Family Secrets Update Monday 31 May 2021

Family Secrets 31 May 2021: The Episode starts with Poonam giving the blood sample. Adhiraj walks in corridor. Goons follow Tania. Anami asks Poonam to go, she will give her blood for DNA test. The lady asks Anami did she find anything. Anami says its written, come tomorrow. She goes. Tania calls Adhiraj and says some goons are after us on college route. Adhiraj gets shocked and runs. Anami sees him going. Ila asks where are you going. He asks her to keep an eye on everyone and leaves in his jeep. Pujan looks on. Satrupa comes out of the lab. Nurse asks Anami to come after 10mins. Pujan calls Avdhoot and says Adhiraj is coming to you, don’t get trapped. Adhiraj is on the way.

Goons stop Tania and her friend. They ask Tania’s friend to leave. Tania’s friend says sorry to her and goes. Goon says I like you a lot. Avdhoot talks to him and asks why are you going so close, she is your Bhabhi. The goon throws her dupatta. Tania asks him to leave her. She slaps the goon. The other goon holds her. Avdhoot looks on. Adhiraj is still on the way. Goon lifts Tania. Avdhoot comes and stops him. He says her hero is here. The goon says now its personal matter, she slapped me, leave from here, I will shoot you. Avdhoot takes his gun and aims at him. He asks will you tease a girl. The goon apologizes. Avdhoot slaps them and asks them to leave. Goons leave.

Avdhoot picks her stole and hands it over. Tania looks at him. He asks are you fine. She smiles. He says your hand got hurt, apply medicine, shall I send it if you say. She picks her bag and turns. She sees him gone and smiles.Anami sees Ila and says CBI is reading roadside spying books, if you come wearing saree in doctor’s disguise, will world not know. She goes for test. Doctor takes her blood sample. Anami acts sick. Doctor asks nurse to get water. Anami changes the sample. She says I feel fine now, I will go, I don’t want water. Adhiraj comes to Tania and asks are you fine. She says yes. He hugs her and asks where did they go. She says they have run away. He asks will you identify them. She says even from far. He takes her home.

Anami goes out. Pujan comes there dressed in a burqa. Anami collides with him. The blood samples fall down. Pujan picks one and goes. Anami picks the other one. Satrupa asks her to come, they will leave for home. Pujan comes to the lab and gives the sample to doctor/lab incharge. He says its blood of Dada ji, make report honestly, Satrupa and Anami’s game will end.Daamo asks why are you worried, you know result, Anami is your daughter. Satrupa says if lie is shouted and said, it becomes truth, many people want to deny my truth, this DNA test in my last hope, nothing can go wrong. Daamo says Adhiraj is seeing this case sincerely, there won’t be any mistake. Poonam comes. Satrupa asks what were you doing in car dicky. Poonam says Anami took me, I told her you won’t agree, but she tied me. Satrupa says I m giving last chance to say truth. She sees bandage on her hand and asks what’s this. Poonam gets tensed.

Dada ji says none came to meet me, they would be preparing for my mourning ceremony. Dadi says no, they went to temple to pray for you. He says you can’t lie well, say truth, what’s happening at home. She says its Anami’s DNA test today. He says Satrupa used my illness, how did Baldev agree. She says I convinced him. He says I didn’t expect this from you. She says give me a chance to explain, I m finding a reason of that hope I got from Anami. He asks her to leave, else he has to leave. Dadi goes. Poonam says I got hurt while watering plants. Satrupa checks the wound by removing bandage. She sees the wound and asks her to leave.

Daamo says I don’t find this right. Satrupa says I m sure Poonam will stand by Anami always, she is Anami’s Daamo. Kamini asks Pujan to massage her head, she will adjust. He asks her not to talk of adjustment and makes her wear a necklace. She gets glad. He says you will be only queen of this palace. Kamini imagines Satrupa as maid. Pujan says Lal Mahal, red wine and red blood, I have tied all this together, Lal Mahal and royal steels will be ours. They drink wine. Anami asking the kids to play, its their last chance to win. The girl asks why last, are you going somewhere. Anami says no, I just said, come play. She plays with them. She sees Poonam sad and goes to her. She asks the matter, did Satrupa say anything. Poonam tells her how she has injured herself. Anami hugs her and thanks her for help. She asks her to come along to Banaras. Poonam says I can’t leave my dad, I will meet you if I come to Banaras. Poonam goes. Narottam comes and says I thought you are different, but you are also same, you promised to protect me, why are you leaving then, why did you give me hope.

Anami says I will not break promise, I will take you to Banaras. He says I can leave Lal mahal, but it can’t leave me. Anami asks him to come and play.He asks her to go and leaves. He says Satrupa’s game is over now and smiles.Adhiraj comes home and knocks the bell. He calls out Tania. Someone sharps a huge knife. Adhiraj gets in and aims the gun at the man. He sees Dheeru and says Papa you…. Dheeru removes the ear plugs and asks will you shoot your dad. Adhiraj asks when did you come. Tania comes and says sorry, I was in washroom, dad is cooking today. Adhiraj says I was worried seeing this knife, I was worried for Tania. Dheeru laughs and says I missed you too and came here, I have shut my business there and decided to stay here with you two. Tania hugs him. Dheeru says you can do CBI work, I have no complains, promise we will dine together today, get freshen up and come, I will get dinner. Tania asks Adhiraj whose call is it. He asks her to go and help dad.

He smiles and says officer is always on duty. He answers Anami’s call. She asks did you eat Banaras kachori. He says no. She asks will you have it, come fast I m giving a treat to celebrate, you won’t get such kachori. He tells Dheeru that he will come back in half an hour. Adhiraj comes to Anami. She says I just called you to say thanks. He asks why. She says I didn’t say thanks yet, question later, come and sit. She says like kachori is incomplete without chutney, Banaras is incomplete without Anami, have this and see.Adhiraj eats and says I regret. She says you are first man to regret having this kachori. He jokes. She says I taught you joking, smile sometimes standing in front of mirror, smiling makes heart clean and mind fine. He says you always give Gyaan, are you such since always or became so after coming Lal Mahal. She asks do you trust everyone or learnt this after meeting me, you have trusted me so easily, none believes shadow in Lal mahal, I liked this. He says I m listening, continue your thanksgiving. She says I have said thanks for your help, have kachori and leave, I will be going after test results come. He asks how can you be sure that result will be in your favor. She says every truth has an origin, DNA test is by my blood, I trust my blood, don’t question much. He asks will I get one more kachori.

She says yes, you deserve it. He looks at her. He says if you have any problem in Banaras, you can call me. She says I m enough there. He says I will leave, maybe we won’t meet again. She asks him to meet if he come for darshan in Banaras. He says I m not so Dharmic, thanks for kachoris. He leaves.Anami gets restless. Koi na jaane….plays… Dadi, Satrupa, Baldev and Pujan are also awake and restless. Its morning, Anami is on the way and sings. The family reaches the court. Pujan smiles. The judge comes. He says Anami Singh… Anami says Anami Pathak. Judge asks for the Dna test results. He checks the reports and says Baldev and Anami’s blood sample matched in this DNA test….. Anami and everyone get shocked. Pujan cleans his ears. Satrupa and Dadi smile. Baldev looks on shocked.

Judge says this court declares Anami as Baldev’s daughter. Adhiraj looks on. Satrupa sees Baldev. Pujan sees Kamini and Avdhoot and holds his head. Judge says there is nothing more to say, so this case is closed. Adhiraj sees Anami. She cries. Media asks Pujan to answer. Pujan leaves. Media asks Satrupa about Anami, will she be heir of royal steels, why did she keep her daughter away. Dadi asks them to move, they will get all answers later. Pujan meets lab incharge and holds his neck asking how much Satrupa paid him to do her work. The man says I have done your work. Pujan threatens him and asks how did DNA sample get changed. The man says I kept the sample you gave me. Pujan recalls colliding with Anami while getting samples.

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