Family Secrets Update Sunday 6 June 2021

Family Secrets 6 June 2021: The Episode starts with Anami joking on Adhiraj. He compliments her. He asks about the file. She says I forgot. He says I don’t think I can get any info. She says we can get it now, Pujan and Kamini went out for shopping. Anami and Adhiraj take disguise and enter Pujan’s room. They get keys in drawer. She asks him to hurry up. Adhiraj gets the file. He clicks pic. Anami sees Kamini coming. He asks who is it. Anami tries to say. Kamini comes in and sees the mosquito repellent smoke.

She says mosquitoes are troubling a lot, I have to do all work, I will tell you where to spray. She asks Anami to listen. Anami gets tensed. Anami gets allergic. She starts coughing. Kamini comes to her. Adhiraj holds Anami and makes her cover her face. He hugs her. Kamini scolds them and asks them to leave.Poonam gets water for Anami. Adhiraj says good job Anami. Satrupa calls college principal for Anami’s admission. He says so rumors were true about your daughter, you can get the form and submit. Daamo asks Satrupa can Anami study here. Satrupa says she is a fighter, she can do it.Dheeru sees royal steels scam file and hides on seeing Adhiraj. Adhiraj sees the file open. He goes. Dheeru checks the file. Sudha talks to Narottam about fooling Anami.

He smiles. She asks him to create love in her heart and hatred for Lal mahal, tell truth, what Lal mahal did tortures on you. She plays snake and ladder and smiles.Satrupa asks Anami to be ready for interview. Anami and Satrupa argue. Anami refuses to go to international college. Dheeru calls Baldev and asks him to save royal steels if he wants. He taunts Baldev that he got everything by ancestors. Baldev says whose phone was this. Satrupa recalls everyone’s words.Pujan asks pandits to sing aarti well. Pujan sings along with pandits. Anami looks on and says I have seen many people like you, see what I do Kamini getting troubled by Anami. She asks Anami to get out. Anami says tell Pujan to leave my place, else I will practice here in your bedroom. Kamini goes to Pujan and asks him to stop anami. She argues and sends the men. Anami and kids come there. Anami taunts him. Tania asks adhiraj to go to Dheeru. Dheeru sits shaving. Adhiraj takes coffee for Dheeru and apologizes. Dheeru says its fine, but matter is something else.

Dheeru asks him to not get coffee made by Tania. Adhiraj gets annoyed. Tania says dad is joking, sit. Dheeru asks him to say. Adhiraj says I want your help in Lal mahal case, I m doing this for justice, I learnt this from mum. Dheeru looks at him. Anami comes to Poonam and solves her maths problems. She tries and throws papers. She says I forgot everything without practice. Dadi asks her to say yes for college admission, Satrupa has thought good for her, time doesn’t wait for anyone. She goes. Anami sees the form.Dheeru sees the file and says Lal mahal will lose Royal steels, they will wake up when new owner takes over. He explains that someone has much shares of Royal steels.

Adhiraj says it means someone from Lal mahal is doing this. Dheeru says things will change. Adhiraj says I feel Pujan is doing this. Dheeru says I know Pujan, he does mistakes but leaves clues, but he is clever, be alert.Satrupa stops anami and blackmails her about her foster family. Anami gets angry on her for dealing. Satrupa says I knew you will say this, your family’s decision depends on yours. She asks her to read the letter. Anami reads the complaint letter addressed to police. Satrupa explains anami and asks her to agree to her for Lakshya’s good future. She threatens her. Anami taunts her. Satrupa asks her to obey her, then she will be in profit. She gives the papers. She asks her to be ready in morning. Anami says I m not air, but wind, you also be ready. Satrupa goes.Dheeru asks adhiraj to tell Dada ji that his royal steels are in danger. Adhiraj refuses. Dheeru asks him to think of others who work for royal steels. He says you have chosen this war. He goes. Anami comes to Vatsalya’s room and gets emotional.

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