Family Secrets Update Sunday 4 July 2021

Family Secrets 4 July 2021: The Episode starts with Satrupa asking Purushottam to think. Anami reaches there. Purushottam calls Sudha. She sees Dadi in front of her and disconnects. He calls again and again. Dadi asks Sudha to answer the call, the puja has ended. Sudha answers the call. She asks is everything fine. He says yes, I have to talk something imp, you will get entire property of Lal Mahal, what about my share, I want you to write my name in property papers as well. She sees Dadi coming… Dadi gives her aarti. She goes out and asks Purushottam not to change his colors, stick to the plan, don’t think useless things. He says you promised me.

She says you got this time to talk all such things, just do what I said. He gets angry. Satrupa smiles and says it means what I said was true, think this is just the beginning, she will not identify you once you finish her work, Sujdha and her son will enjoy, and you will go jail, she won’t give you a rupee, understand this, there is still time.Anami shouts out Laddoo. Laddoo cries and gets dizzy. Hira Singh comes to Satrupa and says we didn’t get Laddoo get, but Anami has come here. Satrupa asks how, she shouldn’t reach here, I want Laddoo, go… Purushottam says I called her. FB shows Purushottam asking Anami to take disguise and come to meet him.

He threatens her. She asks him not to do anything to Laddoo. She sits crying. FB ends. He says I knew Anami will come here for Laddoo. Satrupa says stop your dirty game, my patience is breaking up, take this money and return Laddoo, its your decision.Hira Singh looks for Laddoo. Sudha asks Poonam about Anami and goes to her room. She calls her out and dances. She says Laddoo came to any use. She eats sweet laddoo and laughs. Hira Singh finds Laddoo and gets him out of the car. Anami looks around. Hira Singh calls out Satrupa and shows Laddoo. Laddoo cries. Satrupa smiles. Purushottam gets shocked.

She says you neither have money nor Laddoo now, what will you do. The guards point gun at him. Laddoo runs to Satrupa. Purushottam catches him and keeps gun at his head. He says you thought you plan will work, I knew you will do this, he is my ticket to escape. Laddoo says he will kill me. Satrupa says calm down, Anami used to say you are very brave. Laddoo recalls Anami and bites Purushottam’s hand. He goes to Satrupa and hugs her.Purushottam gets at gun point. Satrupa says I told you, you are very brave, come I will take you to Anami. Hira Singh asks her to order, he will kill Purushottam. Satrupa stares at Purushottam and goes.

Anami sees Laddoo and runs to him. She hugs him and asks are you fine. Satrupa looks on. Laddoo says that man kidnapped me, I didn’t have food since three days. Anami says come home, I will feed you, I missed you a lot. Laddoo says don’t leave me ever, I can’t live without you. She says even Lord can’t separate us, I made a mistake, I shouted on you, sorry.He wipes her tears. They go. Satrupa sees Anami going and gets restless. Her alter ego asks what have you done, you have united Laddoo with Anami, what will you get, Anami’s hatred, she came to you when Laddoo was missing, she gave you mum’s status for the first time, you were close to her, you ruined your happiness, stop this from happening.

Satrupa’s imagination ends. She cries. Laddoo asks what happened. She sees Laddoo with her. She looks around.Adhiraj coming on time and saving Anami from the goon. He says we have to leave. She says I won’t go without Laddoo. She calls him out. They check the place. Satrupa takes Laddoo with her. Anami says this happened because of you, why did you come here. He asks what are you saying. She says kidnapper asked me not to inform police, this is your fault. Sudha tries a new saree. Naina says don’t know where did Satrupa go, if anyone sees you here, it will be big problem, sorry you shouldn’t stay here. Sudha says I have come to stay here, once Purushottam catches hold of Anami, I will have right on Lal Mahal, then I will see who makes me out of here. Hira Singh takes Purushottam in a truck. Purushottam tries to bribe him. He says feed me a paan before I die, its my last wish.

Sudha says Purushottam would be giving me the good news now. She gets shocked seeing Anami coming with Adhiraj. Dadi says I was so worried, where did you go. Sudha says what is she doing here. Dadi asks Adhiraj about Laddoo. He says I didn’t find him yet. Anami says kidnapped called me to old factory, there was no one there. Dadi says you shouldn’t have gone alone. Dada ji says you would have died, you didn’t think of your loved ones. Anami says I went there for Laddoo, I can’t live without him. Adhiraj says you could have told me. She says kidnapper asked me not to tell anyone. He says you thought kidnapper will leave Laddoo if you go there, if your life fell in danger, what would we do. Anami asks Poonam did Satrupa come back. Poonam says not yet.

Daamo asks Satrupa what’s going on in her mind. Satrupa says I will decide what’s right and what’s wrong. Daamo asks whats the need to do this if you had to save Laddoo. Satrupa says I don’t have to explain, its not time for Anami and Laddoo to meet, I will decide the time, I need to think about Sudha.Sudha and Naina come to her room. Sudha gets angry and calls Purushottam. She asks for Narottam and calls him. He doesn’t answer. Adhiraj says I have seen Satrupa’s car at same place, she wasn’t there, I felt she went to meet someone personally, I don’t understand this, she is hiding something. Baldev says you know whom you are blaming, I know her, she would have gone to find Laddoo.

He taunts Adhiraj. He says if Satrupa was there, you were also there, why did you not save Laddoo, don’t you want to save him, or maybe you have kidnapped him to get a medal from govt. Adhiraj says why did she go alone. Satrupa comes and says I didn’t go, I was called there, that man said he has Laddoo, I gathered my men and went there, he threatened me to come alone, so I went alone. Anami says I also got a call. Satrupa and Anami give their phones to Adhiraj.He asks why did you not say this to me. Satrupa says kidnapper stopped me, money is not imp than Laddoo. He says why did we not get you. She says a man came shouting that police has come, they all ran away, I followed him and lost him, maybe Laddoo would have been here if you didn’t come there.

He says story is good, it would have been fun if it was true. She says I m just saying what happened with me. She asks Anami how dare she take such a big step. She cries and scolds her. She says I understand you don’t care for us, don’t you care for Madhu and Murari, what would I answer them if anything happened to you, I have already lost a child, I don’t want to lose another one, you want Laddoo, I promised you, I will get him back, I will give them money, how will I get you back if they harm you, promise me, you won’t do this again. Anami cries and hugs her.

Sudha calls Narottam. Satrupa comes with his phone. She asks her to take the phone. Sudha asks how did you get this, did you do anything to him. Satrupa says you want to win the battle, but you don’t want to lose loved ones, how can you win, I will show you the pain to lose loved ones, I know Purushottam has kidnapped Laddoo, till I get him, you won’t be able to see your son. Sudha gets shocked. They argue.

Satrupa threatens her about Narottam. She asks her to decide soon and leaves. Satrupa goes back. She gets a call. She asks Daamo is he fine. Daamo says he is safe with us, what shall I do next. Satrupa says look after his needs, I don’t want him to get punished for his mum’s deeds, he shouldn’t get harm. Daamo takes Narottam in the car.

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