Force of Attraction update Friday 7 June 2024

Force of attraction 7 june 2024: Mandira says to herself that Shiv and Shakti have to pay for this, I won’t spare Shiv anymore.

The professors tells Mandira’s professor that her credentials are good so we should at least take her interview. He agrees. The professor tells Shakti that your scores are good so we are going to test your competence and intelligence. She asks if you have a personal emergency but you have to treat a patient then what will you do? Shakti says a doctor doesn’t care about her personal life, the patient’s life is the most important for her.

Another professor asks why she wants to become a doctor? Shakti recalls Shiv’s words that she is blessed to save lives and fulfill her parents’ dream. Shakti says it was my parents’ dream but Lord gave me blessings

to save lives, its my service to the society so I don’t become a doctor then it will be like going against my Lord, my mission is to save lives. The professor asks why she thinks a doctor’s profession is important? Shakti says till your doctor is fighting for you, even the Lord lets you save them. Its my religion to save people. The professor thinks she can’t pass otherwise Mandira won’t spare me. Another professor asks Shakti to leave and wait outside. Mandira’s professor stops Shakti and says you kept talking about Lord during your interview, it seems like you just have blind faith and think patient will be treated by Lord instead of your skills. You can’t be a good doctor if you think Lord will make everything right. I don’t think you deserve this scholarship.

Scene 2Chacha tells Manorama that she should have consulted him before calling a groom’s family. Rimjhim says I want to become someone before marrying anyone. Manorama says what will you become? someone’s girlfriend? just shut up and listen to me. This groom is from a good family and he has a shop. He is an MBA and earns well. You will be a good couple. Chacha asks Rimjhim to at least see the guy. Rimjhim says I am not interested. Manorama says don’t try to challenge me.

Shakti tells the professor that all doctors believe in Lord, we always tell patients that prayers are important along with science, even our scientists believe in prayers. We always have mandirs in the hospitals. I don’t have a blind faith but just faith. I believe that I should give my 100% and then leave things in Lord’s hand. The other professors ask Shakti to wait outside.

Manorama tells Rimjhim that if she doesn’t meet the guy then see what she will do. Manorama brings rat poison and says I will kill myself if you don’t meet the guy. Rimjhim gets stressed and says fine, I will meet the guy but if I don’t like him then I won’t marry him. Manorama thinks she will have to marry where I want.

Shakti is waiting outside the interview and says I am sure I will become a doctor. Shiv looks at her from his room and says I am sure she will become a doctor. Nandu smiles at him and says you even gifted her. What is going on between you both? Shiv says nothing. Nandu says you keep going to help her and even believe in her. Something is going on. Shakti is waiting and praying for her interview. The professors come out and say we all discussed and you were even late for the interview but we can’t say no to you. You are selected. Shakti is surprised. The professor says you are a perfect candidate so get ready to become a doctor. They all leave. Shiv hears all that and gets excited, Nandu says go and congratulate her. Shiv says no.. my work is done so lets just go home and have something. Nandu thinks I have never seen him so happy, Gayatri was right that she is the chosen one for him. Shakti thanks Lord for giving her opportunity. She recalls how Shiv encouraged her when she lost all hope.

Shakti gets selected for the scholarship. Shiv is happy and tells Nandu that lets go home. Nandu thinks I saw him happy for the first time, maybe this girl is for him. Shakti is elated and recalls Shiv helping her in the interview. She says I am sure Lord sent Shiv to help me. I have to thank him for bringing me close to my dream, I was ready to lose hope but he kept me sane. She goes to look for him.

Shiv is outside the hospital, Nandu says you should congratulate her, the fire is igniting on both the sides. Shiv asks him to shut up. The rain starts pouring so Shiv and Nandu rush to their car. Shakti asks a nurse for Shiv and she says he already left. Shakti runs to the parking lot and sees Shiv’s car leaving. She screams for him and starts running behind his car. Shiv doesn’t see her at first but then sees her running behind his car. He stops the car and gets out in the pouring rain. Shakti smiles and runs to him. She hugs him tightly, Shiv is surprised. Shakti thanks Shiv and says I got selected because of you, you proved that my Lord will show me the way in your form, you believed in my talent more than myself. Thank you. Shiv recalls his past and starts getting jittery. He recalls trying to save someone and couldn’t.

How he couldn’t save a baby’s mother. Shiv pushes Shakti away and screams no.. Shakti falls down and is shocked to see him like that. Shiv rushes back to his car and drives away. Shakti is confused and says maybe I crossed a line? I shouldn’t have hugged him like that. Mandira sees all that and tells Padma that they did wrong by going against me. I won’t spare them. Padma says she already got the scholarship, what will you do now? Mandira says she didn’t get admission yet, she has good grades but what about her character? she shows the picture of her hugging Shiv and says this will be her character certificate, she won’t get the admission after this and Shiv will be shamed in the hospital too. I am always ahead of the game.

Scene 2Shiv is in the car and screams in pain. He gets out and starts hitting the car and things around. Nandu tries to calm him down. Shiv recalls pushing Shakti away and falls down crying.

Shakti is going back home and keeps recalling Shiv pushing her away. She is confused and hurt. Dharam comes there and asks about her interview. She says I passed it, Dharam dances around her and says you will become a doctor now.

Shiv comes home and is drenched in rain, he angrily goes to his room. Nandu goes behind him. Ragunath tells Dadi that this is all happening because of his mother.

Gayatri comes to Nandu and asks how did Shiv get in this condition after so many days? Nandu says because of that girl Shakti, why does she keep bringing pain to him? Gayatri says no.. she is making him feel things, just be with him and take care of him. She leaves. Padma comes to Nandu and asks him to stop being Shiv’s assistant, we are just guests here. Come with me to answer the real don.

Dharam brings Shakti in the house and tells that she cleared her interview. Shakti sees the groom’s family there and asks who are they? Manorama says they are here for Rimjhim’s proposal. Chacha thanks Lord for clearing Shakti’s interview. The groom eyes Shakti and smirks. Chacha blesses Shakti and says you made us all proud. The groom looks at Rimjhim and thinks she is nice but Shakti is nicer.

Nandu tells Mandira about Shiv and Shakti’s first meeting. He tells them how she jumped the pillar and entered this bathroom. Mandira thanks him and he leaves. Mandira says this girl has guts but I am going to tear her down before she can even get an admission and Shiv will lose his position in the hospital as well.

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