Family Secrets Update Tuesday 1 June 2021

Family Secrets 1 June 2021: The Episode starts with Dadi welcoming Anami. Baldev expresses his unhappiness and goes. Dada ji looks on. Dadi does rituals and asks Satrupa to take Anami in. Baldev thinks of DNA test result and angrily hurts himself. Satrupa comes to Dada ji and asks till when will he not accept this, she didn’t stand against him, but she has to stand with her daughter, she didn’t do wrong to get Anami here, its her right and she is ready to do any struggle, if he feels she is selfish, then be it, say something, if it was Vatsalya’s brother instead Anami, would you do this, no you would have made a boy your heir, many times silence answers everything, you answered all my questions. She goes.

Family Secrets 31 May 2021

Anami cries recalling Murari, Madhu and Satrupa’s words. She shuts her ears. She goes out and cries. Poonam comes to her. Anami asks her why is she saying sorry. She takes phone and calls Madhu. Madhu asks what happened, your voice sounds low. Anami asks do I have ghungroos in me to sing. Madhu says fine. Anami asks for Murari. Madhu gives phone to Murari. Anami cries and says you said right, hope is made of raw glass, time breaks it. Murari says I also said, without hope, heart and stone have no difference. She asks will you do anything. He says I can go to other side of Ganga river in one breath, tell me what to do. She says I m getting trapped here, we have to cut this web, else I will be away forever. Murari asks what’s going on in your heart. Anami says for us to be together, we have to leave Banaras and go to some place where Lal Mahal shadow can’t touch us. Murari says I can leave world for you, what’s Banaras then. She asks him to start preparations, she will tell him what to do.

Anami requests Poonam to not tell anything to anyone. She hugs Poonam. Poonam asks her not to worry, but how will she run away, there is a lock at main door, and just Satrupa has keys. Anami say what will she do if her child wants to be away, I will run away tonight. She sees Satrupa coming. Anami gives phone to Poonam and goes to rest. She plays radio.Satrupa comes and says you are my child, none can deny this truth, you and I will get less hurt if you accept this truth soon. Anami asks her to measure her pain and leave, she has mood to hear songs. Satrupa’s keys fall down. She picks the keys and leaves.

Anami asks Murari to meet at station. She sees Dadi. Murari packs bags. Laksh asks won’t we come home. Murari says home is where you have your family. They leave. Anami asks Dadi did she come to steal icecream. Dadi says no, I was not getting sleep, what are you doing here. Anami says I came to have water. Dadi says you are like Vatsalya, when he had to go in late night party, he used to lie, I had a doubt that Satrupa will have twins, see the fate, she had twins but separated them, I know forgiving everyone and accepting is tough, but problems are to solve, I will solve your problems, shall I get some food. Anami says no, I m done, I will go and sleep. She goes. Dadi says she is like Vatsalya. She goes. Anami looks on and enters the house. Anami comes to Satrupa’s room and looks on. Satrupa sleeps. Anami hides and sees the keys

Anami taking keys from Satrupa. She runs out. Poonam says its all fine, have your belongings and Raksha sutra. Anami tries the keys to open the lock. Poonam says that key is of Vatsalya’s room. Anami says I m seeing all this because of Vatsalya, a work is incomplete, if I run away without completing it, my heart will be here, wait here, I will just come. She runs back to Lal Mahal and goes to Vatsalya’s room. She opens the lock and enters the room. She looks for switches and switches on the lights. She turns and gets shocked seeing Vatsalya’s pic.

She recalls meeting Vatsalya in Banaras. She recalls his words. She cries recalling their conversation. She shouts Vatsalya. She sees a book. She reads his poetry. She imagines him around and cries. He asks when blood was turning to water, where were you…. She sees him and breaks down. Vatsalya plays mouth organ and smiles. She holds the mouth organ. She sees his guitar and imagines him singing. She sees Vatsalya everywhere. She writes Ganga Maiyya made us meet, I wish I could her your answers, you have gone to other world and I m stuck in your world, we both are removed from our worlds, you were more smarter than me and gave this gift to me, so that I find you and talk to you, you wanted this, I met you today by your words, I don’t believe fate as Murari said fate left a blank page and gave me a pen to write it on own, today I feel he just tells so, I didn’t do any deed that we get tied by blood and stand at life and death’s two corners of life. She sees Vatsalya waving to her and going away. She cries.

She writes further, people’s greed has snatched everything, I have to save whatever is left, I m going where you met me, in Ganga Maiyya’s lap, that house will be barren too, none can break my heart’s relation with you. Rakshasutra stucks in the door. She sees Vatsalya reading her words in the diary. He looks at her. She cries and goes.Anami goes to the gate and asks Poonam to come. She hugs Poonam. She leaves in an auto. She calls Murari and says don’t know what shall I do, I don’t understand what’s right and what’s wrong. He says its a fight of heart, your heart will win and lose. She says Vatsalya was my twin brother, he met me on Ganga ghat, he is not alive now, I don’t know why Ganga Maiyya make me meet him, I saw his pics in his room. He says people say fate has twins soul linked. She says why did Vatsalya introduce me to him and gave me his Rakshasutra, when I was leaving from his room, I felt he is calling me. He says person has Dharm dand in one hand and Nyay dand in other hand, heart is between both hands which has Prem dand, your test is not by Dharm, its by love, you have to choose now, its all of us on one side and your real parents and dead brother on other side, we are with you in your every decision. She cries.

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