Force of attraction update Thursday 27 June 2024

Force of attraction 27 June 2024: Ranjan’s brother tells Manorama if she acts like a cheap woman then Rimjhim might not be happy in their house and also don’t forget we agreed to take her even after your your younger daughter had a scandal. Manorama gets scared and takes off her gold bangles.

Shakti sees that and thinks I won’t let them take it. Manorama goes to Ranjan’s sister Bubbly and gifts her bangles to her. All look on. Shakti and Rimjhim are worried. Bubbly says its not that heavy but its okay as this is a first gift. Ranjan says we should leave now, they start leaving but Shakti stops them. She smiles and says let me make some relationships too, we have a ritual of tying rakhi to brother in laws. Manorama is confused but agrees with Shakti. Ranjan says we are getting late but Manorama says it won’t take much time, it will strengthen our relationship. Dharam grabs Ranjan and Shakti says I am going to be his sister now, Ranjan tries to resist but Shakti grabs it and is about to tie rakhi to him but Bubbly stops her and says only real sister tie rakhi to brothers in our house. Shakti says I already have rakhi so I have to tie it to someone. She looks at Ranjan’s brother cousin, he says me? Bubbly says just accept it. Shakti ties rakhi to him and does his aarti.

She says what’s my gift now? he takes out 1000rs but Shakti says people don’t even give this to servants and you will be insulted if people find out. he recalls how he said the same thing to Manorama. He tries to give her more money but Shakti says you are being cheap in the first function only? he says what do you want? Shakti says I want gold bangles that Bubbly is wearing. He says its Bubbly’s gift.

Shakti says we should always pass on the gifts and I am your sister so you shouldn’t be acting like a cheap person. When the guests find out that you didn’t gift anything to your sister then it will be insulting for all of us. Ranjan says just give it. He doesn’t want to but takes it from Bubbly and gives it to Shakti. Shakti says I will always protect my family. Ranjan leaves with his family. His brother angrily throws away Shakti’s rakhi. Shakti gives the bangles back to Manorama and says I won’t let anyone take this from my mother. Manorama hugs her.

Chacha calls Dadi and invites her to Rimjhim’s gauri poojan in the mandir. Dadi says I will try to come and if I can’t then I will send the kids definitely. She ends the call and sees Shiv and Nandu arguing in a corner, she asks Gayatri what’s going on? she says I don’t know. They hear Shiv telling Nandu that he doesn’t understand why Shakti denied his friendship, he will confront her. Nandu says what if she gets angry and you have a panic attack? Shiv says stop worrying, she has to agree, he leaves. Dadi tells Gayatri that you know why Shakti denied his friendship, she knows that they can’t be friends, I am sure she has feelings for him, Shiv is a fool to not understand what’s in his heart but that girl knows she loves him.

If we want them to unite then we have to help them. She calls Shiv and says I planned to do a pooja tomorrow for your hospital position so you have to come with me. Shiv murmurs he planned to meet Shakti tomorrow. Dadi asks if he is busy? I will go alone and go to Rimjhim’s pooja as well. He says really? her family will be there? I will go with you and do the pooja, he goes with Nandu. Dadi laughs and says he agreed because Shakti will be there, I just hope he gets to know that he loves her, Gayatri says I hope Shakti accepts this relationship too. Mandira hides and hears all that. She says these women are trying to be cupid but they forgot what happened when Shiv fell in love before, this pooja will be the start of Shiv and Shakti’s separate ways.

Manorama says don’t you think about him. Rimjhim says I should go to sleep, Manorama asks her to eat something and then go to sleep, she leaves. Shakti asks Manorama that you saw how Ranjan’s family behaved today, do you think they are good people? Manorama says these things happen in relationships. Shakti says dowry is a crime and you didn’t want to give your bangles but they pressurized you. Manorama says we have to ignore some things, his brother is cheap but Ranjan is not. Shakti says I think he is too. Manorama asks her to stop it, he always took Rimjhim’s side so stop it, she leaves. Shakti prays to Lord and says give me a hint if Ranjan is okay for Rimjhim or not? I don’t even have a friend to talk to.

She recalls about Shiv and says he is my friend.. no I denied his friendship, I wish I can hear his voice. She calls him from the landline, he says who is this? Shiv says nobody wants to talk to me these days. Shakti is silent. Shiv says if I did a mistake then they should tell me.. I want to know why she denied my friendship.. he asks Shakti why did she deny his friendship? Shakti is shocked that he knows its her. Shiv says our bond is not that weak, please tell me what did I do wrongly? Shakti cries and ends the call. Shiv says I will confront her tomorrow. Shakti sits alone ane cries.

Scene 2In the morning, Manorama and Shakti are in the mandir. They are preparing for the pooja. Shakti goes to the market and tries to buy pooja stuff but its all sold out. Otherside Shiv calls Dadi and says he bought all the items for the pooja, Dadi says what will others do then? He says I will give to others too. Dadi ends the call and tells Gayatri that maybe this way Shakti will meet with Shiv. Mandira hears that and tells Keertan to go to the mandir and stop Shiv from meeting Shakti. Keertan says I don’t understand, you asked me to stay away from that cheap girl and now sending me there. Mandira says Rimjhim’s fiance will destroy Shakti’s life so don’t worry.

Shiv is in the mandir and looking around for Shakti. Shakti enters the mandir and they both feel each others presence. Shiv can’t see her and tells Nandu to look around for her. Shakti is in the market and trying to buy leaves for pooja but Shiv bought them all before. He left one there and the shopkeeper gives it to Shakti. She thanks him and leaves. Shiv comes there and Shakti stares at him. Shiv says I am sorry, I bought all the leaves. Shakti says I can’t take this. Shiv says you can’t accept my friendship and leaves? Shakti says no. Shiv says we both protect each other, get happy for the other one so how can it not be a friendship? Shakti thinks its one sided love. Shiv says we both want to fulfill each others dreams so why can’t you be my friend? Shakti says I already have many friends so I don’t need more, she leaves. Shiv says what is she hiding from me?

Shakti tells Chacha that she couldn’t get the pooja leaves. Shiv comes there and says I found it, the leaves make friendships grow. Manorama asks Shakti what is he doing here? did you talk to him? she says no. Shiv tells Chacha that Dadi couldn’t come so she sent me and Nandu. Chacha asks Shakti to take the leaves, he smiles at her. Manorama thinks why do I feel like something wrong will happen because of them. A guest tells Shakti to take the leaves, why are you saying no? Manorama says Shakti is right, we shouldn’t take things from others to do the pooja, I don’t want anything bad happening in Rimjhim’s pooja. Shakti says she is right, we don’t need these. The priest says the pooja won’t happen without leaves.

Shakti says if we have belief on Lord Shiv then he will accept our prayers without leaves too, he will forgive me for what I can or can’t accept. He will understand my reasons and situation. She looks at Shiv. He thinks I know she is talking about us, I won’t accept her decision, she has to accept my friendship. I just want to be in her life, I want to understand about her decision.

In the mandir, the women start praying to Lord Shiv. Shiv smiles at Shakti. Shiv says why do Shakti and Rimjhim look sad? Shakit tells sorry to Lord Shiv because of no leaves. Nandu says we came here to talk to Shakti but her pooja couldn’t be completed because of us. Shiv says there won’t be anything incomplete for Shakti when I am here. He tells Chacha that he has to go to the hospital so he wants to do pooja, he says sure. Shiv goes to Shakti and puts leaves on her hands while she is doing pooja. Rimjhim tells Manorama that I can feel their love from here. Dharam says they are perfect for each other. Nandu says everyone can see their love. Keertan comes there and is angry seeing them together. He says I won’t let this happen, I have to end their love story, I will beat them up. Shakti stares at Shiv while doing the pooja. He offers a leave and puts it at Lord Shiv’s feet. Shakti thinks why does he put himself in danger to fulfill my dreams everytime? does he.. she recalls him calling her just his friend. She tries to leave but he holds her hand. Shakti says please let me go. Shiv says I want to talk to you, you rejected my friendship proposal but I am your senior so I reject your rejection so I am sorry. I know you want to say yes, I am cute so you can’t say no.. look at my cute dimples. Shakti smiles at him. Shiv says I will make you say yes to my friendship. Manorama is angry seeing that.

Ranjan’s family arrive there. Manorama and the family go to them. Shakti tries to go but Shiv stops her and says if you don’t like my friendship then why did you call me to hear my voice? why are you sad? are you feeling what I am feeling? why can’t you be my friend? Rimjhim thinks at least he cares about her feelings. She sees Keertan sitting outside the mandir and sees him crying. She says is he crying for me? I think he is hurt seeing me marry someone else but its too late. Otherside Keertan is thinking about Shiv and Shakti together, he angrily leaves. Ranjan sees Shakti and thinks to hold her hand. Shiv is talking to Shakti but Ranjan approaches them.

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