Force of attraction update Sunday 7 July 2024

Force of attraction 7 July 2024: Padma looks in the box and thinks this thing will destroy Shiv and Shakti too. She hides the box and goes to look for Shiv but Mandira comes there and stops her. She sees that Shiv and Shakti are together and takes Padma from there. Padma says there is a limit to sins, this thing will destroy Shiv, it will bring up his past that we have hidden, if it comes out then everything will be destroyed. It took Shiv 6 years for him to come back to life so don’t do this.

Mandira shows her Nandu’s video and says someone’s life has to be destroyed so decide who you want that to be. She takes the box from her and says Nandu was putting a medicine in Shiv’s sweets which might make Shiv sick again? If you tried to save Shiv then I will frame Nandu.

Shiv and Shakti are tangled in fairy lights so Nandu comes there and smiles at them. He frees them and offers sweets to Shiv. He makes him eat it. Padma and Mandira see that. Padma is shocked. Mandira thinks this medicine will make Shiv lose memory. Mandira tells Padma that if Ragunath finds out that Nandu was trying to harm Shiv then he will throw you and him out of the house. Nandu comes to them and tells Mandira that he gave medicine to Shiv. Mandira says great. Nandu asks Padma why is she stressed? I am here, he leaves. Padma tells Mandira that she will expose her. Mandira says you have no proof against me but I do have proof against Nandu. She leaves from there.

Shakti tells Shiv that I got scared when I couldn’t find you, like you were in trouble.

Keertan comes to the function, Rimjhim looks at him as he is wiping his tears. She says he is still crying? I have to do something. She is about to message him but Manorama takes ehr phone and glares at Keertan. She takes it from there.

Shiv is getting dizzy but Shakti holds him and asks if he is okay? she makes him sit down and gives him water. She asks what happened? Shiv says I am just tired.

Ranjan bumps into Ragunath and his brother. He turns around so they can’t recognize him. Mandira sees that and is scared that they might recognize him. Shiv sees that and tells Shakti that Ranjan is hiding from Ragunath. Ranjan runs away from them. Shiv says how does he know them? I might know him too. He tries to recall but can’t. He says he called me Sir, there is only one place where people call me Sir, its our pharma company. Ragunath runs that so it means Ranjan is tied to that company somehow.

Koyal is trying to drink juice but has mehndi in her hands. She orders Dharam to give her juice, he offers it to her. All make fun of him.

Shiv tells Shakti that he should talk to Ragunath and Chachu if they remember anything. Shakti says you don’t remember then how can they? Shiv says my mind is messed up, it played tricks on me for 6 years, I can’t even find anything in my room. Shakti says what do you mean? He says nothing.

Padma tells Mandira that if Shiv’s truth comes out then we will lose everything, we will lose our honor too.

Shakti asks Shiv what he meant by 6 years and his messed up mind? Shiv says we have to focus Ranjan before you think I am crazy. Shakti stops him and says don’t say that. He says I have a plan, I will bring Ranjan to Ragunath and you bring Manorama there, then he will be exposed. Shakti says once Ranjan is exposed then I will ask about 6 years, she leaves. Shiv is getting dizzy but sends her away.

Mandira tells Padma that Shiv has to be destroyed as I can’t let Shiv and Shakti become one. Otherwise I will lose this battle. Padma says you are just thinking about yourself. Mandira says I just think about myself.

Shiv thinks that he wants to tell the truth to Shakti but I don’t want to lose her, I can’t give you any pain. I promise Shakti that I won’t let Ranjan marry Rimjhim.

Shiv thinks if Shakti finds out about my past then she won’t even look at my face, I am living in pain but I won’t allow any pain near Shakti. I will stop this wedding at any cost, I promise you Shakti.

Padma tells Mandira that she is selfish. Mandira says yes, I think about myself only. She sees Dadi entering the house and tells Padma to hide as she doesn’t like seeing your face, remember her threat so think before you open your eyes. I know she will want to talk about Shiv and Shakti’s proposal but I will open the box before that and destroy Shiv by bringing out his past. Its time Shiv gets a seizure.

Shiv comes to Ragunath and Chachu, he talks to them.

Shakti comes to Manorama and tries taking her away but Dadi comes there and greets

them. She goes to meet with Rimjhim so Shakti takes Manorama from there.

Ranjan tells his brother in law that Ragunath saw him, he can’t tell the truth to others. Mandira comes there and says I handled everything, I just need you to take Shiv behind that door. He says okay. Mandira says my box will do the rest, she leaves. Ranjan says I am not taking her orders anymore, Shiv has to die and she will be blamed for it. He leers at Shakti and says I will make her mine fully.

Shakti comes to Manorama and says just stay here and Ranjan will be exposed. Manorama says this is your last chance, Shakti takes her from there. Mandira hears that and thinks to warn Ranjan.

Shiv comes to Ranjan and his brother in law, he says I was looking for you both. I want to reconcile so lets go and talk. He goes from there. Ranjan smirks and thinks to lock him in a room.

Ragunath and Chachu are waiting for Shiv. Otherside Shiv is taking Ranjan to them. Mandira sees that and thinks they can’t see Ranjan. Ranjan hides from them and says we should go somewhere else. Shiv says you are my family so come and meet my family. He starts taking him to them. Shakti bring Manorama there too. Ragunath looks at Ranjan. Mandira hides and thinks everything is destroyed now. Ragunath recalls how Shiv had beaten up him in the company because of harrassing girls. Mandira comes there too. Shiv asks Ragunath and Chachu if they know Ranjan? Ragunath glares at him and says no.. I don’t know him. I am seeing him for the first time. Shiv and Shakti are confused. Mandira smirks.

Shiv says it seemed like you know him, did he work at our company? Chachu says no, I have never seen him before. Mandira says he is Rimjhim’s fiance. Ragunath says Rimjhim is our daughter so don’t you dare hurt her. Ranjan nods. Mandira nudges him so he touches their feet. Shakti notices that. Manorama takes Shakti from there.

Manorama tells Shakti that they had nothing against Ranjan so stop interrogating him. Shiv comes there so Manorama tells him to stop destroying Rimjhim’s life. She leaves. Shakti tells Shiv that if Ranjan is innocent then why was he hiding from you and your father? Shiv says then why did father not recognize him? Shakti recalls Mandira plotting something and says I know why he didn’t recognize him. Dadi comes there and asks if she is disturbing friends? Shiv says not at all, you are our friend too. Dadi says its Shakti’s sister’s wedding so she should get mehndi applied, she takes Shakti from there. Shiv is getting dizzy and looks around.

Mandira tells Ranjan that she saved him. He asks how did she do it? The flashback shows how Ragunath and Chachu saw Ranjan. Mandira went to them and Ragunath told her that they remember the guy and have to stop the wedding. Mandira told them that she wanted to do the same but then I found that Ranjan is taking care of the girl he harrassed and he even takes care of her family. I started looking into his profile and then he cried, he told me that he really loves Rimjhim and she changed his life. Ragunath told her that they believe her and won’t tell anyone about his past. The flashback ends. Ranjan thanks her. Mandira says use your mind and take Shiv to that room. Shakti hides and sees Mandira talking with Ranjan.

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