter in media and get this school shut down, I will not do this, this school belongs to all the students who study here, this school belongs to me, this is our problem, we have made english a class barrier, if we don’t respect our mother tongue, how can we expect from others, we should be proud to be indians and not feel shame to talk in hindi, Anika and I wanted Sahil to study here, but not anymore, teachers don’t know hindi here.

Chairman stops him and says give me a min, I would like to apologize on behalf of Mrs. Raichand, I would like to thank you for telling us an imp point, I will make sure parents and children are not judged on the basis of language, I request you to get Sahil admitted here, our school will see the potential of kids. Principal asks the hindi term. Anika says it means ability. Shivaye and everyone clap. Anika smiles. They hold hands and come out. She says you taught a good lesson to that woman. Shivaye says you have learnt a lesson too, you are perfect the way you are, you will always be Khidkitod, no matter what language you speak, did you get it. She says I get it, I got it. They smile and leave.

Omru talk about cricket and go. Gauri prays to Lord. Anika comes and says listen Chutki… what happened to you. Gauri asks what did you say. Anika says I called you Chutki. Gauri says I felt glad. Anika says you will always be Chutki for me, Sahil’s school is starting, I have to buy books, will you come with me. Gauri says why not, he is my brother too, if he studies in a big school, I will feel like I studied there. They hear Shivaye. Bhavya asks what happened. Everyone rushes and asks what happened. Shivaye says I have run out of the medicines. They get shocked. Someone comes there. Khanna asks who are you, how did you come in. She barges in the mansion. Om says doctor isn’t answering. He calls again. Anika feeds water to Shivaye. Om says tell the doctor to call me, its an emergency, my name…

Omkara. Khanna asks who are you. The lady asks him to see what happened to him. Khanna says Shivaye Sir….. The lady asks what happened to Devyaani. Om says I m messaging the doctor. Bhavya says we should take him to hospital. The lady says wait, show me where is the kitchen. Bhavya says that way. Anika asks Gauri to take the lady. Om asks the doctor to come fast. The lady makes some kada in the kitchen. Gauri helps her. Shivaye refuses to drink it. The lady asks him not to be adamant. She feeds him. Om asks who are you. Rudra says we don’t know you. Khanna says she forcibly got in. Om asks her to answer. Shivaye coughs. Rudra says you forced him to drink the kada. Om and everyone worry. Shivaye says I m feeling okay. Om asks are you fine. Shivaye says yes, thanks, but you…. who are you. The lady recalls Gauri’s words and says I m your Dadi’s friend.

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Khanna asks which Dadi. She asks how many Dadi do you have. She lies and says I didn’t tell her about my coming, I know your Dadi went to ashram. Shivaye asks Rudra to inform Dadi that her friend has come. The lady says no, she has gone to satsang, let her be there, I will go. Anika says wait, she will come. Om says Dadi will feel bad. Shivaye says call Dadi and tell her that her friend will be here. The lady says her name as Devyaani. Rudra says Dadi is not answering. Khanna says we should confirm this. Devyaani says fine I will go. Shivaye says he is security incharge, its his work, Khanna say sorry. Khanna says sorry. Devyaani asks theme to call her Devyaani Nani. Anika asks for kada recipe. Devyaani says its a miracle remedy, I will teach you everything. Anika takes her and shows the room. Khanna spies. Anika says tell me if you need anything. Devyaani says sure, your bangles are beautiful, how much does this cost. Anika says Shivaye gifted this to me, I don’t know its price, I will send tea for you. Anika goes. Devyaani sees the things in the room and smiles. Khanna looks on.

She sees him and scolds. He says I came to offer help. She says I don’t want anything. She shuts the door. He says there is something fishy, I need to find out.
Bhavya asks Rudra what happened. He says my eyes are hurting a lot, I don’t know why, get me some cotton. She says its digital eye strain for sure, sorry I will get it. He asks for his goggles. Anika and Gauri like the dish. Devyaani gives them tips and cooks. Bhavya comes and asks what did you make. Anika says Nani made this, we just learnt it. Bhavya says you should have called me. Anika says you aren’t with us these days. Anika and Gauri go to make mango pickle. Bhavya thinks I m always with you, you both stay busy with each other and don’t see me. Devyaani asks what happened. Bhavya says nothing, I came to take cold water, Rudra’s eyes are burning, he uses mobiles and laptops all night, it will affect his eyes, he has filled the room with gadgets. Devyaani says I will give this to him and explain well. She goes.

Gauri says its imp to have elders at home. Rudra gets frustrated by pain. Devyaani comes to help. She says Bhavya said you stay awake all night. He says I study so much at night, I don’t feel sleepy. She says you will feel sleepy today. She makes him relax. She asks him to keep wet cotton on eyes. She takes his phone and goes smiling. Gauri says we danced so crazily last time. Anika says yes, I had much coffee. They talk and go laughing. Bhavya calls them out. They pass by.
Devyaani asks are they sisters. Bhavya says yes. Devyaani asks why do you stay away from them. Bhavya says no, I leave them alone as they met after a long time. Devyaani says then you fall lonely, come with me. She takes Bhavya to them and says Bhavya has to say something. Bhavya says nothing. Devyaani says Bhavya feels lonely as you both just talk to each other.

Anika asks Bhavya do you really think so. Bhavya says I m happy in your happiness, I can’t approach you, fearing you might feel ….. She says getting clingy, listen to me, you are more like a sister for us. Gauri says yes, if you feel bad of anything, forgive us. Anika says don’t ever think that Gauri is more imp than you, you both are equal for me. Gauri says you know we wanted a little sister in childhood. Anika says we wanted to name her Gudiya. Gauri says Lord has given us a sister. They hug. Devyaani says the family where bahus lives like sister, there is much prosperity and happiness, come we will have sweets. Devyaani says I used to come here to meet Kalyani, we used to sneak out and have chinese at stall, everyone is adventurous at a young age, did you have chinese there. Anika stares at Shivaye and signs no. Devyaani asks where do you go to have chinese.

Rudra says Shivaye goes to China to have chinese. Shivaye says I go China for business. Rudra asks what are you saying, I thought you go there to have chinese food. Shivaye says forget all that, tell me how are your eyes. Rudra says better. Shivaye says I don’t like oily food. Anika says you don’t like street food. Devyaani asks why, didn’t you have it till now, one should certainly know things before making an opinion. Rudra says I couldn’t find out my phone, Bhavya I know you got it. Bhavya says I didn’t take it. They argue. Rudra says I didn’t misplace the phone, just Bhavya and Nani were there at the pool area. Devyaani says yes, I saw it, when I went with the cold water and cotton. Rudra says I have sensitive info, what if my account gets hacked. Shivaye asks bank account. Rudra says social media account. Khanna says what if anyone has stolen it. Rudra asks who can steal it at home. Khanna says we will look for it and know.

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