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Leela sees a baby lying in cot outside her house, she sees baby here? she sees note in cot, it reads Leela ji please accept this baby, Leela says whose baby is this? she takes baby in her hands and smiles.
Yuvi is searching for policeman Raghu. he goes in his house and sees Raghu dead and tied to chair, he is shocked.

Phone rings in Sarna house, Babee takes it, kidnapper says i told you that Leela must be in prayer meet, you didnt do it so now you will have to pay for it, just see what i do now, he ends call, Babee prays for Twinkle’s safety.

Yuvi sees Raghu dead, his hands are filed with his blood. He listens police siren and runs from there.
Leela says to baby that we will find your parents. One woman came with police there and says you were kidnapping me baby, inspector arrest her, Leela says i didnt steal baby, baby was there in cot, it had note, woman has hidden note, Leela tries to find it but cant find it, inspector says you are under arrest, Leela says i didnt do anything, i was just helping, she asks woman why she is lying? they take her from there.

Yuvi comes to parking lot, his hand is filled with Raghu’s blood, he says who is this man? why is doing all this? he kidnapped Twinkle, and now making me do all this. Leela is locked in cell, she says let me talk to my lawyer, there is misunderstanding.

Kidnapper calls Sarna house, Manohar takes call, kidnapper says him something which is muted and ends call, Babee asks what happened? what did he say? Manohar is in shock state.
Anita calls Yuvi and asks if you talked to Raghu? Yuvi says i will call you back, he ends call and is tensed.

Manohar, Babee and Usha comes to ice factory, Manohar says kidnapper gave this address only, Usha says maybe Twinkle is kidnapped here. They listen Twinkle’s voice which is calling for help, they go in to find Twinkle.

Yuvi gets call from kidnapper, he takes it, Yuvi says enough is enough, where is Twinkle? kidnapper says first save your family, your Leela Maa is in jail, he ends call, Yuvi cries.

Manohar, Usha and Babee comes to ice room to find Twinkle, door gets closed behind them, they are locked in ice room, its all smoke in room, they cough.
Leela is in lock up. Usha and Babee are fainting in ice room otherside.

Kidnapper calls Yuvi and says you didnt ask address how will you save them? your family is locked in ice room on Nizampur ice factory and your Leela Maa is locked in police cell, how will you save them all? run Yuvi run, he ends call, Yuvi sighs heavily.

Rocky is boxing in his room, he gets Yuvi’s call. Yuvi calls Rocky and tells him everything what kidnapper said, Yuvi cries and says i am going to jail to free Leela, can you please save Babee and others? Rocky says dont worry, i will handle this, he ends call and leaves.

Rocky comes to ice factory and calls out for Usha. Manohar shouts from ice room. Rocky comes outside their room and tries to open ice room, door is locked, Manohar asks him to do fast, they are fainting. Rocky searches for some tool to break it.

inspector says to Yuvi that Rocky called us and has asked us to release Leela thats why we are releasing her. Leela is brought out of jail, Yuvi hugs her and says everything will be fine, he takes her from there.
Doctor checks Usha and says she has hypothermia, keep her warm, he gives medicines, Rocky leaves with doctor. Babee says its all done by Anita, Yuvi knew that she ranaway from jail but he didnt tell us, Manohar says Yuvi could have stopped all this but he didnt, now i know what to do.

Leela says to Yuvi that someone is playing game with us, he wants us to fight against each other, Yuvi says you are right, i just hope all are fine at Sarna house. Leela says why dont you go and meet them once? Yuvi says you are right. Lawyer comes to Yuvi and says Manohar has released restraining orders against you, they say that you are dangerous for their lives so you cant go there, Yuvi is hurt listening this.

Its night, Yuvi is drinking wine at some bar, he recalls his banters with Twinkle, Meri adhuri Kahani plays, he recalls how he took selfie with Twinkle, he is drunk, Rocky comes there and says Leela told me you will be here, lets go home, Yuvi says which home? the home which has thrown me out, the home where people think i am dangerous, my own family has so much against me, they killed my relation of 5years, i changed myself for them,

i did everything for that family, i even got my mom arrested for them, what i didnt do for that family? and what that family did? they just threw me out easily, its okay, i can accept everything but i just want Twinkle back, i really love her, i love her more than myself, she is my passion and everything, Rocky gets angry listening this but controls, he says lets go home, he takes Yuvi from there.

Yuvi and Rocky comes to their society, Rocky says everything will be fine, Yuvi says thank you, Rocky leaves. Yuvi sees someone’s silhouette in dark and gets suspicious. Man throws something in house and runs, Yuvi tries to run behind him. Babee comes out of room and says to Manohar that i listened some noise, they see window broken, Rocky sees letter thrown in house, they open it. Yuvi stops mysterious man, he asks who are you? man is covered in veil and runs from there. Manohar sees Twinkle’s message in letter, he reads it and gets shocked, he says its written that Twinkle is kidnapped by Yuvi.

Yuvi runs behind mysterious mand, he grabs her and takes off her veil, its Pallavi, he says you? what the hell? Yuvi brings Pallavi to Sarna house, Pallavi says leave me. Manohar shouts Yuvi.. what is this? Babee says you kidnapped Twinkle Yuvi? Yuvi says i didnt do anything, this is all done by Pallavi, all are shocked, Yuvi says Pallavi tell everyone that you kidnapped her, Pallavi says are you mad, i dont know where is Twinkle, i dont care where she is, i threw this letter because i am tired of this drama, because of you people Rocky is not concentrating on his career, your mom is behind all this, why dont you tell her to let us have peace,

Yuvi says i thought i caught kidnapper, you didnt think once what will be outcome, you didnt even think once, Kunj says Pallavi did this for me, i am sorry Pallavi, Pallavi is right in her place, Manohar says Yuvi why dont you go to your mother and bring Twinkle, till you dont bring Twinkle back, you cant enter this house, get out, Yuvi says but.. Manohar says shut up and leave, Babee says get lost from here, Yuvi is hurt and thinks why you dont trust me? how to tell them that this is not done by my mom but someone else, he leaves. Manohar says i dont believe this, Yuvi can d this with us?

Its morning, Yuvi wakes up and has headache, he says what is happening with me and my family? where are you Twinkle? i dont understand anything, how to find? where to go? last time i saw you in video, i am feeling so helpless, what to do? give some hint, he watches her video again to get some clue, he sees Sukhnat paints written on wall in video, he search this address.

Twinkle is at some den, kidnappers are keeping an eye on her. Yuvi comes near same address where Twinkle is kidnapped. Police is there, they are searching places there, Kidnappers see police outside and says what to do about that girl? Police comes in godown where Twinkle is kidnapped. They search around, inspector says Twinkle must be here. Kidnapper calls his boss. Yuvi comes to same godown. Kidnapper says to boss that police has raided it, what to do about Twinkle? he gets message from boss and ends call, Yuvi sees him but doesnt recognize him.

Inspector comes to kidnapper and asks him to open door of inner godown, kidnapper does and doesnt find Twinkle there, he is himself stunned. Police searches around. Yuvi comes in godown and hides seeing police. Other kidnappers have hided Twinkle in dumping bag. One kidnapper says lets keep her in back of some car. They see Yuvi’s car parked outside and hides Twinkle in back of his car, they note number of his car and runs from there. Yuvi is in godown and says i know Twinkle is here, i can feel it.

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