Family Secrets Update Thursday 1 July 2021

Family Secrets 1 July 2021:The Episode starts with Anami scolding Laddoo and asking him to respect elders, its enough of his English. He jokes. She says I m really angry, just stop it. He says don’t teach me. He stays stubborn. She says I didn’t finish, call Bhola ji as Maharaj. He says but his name is proper name, so I will call him Bhola. She says you can learn English, but don’t forget your culture, else you won’t go to winter camp. He asks how can you stop me, I will see how you don’t let me go. He goes. She apologizes to Maharaj ji. He says its fine, he is just a kid, he will understand.

Ila says there is no news about Purushottam. Munna asks him to come fast, he has a new about Purushottam. Adhiraj and his team reach there. Sudha calls Purushottam and says I was afraid of this to happen, I can’t tell everything, come here to meet me. Adhiraj and his team enters the place and don’t see anyone. Purushottam leaves from the back side.Laddoo tells Satrupa that he gave all right answers, teacher has praised him and gave a chocolate too. She asks him to give chocolate. He says I had it. She gives chocolate and says I m very proud of you, keep it up. Anami comes and complains about Laddoo. Satrupa says I m praising his hardwork, I will explain him if he spoke to anyone badly. Laddoo and Anami argue. She says if you don’t respect anyone, no one will respect you, you won’t go to camp. Satrupa asks what’s this way to teach him. Anami says what’s the use of knowledge if he loses manners. He says you are jealous of me. Anami asks what did you say, I m jealous of you. He says yes. She raises hand. Satrupa stops her. Dadi comes and looks on.

He starts crying. Anami says we are from a small city, where small things and values are taught, no need to forget the values, how can you forget your roots, Madhu is proud of you, if you forget it, she will break down, I can’t see her breaking down, rest is upto you, you are sensible, you do what you feel right. He says you have changed Anami, don’t talk to me again. He runs. Anami cries.

Purushottam drives off and recalls seeing Adhiraj. He gets Sudha’s call and says I have reached Lal Mahal, don’t worry, its not easy to recognize me, meet me on backyard. He tells guard that he is from laundry. Guard checks.Kamini calls guard and says I called laundry service, send him when he comes. Guard says he has come, I was just checking. She asks him to send him fast. Guard lets Purushottam get in the gate. Purushottam goes to meet Sudha. Dadi comes to Anami and asks why are you annoyed, with yourself or Laddoo, or are you angry seeing him with Satrupa. She says Satrupa is showing him wrong direction. Dadi says you can explain him with love, I know you don’t like Satrupa and Laddoo’s closeness, he likes Satrupa, you hate her.

Anami says maybe you are right, I was saving him from Lal Mahal fight, I forgot what he wants, he also needs people, I shouted on him, he must be sitting somewhere, I will go and convince him. She sees Laddoo and calls him out. He runs away. She asks him to wait.He hides behind the tree. Anami looks for him and calls him out. He hears Sudha and goes to see. Sudha says I was using Anami as shield, Satrupa has attacked me with that shield, she has sent the papers to make me out of here, if I don’t do this, I will fall in Anami’s sight, Lal Mahal will kick me out, Satrupa played a clever move this time.

Purushottam says why don’t we remove this queen. Sudha asks what do you mean. He says Anami is the root of all problems, we will throw her away. She asks him to send Anami so far that no one can find her. Laddoo gets shocked and gets back. They hear sound and see him. He runs. They see Anami. Laddoo reaches close. Purushottam catches him. She turns and does not see him. Sudha asks Laddoo to get quiet. He bites her hand. Purushottam ties him up and asks what shall we do of this new trouble. Sudha says send him to Vatsalya, its danger for us if he is alive. He takes Laddoo in the clothes sack. Anami says I made a mistake, come back Laddoo. Purushottam leaves.

Anami apologizing to Laddoo and asking him to come back. Purushottam passes by and takes him in the car. Laddoo sees her and cries. Anami worries. Sudha keeps an eye on Anami. Anami tells Poonam that Laddoo is not outside. Poonam says we will check the room. Anami asks Satrupa did you see Laddoo. Satrupa says no, since you went to him, I didn’t see him. Anami cries and shouts Laddoo, come back, forgive me, where did you go. Sudha looks on.Anami says no one will stop you from going to winter camp, just come back. Purushottam, goes to some godown. He puts Laddoo there. Laddoo screams. Purushottam asks him to be quiet and slaps him. Laddoo gets scared and frees his hands. He looks around.Anami looks outside. Kuch nahi tere bina….plays….Laddoo says Anami, where are you, please come to me soon. Poonam runs to Anami. She says I looked all around the house, I didn’t get him. Anami cries and shouts Laddoo. Narottam comes and looks on. Satrupa says Laddoo would be playing with friends, he will come. Dadi asks Anami to have water. Poonam comes and says Laddoo is not anywhere.

Narottam asks Anami to come, they will find Laddoo. Sudha calls Purushottam and says don’t come out in open, everyone is finding him, be careful. He says what did I wish to do and what happened. She says we have to find a profit in this loss too. Satrupa, Anami, Narottam and Poonam look for Laddoo. Pujan, Kamini and Avdhoot talk about Laddoo’s disappearing. She says it looks like Anami lost her life. Avdhoot says our work is done. Pujan says no, work is still there, Laddoo should never be able to come back in Anami’s life and Lal Mahal.

Laddoo gets scared of darkness. Purushottam says its not safe to keep Laddoo here. Sudha asks him not to get caught by police, just be with him, I will tell you how to get rid of him. Poonam says Laddoo is not found. Anami says its because of me, I yelled on Laddoo, I didn’t know…. Dadi calms her. Satrupa says I m scared if anything happened to him, I will call Adhiraj, he will help us.Anami argues with him. She says you wanted to create a rift between us, you have won, I have lost, celebrate in your big Lal Mahal. Satrupa asks why will I do this, even I m a mum. Anami says enough. Dadi says this is not the time to blame each other. Anami says I just want Laddoo, I can’t live without him, tell her to get Laddoo, I will do as she says, I just want him back. Satrupa cries and says I understand your pain, I will get Laddoo.Anami folds hands and gets down asking her to get Laddoo. She says I will do as you say, bring Laddoo back. Satrupa says I promise Laddoo will come back fine, this is my promise.

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