Family Secrets Update Monday 7 June 2021


Family Secrets 7 June 2021: The Episode starts with Anami reading Vatsalya’s diary and learning about all the family members. He writes about everyone. He says I don’t know many answers, so my butterfly is colorless. She shuts the diary. She says I felt I m more emotional and smart than you, but you were way above me, I wish I could argue, fight and hug you, mum did wrong with us, I get jealous with you reading this diary, I wish I could fight with you, I wish I could stop you. She cries.

She wipes her tears and reads ahead. She says you said right, Lal mahal’s butterfly is colorless, even I would have written this being in your place. She recalls Satrupa and Dadi’s words. She sees Narottam leaving from home.She sees Vatsalya’s pic. She sees Narottam coming back home and gets thinking. Its morning,Satrupa and Anami come for admission. The college principal looks at Anami. Anami asks will you get xray by staring, I came for admission. The man says I respect Satrupa, but Anami doesn’t fit in international parameters, sorry, its English medium college. Anami says I read there is no bigger strength than knowledge, knowledge was there when english was not born. Satrupa says you can’t judge any student by english knowledge, take Anami’s intelligence test. Anami says right, if you ask me three questions, I will also ask you three questions, if I answer right, you have to give me admission. The man agrees. The other man asks who wrote Hamlet. Anami recalls Lakshya and reading newspaper. She says William Shakespeare. She asks first university of India. The man says Nalanda university. She says right. He asks what’s the river which flows from east to west.

She recalls Madhu and says Narmada river. Anami says my turn, tell me which lake has salty water. The man gets silent. Anami says Caspian sea, I read in cheap book sold in buses. He asks her the highest peak in India. Anami says Godwin Austen and recalls gaining knowledge from someone. She asks the name of person who was first Britisher to come in India. The man gets silent. Anami says his name was Sir Willaim Hawkins. She asks them to leave Banaras story. She says if you don’t know difference between knowledge and language, what will you teach students, their future is in danger, our thinking is different, so just keep your international college, I don’t want to study here.

She jokes on the man and sees Satrupa. Satrupa and Anami leave. Satrupa scolds her for not controlling herself. Anami says I didn’t do wrong, its not good to judge anyone by language, language is just to talk. Satrupa says you can teach anyone, do you have less ego, when person thinks he knows everything, he can’t learn anything, I m going to apologize to principal. Adhiraj tells Baldev that someone is trying to take over royal steels, all proof is in file, wrong will happen with royal steels, this scam is happening by much cleverness, maybe this person has attacked Vatsalya to get royal steels and Lal mahal. Dada ji asks him did anyone hand over the knowledge to him. Adhiraj asks him to focus on the matter. He leaves. Pujan looks on. Baldev asks what’s happening. Dada ji says just one person could understand this planning, Satrupa is responsible for all this. Pujan calls someone and asks him how did CBI know this, his name shouldn’t come in the scam. The man asks him not to talk on phone and meet him.


Dada ji asking Satrupa why did she get Anami. Satrupa says she will learn by attending meetings, is there any problem if she sits here. Dada ji says she will not understand anything. Satrupa says she will take time to learn, you would have wanted Vatsalya to attend meetings. Dada ji asks her not to compare her with Vatsalya. She says she is the heir, she will stay here. He shouts this is not havan, its business meeting. Anami asks him not to shout, else his bp will get high, she has no interest in business. She goes. Satrupa also leaves. She calls someone and asks is there any problem between share holders. The man says no.

She asks him to find out problem at any level. The man says sure, and sees the goon pointing gun at her. Anami talks to kids. They insist her to teach them. Anami teaches them and asks Narottam to come. She recalls him and starts training. She pushes him angrily. She asks him to come and save himself. She attacks on him again. He gets beaten up. He then defends her attacks.She says you are not such you look, you have two sides like that of a coin. He makes an innocent face and goes. Dada ji says I feel like seeing Adhiraj, like he talks, it reminds me of Dheeru. Dadi says this would have not happened if he was here. Baldev says you couldn’t make him out of mind. Dada ji says yes, Dheeru has worked hard to make royal steels, not you. Baldev says Dheeru did his job, you didn’t let me do anything. He argues with Dada ji. Dadi asks Dada ji not to get angry. Anami goes and confronts Narottam. He asks her to leave, she can’t hear the truth, he was raised by kinners, so that his identity changes, what enmity they had with me, they did this so that I don’t claim any rights, if you think I m cheat, then fine, go from here. She says I want to tell something. He asks her to leave and cries.

Pujan meets the trustees to know about majority of shares. Trustee asks him to celebrate, he is going to become new owner of royal steels. Pujan smiles. Trustee gets a call. Adhiraj gets informed about Anami and Narottam going somewhere. He leaves. Dheeru’s goon kidnaps a trustee. Adhiraj meets Anami. She eats pakodas and says I miss Banaras. He says I also went to Banaras university. She asks him why does he act tough, from where did he get pakodas, he is different from other police officers. He says there are many conspiracies here, there is danger on you, don’t take this light, maybe Narottam is not such as you think, he maybe dangerous, stay away from him. She says he is my friend, I will not hear bad about him, don’t give me Gyaan, I know testing people, take these pakodas. She goes.

Anami reads Vatsalya’s diary about Narottam. Poonam comes and says Narottam is nowhere in Lal mahal. Anami asks did you check well, he might have felt bad. Poonam says he will not feel bad. She says I insulted him. Poonam says he will come, don’t worry. Anami goes out to see. Narottam hides and calls Sudha to say Anami is worried, it has hit right place.

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