Family Secrets Update Saturday 3 July 2021


Family Secrets 3 July 2021: The Episode starts with Satrupa asking Anami to have food. Anami refuses and thinks for Laddoo. Satrupa explains her. She says I fight with my pain, I can’t fall weak, else I will fail in my fight to win my daughter. She asks Anami to eat something. Anami says I always think by heart. Satrupa says you have to find Laddoo, think how will you find him if you fall weak, food is necessary. She feeds her. They cry.Narottam makes Sudha wash her hands. He asks where is Laddoo, I know Mama has taken him, tell me. She says what will we get by kidnapping him, will you have sweets.

He says Laddoo is missing. She says he is not close to us, why are you so upset. He says yes, Anami loves him, I can’t see her worried. She says we didn’t come here to make new relations, don’t lose focus,go and wander on roads if you are worried. He says we can’t hurt innocent people for revenge, if I ever find out that you or Mama are behind his kidnapping, I will reveal your truth, I swear on you. She looks at him. He leaves.Anami stays worried. She sleeps. Satrupa wipes her tears. She takes Anami in her lap and makes her sleep. Chandaniya….plays…. Satrupa cries thinking of her. Anami says Maa… Satrupa looks at her. She sleeps. Satrupa wakes up and stops sunlight from spoiling Anami’s sleep. She gets a call from Hira Singh. She covers up Anami with the blanket and leaves. Hira Singh says Purushottam is alive, he has kidnapped Laddoo. She gets shocked and says wait for me, I m coming.

Adhiraj finds the van and checks. He gets Laddoo’s sandal. Munna calls Adhiraj and gives him info about Purushottam.Anami wakes up and looks for phone. Poonam asks did you buy a new phone. Anami says yes, my phone got damaged. Poonam asks her not to worry, Satrupa has gone to find him. Anami recalls Purushottam’s words. Satrupa is in the way with Daamo. Daamo answers Hira Singh’s call and tells Satrupa that Hira Singh will be meeting them at next cross road. Satrupa says tell him to wait for me.Poonam tells Anami that she has slept in Satrupa’s lap yesterday night, sorrow brings people closer, Satrupa had peace on her face, she got a call and left. Anami worries. Sudha and Purushottam to be ready with his plan. He shows the video and says Satrupa and Anami got closer.

She says let them live their life to the fullest, they have just few days, just focus on getting property papers signed. Satrupa is still on the way. Adhiraj sees her and says what is she doing here at this time. Purushottam says why will Satrupa sign on property papers. Sudha says her motherly love will make her do this, she will sign the papers to save Anami’s life, else she will lose another child, Anami will be sacrificed just like Vatsalya, if Satrupa delays in signing the papers. Adhiraj follows Satrupa. Purushottam says we should celebrate right. They smile. She says a drink to our victory. He says cheers….

Purushottam calling Anammi. He asks her to come and take Laddoo. He says don’t tell anything to Satrupa and your lover Adhiraj, else I will kill Laddoo. She scolds him. He hurts Laddoo. She says no, don’t do anything to him, I will do as you say. He says fine, I will tell you place and time in one hour. Satrupa is on the way. Adhiraj calls Anami and asks do you know where is Satrupa going. She says no. He says I will follow her and tell you, I have to say something, I got evidence which signs Sudha’s brother Purushottam kidnapped Laddoo, maybe because you asked Sudha to sign on those papers. Anami asks what… He says I have a doubt, Laddoo’s kidnapping is related to Lal Mahal. She says okay, we will talk once we meet. She ends call.

She thinks where did Satrupa go early morning. She goes to Dada ji’s room and takes the phone. She calls Satrupa. She asks where are you, did you find Laddoo. Satrupa says I m finding hi, they gave me a lead, so I came to check, I promised Laddoo will come home safe, I will fulfill my promise. She ends call. Daamo asks why did you not tell her that you found Laddoo. Satrupa says I don’t want to give her any false hope. They reach the place. Daamo asks what’s happening. Satrupa says I will go alone from here, no one will follow me. Daamo says its dangerous. Satrupa says Laddoo’s life can have danger, they can doubt seeing all of us, wait for my call here.

Dadi asks Anami to have food. Anami says I m not hungry. Dadi says I got curd rice for you, have two spoons for me, please. Anami takes the food and sits to eat. Dadi looks on. Anami says I m going to temple. She sees the phone and takes it. She leaves in a hurry. She takes disguise and hides from the guards to leave.Purushottam’s goon gets shot. A goon runs to Purushottam and says she is coming. Purushottam asks who, your mum. The goon says Satrupa. She walks to Purushottam. Anami travels in a sharing auto, while covering her face. She thinks to reach kidnapper before Satrupa and Adhiraj. Adhiraj reaches Daamo and asks her about Satrupa. Daamo says Satrupa went to find Laddoo. He asks where is she.

Satrupa says you pretended to be dead for five years and fooled police, you entered Lal Mahal and kidnapped Laddoo. He says I have left my love to live and fear to die, who will save you from me now. The goons aim gun at Satrupa. She says your memory got less, you should have know my power reaches before me. Satrupa’s guards shoot down his goons. Purushottam gets worried and takes the inhaler. Daamo says Satrupa asked me to wait here. Anami passes by Adhiraj. He doesn’t see her.

Dadi asks Poonam is there anything, Anami had food and left. Poonam says maybe she wanted to be alone. Dadi thinks. Satrupa gets seated. She says don’t worry, I didn’t come to kill you, I can use your life, I will come to the point directly. I want you to work for me. He says I thought you came to save Laddoo. She says don’t try to understand this. He asks what do you mean. She says I will get Laddoo, if you don’t agree to me, did you think who will save you. He says you mean you saved Laddoo, where is he, he is safe till I m fine. Laddoo is caught up in a car. Some gas fills in the air. Laddoo worries.

Purushottam says if anything happens to me, you can’t see Laddoo, death is reaching Laddoo at a fast pace, you better leave. She says you are doing this on Sudha’s instructions. He says I will take your property instead Laddoo. She laughs and says you are a big fool, you won’t get anything, you will be first target of Sudha, you understand this.Sudha dresses in red clothes. She says I want to pray for Laddoo. Satrupa asks Purushottam to work for her. Purushottam sees the bag full of money. He says I can’t betray my sister. Laddoo shouts for Anami. Anami is on the way.

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