Game Of Love Update Friday 22 January 2021

Game Of Love 22 January 2021: Shivaye walks the ramp. Om shanti Om…..plays…. Omru also walk the ramp. Media clicks pics. Gauri walks the ramp in her style. Bhavya comes next. Shivaye and Anika walk the ramp. O jaana…..plays…..Anika feels distant. Om and Gauri walk together, holding hands. Music plays…… Rudra and Bhavya walk holding hands. Music plays…… They smile. ShivOmru walk together.

La la la la….plays….. Anika, Gauri and Bhavya walk along. Lafzon ka yeh….plays…… Later, Gauri asks Anika to come home. Anika says no Gauri, that is not my house anymore. Om asks what are you saying, that house is yours. Rudra says everything sorted out now then.. Anika says few things don’t get sort out easily.Om asks Shivaye to say something. Shivaye says there is no point to say anything to her, I had asked her to wait for me, that no matter what world says, don’t believe anyone till she hears the truth from me, but one who doesn’t want to listen, I don’t want to say anything. Anika says when someone asks a lot, the person doesn’t say anything, when things spoil, its the mistake of that someone. Om says we can discuss this at home. Rudra says what’s new, fights are the foundation of your relation. Gauri says we know you both are angry, but not going home isn’t a solution. Anika says its not my house anymore, that is your house, you go, stay happily, take care of yourself and everyone, I can’t come there. Rudra asks Shivaye to say something.

Bhavya says say something, why are you quiet. Anika recalls Shivaye’s marriage. Shivaye recalls the police station camera feed. Om and everyone ask him to stop Anika. Shivaye says I will ask Khanna to drop you home. Anika says I know my way home. She hugs Gauri, Omru and Bhavya. They cry and ask Anika to please stop. They ask Shivaye to stop Anika. Shivaye says one who should go, we shouldn’t stop. Anika cries and leaves.At home, Gauri says there hasn’t been a single day when I didn’t pray for my sister, when she was in front of me, I couldn’t stop her. Bhavya says everything will be fine. She hugs Gauri and consoles. ShivOmru look on. Om says all three of us always stayed together, if we have to get away for a day, we can’t bear it, Gauri and Anika met today and…. Rudra says and they got separated, Gauri has Om and all of us, but Anika has no one to console her. Shivaye says take care of Gauri.

Om asks what are you doing, you accepted Anika as your wife in front of media, when Viraj was walking the ramp with her, you couldn’t tolerate, when you had to get her home, you didn’t. Rudra says you think Anika is responsible for Pinky’s state, we all know you love Anika so much, why are you doing this. Om says you feel Anika has given the proof to police, you want to punish Anika. Rudra says you seriously think she can do this, never. Om says speak up, why are you not getting her home. Shivaye says because I don’t want Roop to harm her, I don’t consider Anika responsible, I didn’t ask her to come home as I don’t want Roop to target her again, Anika and Gauri lost their dad and childhood because of us, I don’t want her to go through the pain again, Roop wants to take revenge about Veer’s death, if she knows Anika is back, she will target Anika knowing Anika is my weakness.

Om says you have told everything to media about Roop and media, I m sure Roop has gone crazy. Shivaye says I wanted this to happen, this was my motive, this blackmailing is enough, everything will happen in the open now, when I saw Anika at the fashion show, I felt why are we doing things the way Roop wants, Anika and I misunderstood and took wrong steps, we know Anika can’t stay happy without me and I will just die without her, I can’t live without her, so I decided to expose Pooja and Roop, so that Roop does something that I get a chance to expose her. Rudra says you want Ropp to hurt you. Shivaye says I want to wait for Bua’s reaction, this matter has got much stretched, I want to end this for once and all. Om says I really hope it happens as you want, Roop also may not know how will she react.

Pinky is in her room. Roop comes and holds the oxygen mask. She cries and says your son didn’t do wrong, Shivaye has snatched my Veer, he died, he made Pooja out, I fell all alone, but I m enough alone, if I want, I can kill you right now to take revenge from Shivaye, but that won’t give soul peace to Veer, you have to stay alive to see Shivaye dying. Pinky cries. Roop says when you will know how it feels when a mum loses her son. Shivaye says its late, I will go and see mom, Om go Gauri needs you, Rudy you also go and rest. He goes upstairs. Someone hits him. Shivaye falls and rolls down the stairs. He gets up and sees Roop.

He thinks my plan worked, Roop has come here on her own. She takes a wooden stick and says I won’t spare you, I will kill you just the way you killed Veer. He says I didn’t kill Veer, it was an accident. She says you have snatched everything from me. He says I did what you said. She says no, you have spoiled all my plans, you freed Tej and Shakti from jail, you saved Anika. She beats him. She says I won’t leave you and stabs the stick. Pinky hits on her hand and saves Shivaye. He sees Pinky and asks are you fine.

Shivaye asks will you kill my son, dare to touch him, I will break your arms. Shivaye holds her. Roop says Shivaye has to die. Pinky says till his mum is alive, even Yamraj can’t touch him, you have created a lot of mess Roop. She says because of Roop, our lives got ruined, Shivaye she did everything, she instigated Anika against us, she gave all the proof to police and accused Anika for it, she was behind my accident. She cries and says Shivaye, your Anika is innocent, she didn’t do anything, Roop drifted you two apart. Everyone gets shocked.

Roop says I didn’t do anything, Anika did that, you can check CCTV footage. Shivaye says I have already seen that footage, to be honest, I was angry, but then…. I realized I was doubting Anika, I can deny anything when its about Anika, I know you are behind all this, Anika can never do this, you are burning in this revenge fire more than us, you lost your son, stop it now, just stop. Roop says I will avenge Veer’s death, if you get saved, I will kill Anika. Pinky slaps her. She says Anika isn’t alone, she is enough to deal with you.

Roop laughs and says I made your lioness bahu dance on my fingers, I set Kalyani mills on fire, I killed Mr. Kapoor, I killed Anika’s dad, and who got framed, you all …. I blackmailed Shivaye and got him married, I showed that marriage to Anika, I made
her against you all, I told her to give fake evidence to police, but she refused, I pretended to be Anika and gave proof to police, I did all this, this is my house, nobody can harm me, you don’t have the proof. Shivaye asks who said that. She cries and says I m saying it. He says whatever you said, everything for recorded in my phone recorder. She shouts give me phone. Bhavya holds Roop. Shivaye says I have proof.

He calls hospital people. He says you are my Bua, so I m not giving you to police, I will always have this confession, if you try to harm my family, I will give this to police. Roop is taken away. Shivaye asks Om to keep the phone carefully. Rudra says thank God you got conscious, I was scared, Dadi went US and you went on silent mode.

Pinky pats him and asks am I any mobile phone. Shivaye hugs her and asks are you fine. They cry. She says let it be, its evident you are miserable without Anika, go bring her home, everything will be fine, I will be fine soon. They ask Shivaye to get Anika back. Gauri asks where will you find her. Rudra says we will track her phone. Bhavya says we can’t track her location if phone is off. Pinky says how will we find her. Shivaye says I know where she will be. He leaves. He drives off. He thinks Sahil told me Anika is taking a taxi for Pune. He reaches the taxi stand and shouts to some departing taxi.

It starts raining. He throws his phone angrily. Anika says whatever happens in life, your arrogance and style of throwing phone will never change, right. He sees her. He says I felt you left. She says I was going, but I couldn’t leave. He asks how did you leave last time, I told you to wait for me and not believe anyone, why didn’t you wait for me. She says its limit, you are scolding me instead of convincing me, I m going. He holds her and says just go and show me. She says let me go. He says how to let you go, you are my life. She says that’s why you don’t share anything with me. He says I wanted to prove it to you this time, you always complain that when it comes to choosing between you and my family, I always choose family, I chose you this time, I did everything for you, I wanted to prove your dad innocent, I didn’t know Bua will double cross us, you would believe Bua and leave me, I didn’t know.

She says I left but my soul was with you, you don’t know what I went through seeing you in marriage mandap with that girl. He asks didn’t you have faith in me and our love. She says I was clueless, you were getting married to someone, Roop was instigating me that you are doing this to save family, I was breaking down. He says you could have fought with me and questioned me, but you left, you abandoned me. She says you should have looked for me, why didn’t you. He says you think I didn’t find you, go and ask Sahil, I made him swear on me, so that he doesn’t tell you that I know you are at Chanda’s place, I didn’t want you to return home before Roop’s chapter ended, I was just trying to protect you Anika, and then mum’s condition…. She asks how is mum.

He says she is fine, come home and meet her, promise you will not disappear again, don’t you dare do this again, don’t you dare….. He hugs her. They cry. She says then listen to me, promise me that you will never hide anything from me. He says I can’t change my nature.She says do one thing, hold on your nature here, I m going. He pulls her and lifts her in arms. He asks her to go now and show. She asks what are you doing, everyone is staring. He says I m taking my wife home, is there any problem, I m forcing you to come, listen to me, I promise you, no matter what happens in our lives, be it your fault or mine, our love will remain the same, our trust will never break, I won’t let you go away from me. She asks what else. He asks what else.

She says it looks good, keep talking. He says I forgot to tell you something. She asks did you do anything wrong. He says you have become too heavy. She jumps on to put more weight. Hum tum…..plays…. They come home. He says you have caught a cold. Gauri comes and hugs Anika. Anika says you will catch cold, wait. Rudra jokes on their union. Shivaye sneezes and says shut up, get a towel.Om asks them to go and change. Pinky comes and hugs Anika. Anika says sorry. Pinky asks why are you saying sorry, stand there, will I welcome you just like that. She does their aarti and tilak. She says Kalyani mills matter ended, children had to go through a lot for our mistakes, I will pray that happiness returns in your lives.

Rudra says happiness has come back, sisters united, Billu and Billi united, you came out of silent zone, Roop went to mental hospital, Kalyani mills secret got revealed, Pooja went out of this house, and my biceps have grown by an inch, if we don’t celebrate this happiness, then it won’t be right. Pinky agrees. She says we will keep jagrata. Rudra says we will keep party before jagrata. Om asks them to go and change, else they will fall ill. Pinky goes. Om stops Gauri and says Anika will stay here, let them spend time.

Gauri says I m so foolish, Anika will stay here. Om says weather is so pleasant, they would be spending time, we will also spend time. Shivaye makes Anika close eyes and takes her to room. She asks why, tell me. He asks her to open eyes now. She gets surprised and says all this…..blankets, colour of pillow covers…. He says bed linen. She says whatever it is, this brown colour rug. He says carpet. She says this wall paper, its of my choice. He says exactly. She says you don’t like this, then how did all this get here. He says I missed you a lot, I felt your presence by having these things here. She says ho…. He says no, its Aww…. did you like it. She says I liked it a lot, my happiness is not in these things, just lift your hands. She hugs him. She says I m happy when I m in your arms. He kisses her. Music plays….. He holds her close.

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