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Leela serves food to Usha, Manohar and Babee, all are in devastated state, usha is stoned, Leela asks Usha to eat little, she asks them to eat something. Twinkle is sad too. Some students come there, student says to Twinkle that convocation pictures have come and Kunj was waiting for them specially.

Twinkle opens letter and says Kunj have written it, she read Kunj’s letter that Babee you are my babe, i know you are sad but i will comeback soon, i am missing your laddos. Maa called me and told me that she is experimenting Indian dishes in London and Papa have to bear her dishes in London too but Maa keep going. Papa i got best student of year award and i want to dedicate it to you as i have learned everything from you, your discipline have taught me all this.

Dont cry Mom, i will return soon and will eat your cooked dishes. Twinkle says to Sandy that nobody is interested in listening Kunj’s note, you take this note and photographs with you, sandy starts leaving but Usha stops him and says nobody is sobbing, i am happy as my son want me to be happy so i cant be sad, he doesnt like my tears so how can i cry? Babee says yes even i will not cry, i can do this much for my Kunj son.

Manohar looks at Kunj’s photo and says he got Student of year award, i am so proud of him, he kisses his photo. Twinkle says now you people will eat? Manohar says yes, all sit to eat food.

Kunj is at hospital, he looks around. Kunj(from eyes it seems like he is Sid only, face is covered with bandage). Kunj tries to reach his mobile, he extends his hand to get mobile from side table but falls off from his bed, he sees his damaged in silver bowl, he pushes bowl away. Pallavi comes there and asks if he is fine? Nurse makes Kunj lie on bed, Kunj says my face?

Pallavi says everything will be fine. Pallavi scolds nurse for leaving patient alone. She sees phone and asks if he wanted to call someone? i will call for you, tell me number, Kunj tries to speak up number but is not able to say it, he pushes away phone.

Twinkle thanks Kunj’s friends and says my family was sad, i didnt know what to do, i couldnt see them sad thats why i called you all, Sandy says i gave you black paper then how did you? Twinkle says if Kunj was here then he would have said same things, i know my Kunj very well, he cant see his family sad, he loves them alot, thank you all, friends leave.

Leela is standing behind, she comes and hugs Twinkle. Leela says i didnt know that my girl is so brave, what you did today, after that i am proud of you, Kunj must be seeing you and must be so proud of you, she hugs Twinkle.

Yuvi comes out of jail, he is injured. Surjeet is there with his lawyer, Yuvi cant even walk properly, Surjeet says you can be transferred to Amritsar jail now, come with me, Yuvi says what about what i said to you? Surjeet says that work will be done too, come with me, Yuvi looks at inspector and goes with Surjeet.

Pallavi asks Kunj to tell her number, we were not able to call your family, if we call them then i will tell your condition to them, Kunj tries to say number but is too much injured, he says my family is in amritsar, find out if my wife Twinkle is fine, Pallavi says ofcourse, she says Twinkle?

Guests Bunty and Bubbly come to meet Sarna family. Bunty says i have listened alot about your wedding planning business thats why i wanted to give contract to you people, so whats say should we join hands? he asks Babee if she is Twinkle Sarna? its strange that you work so much in this age, Babee says your eyes are not fine, i am Babee of this house, Twinkle comes there, Babee says she is my daughter in law Twinkle Sarna and she does business alone.

Bunty tries to shake hands with Twinkle but Twinkle says nameste. Bunty says i want to get married and i want Twinkle to take this contract, Babee says you want to get married in this age? Bubbly says he means to say that we are arranging marriage of his friend, he has taken responsibility, Babee says really? Bunty says i have done many marriages, Bubbly says he means to say that he has arranged many marriage, Bunty says i want Twinkle to arrange wedding this time, Usha says yes Twinkle should do it, this way she will remain busy and Kunj will like it too,

Twinkle says if you all are saying then i will arrange this wedding, Bunty and Bubbly leaves, Babee says to Leela that this Kunj’s hint that we should start our lives again. Twinkle says Kunj always tell me to sign contract papers after confirming deal, i forgot it, i will bring contract papers, she leaves. Twinkle comes to her room and takes contract papers from cupboard.

Bunty and Bubbly meets Surjeet outside house, Bunty says that i said everything as per your orders, i talked about contract too, i will tell you everything later too, Twinkle sees this and gets tensed.

Yuvi is wincing in pain in jail. He gets up with difficulty and looks out of cell. Twinkle comes in police station and says to inspector that i want to meet Yuvi. Yuvi calls her from his cell, Twinkle says i want to talk to you, inspector says that let her go else she will bicker alot.

Twinkle comes to Yuvi and says why you are doing all this? why you keep coming back in my life again and again? you asked Bunty to come at our house with business deal right? what was the need to do all this? whats this new drama and why? everything is finished now, i dont understand what you want to do, why you are standing in dark, show me your face, i want to take to you face to face, what you want?

i dont understand you, one side you say that you are changed, you want to help me and otherside you are helping your mother, you saw everything, what you mother did with Kunj, she destroyed my life still you are protecting her, you are bearing her punishment, why you are not answering me? why you are not showing me your face?

Yuvi says i.. what should i say? my explanations are nothing infront of your pain, i tried alot, i tried to save Kunj but i couldnt save him, the pain you are bearing, its all because of me, i am responsible for all this, i am sorry Twinkle, i am sorry. The shooter who had shot Kunj comes to police station and says to inspector that i killed Kunj and i want to surrender now, inspector says what? Twinkle looks at shooter.

Inspector comes to Yuvi and says you were shouting that you killed Kunj and now this man is saying is saying that he killed Kunj, its first time for me that there is one murder and two killer, what are you thinking? will you tell me truth or should i do something else? Yuvi comes forward and lights fall over his face, Yuvi says to inspector that this man is lying, he must sent by my mother so that she can free me from jail, dont trust this man, Twinkle sees Yuvi’s face all injured and he beaten up badly, she is stunned to see him in that situation.

Yuvi says i killed Kunj trust me, dont believe this man. Twinkle thinks what Yuvi is doing? he got such a good chance to get out of jail but he let it go, even after bearing so much torture and beating, he wants to remain in jail but why?

Yuvi says to inspector that i killed Kunj Sarna, dont believe him, Twinkle thinks that why Yuvi is not availing this chance? why he want to stay in jail after this torture too? Twinkle asks Yuvi what he is upto? you want to favor me and Kunj? we dont want your favor, why you are taking blame on yourself? she grabs his collar and asks him to answer but he doesnt, Twinkle says what has happened to you? what drama you are playing?

if you were old Yuvi then you would have challenged me openly, everything used to challenge for you, you would have openly laughed at me, Yuvi says i have given you alot of pain, i deserve this, i have given you so much pain, Twinkle is distraught and leaves, Yuvi thinks that i did so many wrong things with Twinkle but this is only to pay for my mother’s deeds and maybe it will heal your wounds a little.

Pallavi comes to Amritsar’s police station, she says i will get my answers here. She comes in police station, she passesby Twinkle. Inspector comes to Twinkle and asks about shooter, she says find truth. Pallavi goes in.

Twinkle calls Bunty and says i wont be able to arrange marriage, find some other planner, she ends call. Pallavi says to inspector that my purse is lost, inspector files report, she thinks that i need to check files to find out about Yuvraj Luthra, he told me that name only.

Inspector asks policeman to bring Yuvraj Luthra out of jail, we need to take him to court, Yuvi is taken from there. Pallavi sees him and says to policeman that he is businesswoman’s son? policeman says yes, he is going to be in jail for a longtime now, there is murder case against, Pallavi smiles listening that he is caught.

Twinkle recalls how Kunj and she used to fight our wedding arrangement. How they danced in marriages, she says your memories are everywhere, you are always with me, i miss you.

Kunj asks nurse about doctor, nurse says Pallavi hastn come till now, i will ask her to meet you when she comes back.
Babee says to Twinkle that i have done arrangements of Mehndi. Usha says i will check on caterers, Manohar says i will check other arrangements, Leela says we will help you in business, Twinkle thanks them for being there with her, Babee says no need to thank, make tea for us, she says yes.

Twinkle thinks that how to tell them that we got this contract because of Yuvi and i already said no to Bunyt. Door bell rings. Its Pallavi, Babee opens door and asks who you wanna meet? Pallavi says i am Pallavi, i wanna meet Twinkle Sarna. Twinkle comes and says i am Twinkle. Pallavi says you are into wedding planning business so i was thinking if you will let me assist you, Twinkle asks her to come in. Pallavi comes in and sees everyone busy in work.

Leela shows guest list to Twinkle, Usha tells Twinkle that i have talked to caterer, Babee says i am arranging mehndi ceremony. Pallavi asks whats all this going on? Twinkle says we are arranging marriage, you have experience? Pallavi says i have done diploma in event management but i dont have work experience, i need work as i am new in Amritsar, Twinkle asks her to give her resume, Pallavi gives it, Pallavi says i brought parsad for you, she gives it to Twinkle, Twinkle’s dupata get stuck in Pallavi’s wrist watch while taking parsad, Twinkle takes her dupatta off, Pallavi smiles at her, she leaves from there.

Twinkle comes in room and says i need to solve Yuvi’s case. She calls Chinki and asks when i and Kunj were in Goa, did Yuvi try to call you? did he say anything to you? Chinki says yes he called me and told me that.. (she tells some info to Twinkle but its muted), Twinkle thanks Chinki. Twinkle opens her luggage and tries to find something in it.

Twinkle finds a torn papers in luggage bag, she says why this paper is torn? Twinkle joins paper pieces, its Yuvi’s note, Yuvi wrote that i am trying to contact you Twinkle, Mom have planned something against Kunj for tomorrow, she will try to harm him, i dont know what she is planning but please be with Kunj tomorrow, go with him everywhere. Twinkle is shocked reading it and checks her phone, she leaves from there.

Pallavi meets Kunj and says i got to know about Yuvi from Surjeet, i met him as NGO worker, when i went to police station, i found Yuvi in jail only. Twinkle comes to police station with chinki and says every proof is saying that Yuvi is innocent and Anita is behind all this, she shows him note and says this note was torn probably by his mother only, Yuvi tried to warn me by writing this note, he also called chinki, Chinki testifies it, Twinkle says this all proves that he is innocent, you arrest Anita, Inspector says you can take Yuvi with you, bail him out.

Kunj sees Twinkle’s dupatta piece/thread stuck on Pallavi’s watch, he holds it and looks at it, he recalls how that dupatta had fallen on Twinkle’s face earlier, he realizes that its Twinkle’s dupatta thread only, he keep staring at it, Pallavi glares at him.

Yuvi comes out of jail, Twinkle says to Yuvi that dont even think that i did this for you, Kunj has always stood with justice, i want real culprit to get arrested, i want justice for my Kunj, i have done this for Kunj only. Yuvi sadly looks at her.

Twinkle comes home. All are tensed in house and waiting for Twinkle. Twinkle thinks that when everyone will know that i released Yuvi from jail then dont know how they will react, i have to tell them this news with care. Twinkle comes to Usha and says actually i need to.. Usha slaps Twinkle and says what you did? you freed Yuvi from jail?

he is the one because of whom Kunj is not with us, and you freed him? why Twinkle? Yuvi sees all this standing near door of house. Twinkle says Yuvi is innocent, Anita is behind incident, i have given proofs to inspector, only ;culprit should get punished, Kunj would never want an innocent to bear punishment, Usha says dont take his side, i dont want to listen anything, i have lost my son because of him, and maybe i have lost my daughter in law too, Twinkle is stunned.

Twinkle says try to listen, Usha says no your decision is wrong this time, he has killed my son. Usha says to Twinkle that i will make sure to send Yuvi back to jail, Yuvi feels bad seeing all this. Usha says i will not listen anything this time, she leaves from there. Leela says to Twinkle that i know you are going through rough phase but you shouldnt have freed Yuvi from jail, i dont know why you are believing his talks, he is not good person, we all know this, Babee comes and says Leela is right, you did a wrong thing Twinkle, we elders were here, you could have asked us before taking this step but you didnt feel the need for that too, you did wrong Twinkle.

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