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Its night, Yuvi is tensed in his room and says why did Twinkle not return till now? i did exactly what they said but why didnt they free Twinkle? where are you Twinkle? i just hope you are fine, he gets call, caller tells him address and asks him to go there and get some bag from there, call ends.

Its morning, Babee says Yuvi left house early morning and didnt even tell where he went. Kunj asks where did Yuvi go? Leela says he is not telling us anything, he doesnt want anyone to get involved, he says that he can do anything for Twinkle but not telling us anything, i feel like.. he has went to meet Anita, Babee says she has destroyed our lives, Kunj says why did you allow Yuvi to go alone to that woman? i should go there, he needs my help, Leela thanks him, Kunj leaves.

Yuvi comes to one house, he finds suitcase there, caller tells him to take to Guradvarah and pray for your wife’s life, Yuvi says enough of this rubbish, send my wife back to my house, caller says you know your wife is still with us, dont do anything stupid, Yuvi says how do i know that she is with you? let me talk to her, caller says dont order me, dont forget we have your wife, so be good boy and take this bag from here, he ends call.

Kunj is driving car and says sometimes we have to make donkey father too, i have to help Yuvi to find Twinkle but i will take my revenge for sure.
Yuvi is miffed, he takes bad from there. Yuvi comes to Guradvarah with suitcase and prays to Lord to protect Twinkle and keep her safe. Kunj is driving and finds Yuvi’s car outside Guradvarah, he says if Yuvi is here? He goes to check in.

Yuvi is praying, a girl tries to take suitcase from him but her mother asks child to not touch others things, she says to Yuvi that some tick tick sound is coming from suitcase, whats inside? Yuvi is tensed and says it has watch inside thats why, he leaves. Kunj comes in Guradvarah and looks around for Yuvi, Yuvi passesby him, they both dont see each other and Yuvi leaves.

Yuvi is driving car and bag is still with him, he says there is bomb inside for sure, caller calls him, Yuvi says it has bomb in bag, what the hell is wrong caller asks him to go certain address, go there and do what i am saying, he ends call, Yuvi is miffed.

Kunj is driving and says Yuvi must be near here as he left Guradvarah sometimes ago, he finds Yuvi’s car on raod and starts following him. Yuvi comes to address as told by caller, he sees house there and says its same address as caller said, do they have Twinkle here? He comes out of car with suitcase. He comes inside house and says Twinkle is not even here, then where she is?

he gets call from caller, caller asks him to put phone on speaker and do what i say, Yuvi does so, caller asks him to open suitcase, Yuvi says it has bomb, it can blast, caller asks if Yuvraj Luthra is scared? open it now, Yuvi hesitatingly opens it and sighs, he finds gun in it instead of bomb, caller says there is timer on gun, you have that much time left, and if this timer ends before your work is done then your wife will be dea,

Yuvi says shut up, if you try to hurt my wife then.. caller says you know you are not in position to threaten me, pick up gun now, Yuvi shivers and picks it up, caller says go in room, behind you, whoever you find in that room, shoot that person, Yuvi says no way, i am not going to kill anybody, caller says seems like you dont love your wife, Yuvi says dont do anything to Twinkle, caller says then do what i am saying,

Yuvi says i will get punishment for you, i am helpless because of Twinkle rightnow, caller says dotn give me lecture, you will get your Twinkle back only when you shoot person inside room, go there. Yuvi starts moving towards room. Kunj comes outside house and says how will i find in which house Yuvi is? he starts looking around.

Yuvi is going towards room to who is there. Outside house Kunj is searching for him, he doesnt find him. Yuvi comes in room, its all dark there, he points gun and sees its Anita there, he is shocked and says you? Anita is elated to see her, she says Yuvi? he says you here? where is Twinkle? where have you hidden here? why you create problems in my life everytime? where is Twinkle, he calls out for Twinkle, Anita says i dont know where Twinkle is, i have kidnapped here for sometime, i dont even know who they are, Yuvi says you are lying, you have kidnapped her.

Anita says i dont know where Twinkle is, Yuvi says this is all your plan, you cant let your son be happy, cant you understand that Twinkle is my love, why dont you let me be happy, tell me where Twinkle is otherwise i will shoot. Anita says there is some confusion, i didnt kidnap Twinkle, trust me, i didnt do it, Yuvi says you are lying, Anita says you are going to kill me? you will kill me? i am begging you, dont shoot, Yuvi sees time running out on Gun’s timer, its only 2seconds left on gun’s timer, Yuvi closes his eyes and shoots but not in her direction, he breakdowns and starts crying, Anita sees it as opportunity and runs from there.

Kunj comes there and asks whats going on here? Yuvi says you were following me? Kunj asks why you have gun in your hand? who was that woman who ranaway? Yuvi says why you are involving in my personal life? who are you? Kunj says your family was worried so i tried to find you, i thought i can help you to find Twinkle, Yuvi says i dont need you, Kunj says when person is in trouble then he needs to share things, i know we dont share good rapport but i am just trying to help you, just tell me what is happening, Yuvi tells him everything about extortionist, calls and everything, he asks Kunj if he is sure to get into all this? Kunj says havent you listened its better to two then alone.

Leela is calling people to find out about Twinkle. Yuci comes back with Kunj, Usha asks did you find Twinkle? did kidnappers call? Babee asks him to speak for God’s sake, say something, Leela says to Yuvi that why you dont you just tell us what is happening? my daughter is kidnapped, your wife is kidnapped, this house’s daughter in law is kidnapped, where are you going and meeting people? where is Anita? is Anita involved in all this? Yuvi is silent and looks at her

Usha says to Babee that i am worried for Twinkle, where she must be? how she must be? Babee says dont worry, God will make everything fine. Leela comes there and says i found some letters outside, some are for Yuvi, Babee spills tea on letter mistakenly, she sees its letter from Anita for Yuvi, she reads that Antia wrote, it was good to see you yesterday, i had to leave but i want to meet you, one more thing, i didnt kidnap Twinkle, i promise, i hope you believe me, i hope to see you soon, love mom.

Leela says this means Yuvi met Anita yesterday but he didnt tell us why? they get angry thinking about it. Babee calls out Yuvi’s name, he comes downstairs and asks what happened? she shows him letter, Kunj comes there too, Yuvi reads letter, Babee says you went to meet Anita, after so much happened, you didnt even tell us, Yuvi says who gave you this letter? Usha says this means its all true?

Anita kidnapped Twinkle? Leela says your silence is saying something else, something is fishy, tell us whole truth for once, Yuvi contemplates and says i cant tell you anything right now, give me sometime then i will clear all doubts but rightnow i have save Twinkle from kidnappers, Babee says i dont understand what you are doing, you Rocky, went with him but why didnt you catch Anita and get her arrested? Rocky says when i went there, Anita was gone from there, Babee says what will happen now? Yuvi says excuse me, he leaves.

Yuvi comes to his room and reads Anita’s letter and recalls how she said that she didnt kidnap Twinkle, he says what was she doing there if she kidnapped Twinkle? i cant trust my mom, she can go to any level, where are you Twinkle? Kunj and Pallavi sees him tensed in his room. Pallavi says to Kunj that Yuvi doesnt seem involved in kidnapping but we are getting involved all this, you should focus on your career, Kunj says i made this career to destroy them, i used to let my anger out in boxing ring because i couldnt do that to Twinkle and Yuvi that that time, once i find Twinkle, i will take my revenge from her and for that i will take Yuvi’s side even if he is my enemy.

Yuvi comes out of his room at night and sees some silhouette in hall, he sees no one and says maybe it was my doubt. Yuvi’s man calls Yuvi and says some person named Saith kidnapped someone from your society three days back, Yuvi says Twinkle was kidnapped that day, man says i am going to meet saith, Yuvi says i will come too.

Its red light area. Babee is there with money, man says to her that did you bring money? she nods, he asks her to come inside, Babee is appalled to see place gross, she says God forgive me, dont know where i am.

Yuvi comes to his man’s house, he comes in and sees him dead with bullet in his head, he is appalled and says what is all happening? he gets call from kidnapper, kidnapper says are you done? Yuvi asks why did you kill my man? kidnapper asks him to go to red light area and stop their business, Yuvi says why should i go there? kidnapper says dont question me, take police with you and go to red light area, he ends call, Yuvi says what if Twinkle is there?

Yuvi comes to red light area with police, police starts searching for Twinkle, Yuvi prays for her. Man brings Babee to one room and closes door, he takes money from here but police comes there and arrests Babee, Babee protests and says you are mistaken, i am from Sarna family, i am not into all this, she tries to tell them truth and says i am not from here. Police woman brings her out, Yuvi sees Babee there and says what are you dong here?

Babee says tell them that i am not like that woman, tell them, Yuvi says she is my babee, release her, policeman says nobody can go from here, our respect is at stake because of filth like this, Babee is shocked and says you did this? you made this raid happen? Yuvi says yes but.. she says dont say anything, Yuvi says i will sort everything out, its confusion, police takes her from there, Yuvi is tensed.

Babee is brought in cell, there are some call girls there. Yuvi comes to police station and asks Babee what she was doing there? Babee slaps her and says stop your drama, i know what your mom is doing and you are involved in all this, one side your mom called me to bring money to red light area and save Twinkle and otherside you bring police there for raid? Yuvi says you are mistaken, Babee asks him to get lost, Rocky comes there and asks inspector to release Babee, i have talked to commissioner, inspector calls commissioner to confirm. Babee is released, Babee thanks Rocky and leaves, Rocky says to Yuvi that i will take her home, Yuvi nods.

At home, Babee says to Yuvi that your mom ranaway from jail and you knew it but you didnt tell me, you know about her plan, Yuvi says i didnt know its mom’s plan otherwise.. Usha says what you would have done then? would you tell us everything? we have given you place of our son, but that doesnt mean you can keep doing mistakes, we all believe that you have freed your mother from jail, you know she wanna hurt your mother but still you took Anita’s side, Yuvi says why would i take her side?

I love Twinkle like crazy, i can die for Twinkle then why will i do this? why dont you guys understand, Leela stands up and says i trust Yuvi fully, i know Anita better, she can do anything to hurt us, she can kidnap Twinkle, she must have done that raid for Babee but i cant believe that Yuvi is involved, he cant do this, i trust him, Usha says you can trust him but we cant stay in this house being scared, we cant trust him, you know what i am saying?

Leela says i understand but no worries, it night, we should leave, she asks Yuvi to come, he sadly looks at them and leaves with Leela. Rocky comes tehre and says i dont have right to speak but still. Rocky says i will do anything in my power to find Twinkle but i think your people should gibe one chance to Yuvi to explain himself, he is doing everything for Twinkle afterall, Babee says dont take name of that jerk, we dont need his help, we will do everything alone.

Leela says to Yuvi that i trust you, the person who can change so much, can be her friend and can be selfless for her, he cant be wrong, Yuvi says i dont know how to start finding Twinkle, this is big gameplan, i dont understand what kidnapper wants, i dont understand anything. Kidnapper calls Yuvi and says good job, he tells Yuvi more orders which is muted, Yuvi says i wont do it, what proof you have that Twinkle is with you? let me talk to Twinkle, caller ends call.

Usha gets call from kidnapper, he says listen to Twinkle’s voice, Twinkle says on call that Mummyji please save me, they are dangerous, please protect me, kidnapper takes call and says if you want to protect Twinkle then do Twinkle’s death prayer meet tomorrow, ask Leela to donate things for Twinkle, he ends call, Usha and all are tensed.

Yuvi gets video message from kidnapper, Twinkle is tied to chair in video, she is shouting for help, Leela cries seeing this, Yuvi says this kidnapper is dangerous, he is playign games with me, i will handle him but i am worried about my family, they are alone there in Sarna house, Leela says Rocky will take care of them but you just free Twinkle. Yuvi says if this done by my mom then i will make sure to let her pay for this, she will have to pay for this, i swear to God.
Usha says to Babee that he is asking to do prayer meet of Twinkle, Babee tells Manohar that Twinkle is kidnapped, he is stunned.

Yuvi says to Surjeet that i wanna meet Anita and i know you know where she is, he says you tried to kill your mom? Yuvi says i have to meet her, its really important, Surjeet nods. Leela comes to Sarna house and says you people did good by arranging pooja for Twinkle. She sees garland on Twinkle’s photo, she is shocked, pundit says lets start Twinkle’s prayer meet, Leela says you people have done this? how can you people think that she is.. shame on you, she leaves from there before listening to them.

Yuvi comes to some isolated place. Anita comes there and is emotional to see Yuvi, she says listen to me, she says i dont know why you doubt me so much but i didnt kidnap Twinkle, there is someone who is trying to make us enemy, he freed me from jail, made me go to that house so that you come there and kill me, Yuvi says who can do this? Anita says there is one policeman Raghu, he was keeping an eye on me in jail, he was calling someone consistently, i am sure, he is involved in all this, Yuvi asks her to send his details to me, i will find about him.

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