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Twinkle is sadly sitting in her room and recalls how she gifted band to Kunj,how he asked her to not go away, how he waved at her last time and passed flying kiss,Sajna ve plays. Usha comes there,Twinkle gives her juice and says you must be tired, Usha says i am sorry i should not have shouted at you but you are giving hope, i am mother and couldnt control my emotions,everything was going fine, you and Kunj were together, we were happy, dont know why life is taking our test, Twinkle says have hope, everything will be fine.

Yuvi recalls how Kunj got killed,how Anita bragged about it, how she ranaway from him,he says i gave many chances to mom to surrender but she i not listening,i have to do something, only i can do it. Yuvi calls Twinkle and says i wanna talk something important,

Twinkle says your mom have done what she wanted to do, what you want now? Yuvi says its important,Twinkle says i dont wanna talk,she ends call, Yuvi is tensed.
Manohar and inspector comes to beach site, Manohar asks if there is any hope? Inspector says we are searching for Kunj, Manohar asks about Yuvi, inspector says we are trying to locate him too.

Twinkle comes to Babee and Leela who are sad,she says to Babee that Kunj is so talented, he got best student award, he dedicated it to me, he always make me feel special, he has so many business plan, he wants to have future with all of us,he ;thinks about others first, he is really nice,he will comeback,he has to comeback for all of us, Babee smiles, Twinkle asks Babee to take care of herself.

Usha is crying looking at Kunj’s picture, Manohar comes there,Usha asks did he find anything? Manohar sadly sits down.Twinkle listens their conversation too. Manohar says time is weird thing, its in our hands but we choose to ignore it and then we lose time,i am most unfortunate father, i couldnt see how good my son was,i was always strict with him, i wish i had listened to him, i .wish i had more respect for him,i just want to meet and hug my Kunj once, he cries,Twinkle feels bad seeing all this.

Twinkle comes to her and plays Kunj’s video,Twinkle says i know you cant stay away from me like i cant without you,i know you will knock door and will say that i was teasing you my Sayappa queen, see you cant live without me. Door knocks, Twinkle says it must be Kunj. Twinkle opens door to see Yuvi standing there,Yuvi says listen to me,she says i dont want to listen anything,

Manohar comes there and slaps Yuvi, he says you tried to kill my son and now attacking my daughter in law’s dignity? he slaps him again, yuvi says listen to me uncle,Manohar asks Leela to call police, police comes there and takes Yuvi from there, Twinkle thinks where are you Kunj? i need you.

Yuvi is brought to police station,Yuvi says to inspector that let me talk to Twinkle once. Inspector says i thought you are from good family and listened to you earlier but not now, he puts Yuvi in jail. Other policeman informs that we got news about Kunj, inspector leaves.

Twinkle looks at Kunj’s shirt and recalls their consummation night.Inspector comes there and says we got information about Kunj.
Yuvi says in jail that what information must be that? Surjeet comes comes there and says to Yuvi that Anita is tensed for you, Yuvi says then why dont she surrender? Surjeet says she cares about you, she is your mother and worries about you, she has done everything for you,she does mistakes in anger, Yuvi says if you have become her messenger then tell her that i am going to bear her punishment till she doesnt surrender.

Babee asks Inspector if Kunj is fine? inspector says we got some proofs from incident site,you will have to recognize them if they are of Kunj or not. Surjeet says to Yuvi that why you are stubborn,i will your bail. Yuvi says situation is serious and you will know how serious i am. Yuvi shouts to policeman that yes i killed Kunj. he says to Surjeet that if Mom doesnt get punishment then i will bear that punishment, i will stay in jail, i have done bad with Kunj too and i will make sure that Kunj gets justice.

Inspector shows ;shirt to Twinkle,she says Kunj wore this shirt on convocation day,she recognizes ring as Kunj’s too,Usha starts crying, Twinkle says this doesnt prove anything, inspector says now these proofs are recognized so we have to declare Kunj as dead and we didnt find his deadbody too. Twinkle is shocked,she leaves from there,Leela goes behind her.

Twinkle runs and comes in her room, she locks door,its all dark in room, she sits in corner and hugs Kunj’s shirt, she weeps silently, sajna ve sad version plays. Leela knocks her door and asks her to open it, please control yourself,we all are with you,you are our lioness, open door please,Twinkle is in shock.

Kunj’s prayer meet is arranged, guests praise Kunj and sympathizes with Manohar, Usha recalls how Kunj said that he cant see her crying, Babee recalls how Kunj said that he miss her laddos. Guest asks Babee where is Twinkle?

Leela asks Twinkle to open door, i know you are going through pain and is in shock but we all are with you, please open door Twinkle. Twinkle opens door. All family members are wearing white clothes except Twinkle. Twinkle comes down in hall and sees garland on Kunj’s photo, all are stunned to see her in colored clothes.

Twinkle says to guests that thank you for coming here but please leave from here, Babee says i know truth is bitter but truth wont change by turning away from it, fate cannot be changed, till when you will keep believing that Kunj is alive? accept that Kunj is dead, he is gone, he not in this world anymore, Twinkle is hurt, Babee cries.

Twinkle comes to Kunj’s picture and takes off garland from it, she looks at his picture, Leela says what are you doing? Twinkle leaves with Kunj’s picture from there, Babee says stop Twinkle stop, she cries.

Insceptor comes to yuvi and says we got to know that you accepted your crime, we got Kunj’s shirt and ring and it proves that he is dead, Yuvi says i was hoping.. inspector says shut up, i will make sure that you get punished.

Twinkle is walking on road and recalls how she wished to go to Guradvarah with Kunj and how they went to Guradvarah together. Twinkle comes to Guradvarah with Kunj’s picture, she says to Babaji that you are seeing everything, just give me one hint that my Kunj is alive and will comeback, how can we separate? we have taken pheras around fire, we met here only, all are saying that he is not anymore but tell me if he is really gone? i dont have right to wear this sindoor and wear bangles anymore? just tell me that my Kunj will comeback, just says it Babaji.

Twinkle recalls how Kunj dived in river and prayed to lord, how they came here together and how she touched his feet. Twinkle is walking with Kunj’s picture.

A patient is added to a hospital. Nurses talk that Dr. Pallavi is going to come, she is best doctor. Dr. Pallavi comes to hospital, she calls her mother and says i have emergency to attend at hospital, my patients are my top priority, i will eat something at hospital. Nurse calls her out.

Pallavi asks about patient, nurse says report is going to come. Pallavi checks patient and says its Kunj(not new entry, its Sid only) in injured state, she says his whole is damaged, he is in serious condition, Pallavi checks patient’s reports and says when God wants someone to be alive then nothing can make him die, seems like someone has prayed for him from bottom of her heart thats why his life got saved.

Twinkle is looking at Kunj’s picture at Guradvarah, and is sad. Nurses dress Kunj’s wounds. Pallavi is checking his reports and ask nurse to give him drip. Lawyer comes in jail. Yuvi is beaten by inspector badly. Lawyer gives inspector transfer papers, inspector checks papers and orders policeman to do arrangement of Yuvi’s transfer.

Kunj is unconscious in hospital and recalls his consummation night with Twinkle, how Twinkle gave him last flying kiss. How he got shot, he is jittery in unconscious state.
Twinkle comes to her room in Mumbai. Twinkle looks at her and Kunj’s picture and says i really miss you, i am alone without you, everyone miss you here, i dont lose hope, your Sayappa queen is strong Kunj because i know you will come, i just want to listen your voice once.

Otherside Kunj becomes conscious in hospital and calls out Twinkle’s name. Twinkle says i wish i could see Kunj and talk to him, please comeback fast Kunj, i cant live without you, Sajna ve sad version plays.

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