Family Secrets Update Monday 19 July 2021

Family Secrets 19 July 2021: The Episode starts with Anami saying I knew you are hiding something, don’t you consider me dear, why didn’t you tell this. He says it was my decision, its not because of you, go from here. She says tell me who did this, I won’t go, you always supported me, you want me to leave, I won’t go, I will get you out of here. He says I don’t need your help now, please leave. She says I won’t move till you tell me the truth, its my promise, I will take you alone with me, tell me, who got you arrested. He says I don’t like seeing you here. She says then tell me, who did all this to you. She cries and says I m blaming myself.

Constable says meeting time is over, my job is at stake, please… she says just 5 mins. Doctor says his BP got low as he didn’t take the medicines,so he fainted, he will get conscious in some time, give these medicines to him. He goes. Sudha holds Baldev. She sees the cosmetics and looks at herself in the mirror.Dheeru comes with lawyer. Dheeru says release Adhiraj, I m his dad, and here are his bail papers, read them carefully. He asks inspector to do job with honesty. Inspector lets him meet Adhiraj. Dheeru asks where is Adhiraj. Anami sees him and recalls their meet. Dheeru says don’t worry Adhiraj, I have come now, no power in the world can keep you now, Lal Mahal people crossed limits this time, I will ruin them, you won’t stop me this time. Anami says you here… Adhiraj says Anami, he is my dad.

She says uncle, I m asking him, but he is silent, ask him why is he here. Dheeru says go and ask your mum, she will answer you correctly, he is behind bars because of her. She gets shocked. Dheeru says your family is so ungrateful, if anyone helps them, they harm him, why should my son get punished, because he has helped their daughter.Adhiraj says its not Anami’s fault. Dheeru says let me tell her, she should know her mum’s truth. Baldev wakes up and sees Sudha. He says you here. She says you fainted at the door, I brought you here, I called the doctor, he just left, he goes your BP got low, Naina went to get medicines, have this Ors, doctor asked me to give this to you. He thanks her and says I m fine now, you can go. She says I will go once someone comes to look after you, I can’t leave you alone. She gives him medicines. Satrupa comes and gets shocked. She scolds Sudha. Baldev says think before you speak, I fainted at the door after you left, Sudha helped me, you should thank her. Satrupa says but I have come now, I can take care of Baldev, she can leave. They hear Dheeru shouting. Dheeru shouts Vikram Singh ji….

Dada ji asks what’s the matter, you didn’t attend the meeting there. Satrupa sees Adhiraj. Dheeru says Satrupa did such a thing that one has to raise his voice, she has sent an honest officer to jail, what does she want. She says who are you to ask, its my personal matter, you don’t need to interfere. Dheeru says if the question arises on my son’s respect and honesty, you will witness my rage, Adhiraj is my son. They all get shocked.DAheeru says if anyone dares to say a word against him, I will forget how to behave with you all, my son is my pridea Satrupa, think well before doing anything against him. Dada ji and Dadi ask Dheeru why did you not tell this to us before, you knew Adhiraj is handling Vatsalya’s case. Dheeru says Adhiraj’s identity doesn’t depend on his father’s name, his capabilities and skills are enough for his skills, the entire department praises his honesty, your family didn’t do good to question his honesty.

Dada ji asks what’s the matter. Dheeru says Satrupa has falsely accused Adhiraj for kidnapping Anami, she has used her money and power to get him suspended and arrested, she is following Baldev’s path, ask her to take the case back. Adhiraj says don’t take the matter ahead, lets leave. Dheeru says I respect you Vikram Singh ji, ask your bahu to withdraw the case, else I won’t step back, I will dig out the secrets of Lal Mahal and maybe your reputation gets at stake. Dada ji asks Satrupa is this true, did she send Adhiraj to jail. She says yes.Dadi asks are you in your senses, you didn’t feel to ask us once. Baldev says I don’t think Satrupa did wrong, both father and son were planning against us, when they got caught today, they reacted this way. Dheeru asks him to mind his tongue. Baldev says don’t shout, this is my Lal Mahal, not your house, I think Dheeru has sent Adhiraj to take revenge.

Dheeru says playing games is your nature, not mine, I have kept my children away for years to protect them from your evil influence. Baldev asks him to leave. Dheeru says your threats are hollow like you. He gets angry. Adhiraj stops him.Dheeru says I m till a co-partner in Royal Steels, I can turn your world upside down, remember this. Dada ji says calm down, I apologize to you Dheeru, we will sit and talk with peace. Dheeru says whatever your bahu did, how can you expect me to have peace, she blamed an innocent person. Satrupa says its not a false blame, its true that Adhiraj helped Anami flee, ask him. Adhiraj says I hbave already told you the truth. Satrupa says I had trusted you, I gave you responsibility to protect her, you left her to Banaras, you just lied.

Anami comes and says Adhiraj is saying true, it was my decision to go Banaras, he met me on the way, he didn’t want to leave me alone, he was worried for my safety. Satrupa says you are lying to save him. Dheeru says the woman who doesn’t believe her daughter, how can she trust others. Dada ji asks Satrupa how can’t you trust Anami. Satrupa says I can’t accept this. Anami says it was my decision, Adhiraj didn’t do anything wrong. Sudha looks on.Dheeru says I don’t see a reason to vent out frustration on my son. Satrupa says some time back, I didn’t know he is your son, he is just a culprit for me, I will get him punished. Dada ji asks her not to drag this matter. He says Dheeru don’t worry, we will take the case back. Satrupa says sorry, I won’t do this. Baldev says yes, a criminal should be punished, I m with Satrupa. Dheeru says Baldev is using his wife for his advantage, take the case back in two days, else you will face dire consequences. Adhiraj sees Anami.

Dheeru asks him to come. He leaves with Dheeru. Anami cries and goes to her room.Dada ji says there is no point in making this an issue, it would be sensible that you take the case back. Satrupa says I always obeyed you, but I can’t obey this order of yours. He shouts Satrupa. She says I don’t want to insult you, I want to ask something, if Adhiraj wasn’t Dheeru’s son, would you ask me to take case back. He says I would have supported justice. She says I don’t think so. Dadi scolds her. Satrupa says I m telling only the truth, Papa is neglecting Adhiraj’s mistake to save his company, if he was not Dheeru’s son, you would have not sympathized with him. Dada ji says I just want you to withdraw all allegations. She says sorry, I can’t do it. She goes to her room. Dadi says don’t worry, I will talk to Satrupa and explain her.

Adhiraj comes home. Tanya hugs him. She asks are you fine dad. Dheeru says they have awakened a sleeping lion, I m fine. She says please sit down, anger is not good for your health, I will get ginger tea for you, my dear dad…. Adhiraj gets a call. Dheeru says stay away from that girl if you want things not to get more complicated. Satrupa says how dare does Dheeru threaten us, Papa is asking me to withdraw the case, this time I will not give in. She sees Sudha’s broken bangle on the bed. She sees the cosmetics messed up. She gets angry and asks Baldev how did you let Sudha come here, did you want her to be with you. He says I was not in my senses. She says you were in senses when I came back, why did you not throw her out, try to understand, she is spoiling our relation.

He says no one can trap me, I m sensible. She says she is very cunning, she can cheat anyone. He says I don’t want to argue, enough. She asks can’t you see my pain, she made Anami away and now she is trying to make you away, enough, whoever tries to make me away from family, I will throw her out. Anami comes to Adhiraj’s house. Tanya takes her to Adhiraj’s room. He gets shocked seeing Anami. Yeh moh moh….plays…. Adhiraj hugs Anami. Tanya calls him out. His imagination breaks. Tanya asks Anami to sit.

Sudha says Satrupa would have got angered seeing my broken bangles on Baldev’s bed. Satrupa comes and throws the things around. She asks Sudha to pack her belongings and leave. Sudha asks why. Satrupa says I was tolerating you, you did a big mistake by stepping in my room.Adhiraj asks what are you hiding. She gives him snacks and says Madhu says if one has to apologize to someone, then one should give something which that person likes the most.

He says then your presence is enough, sit. They eat the pakodas. She says the people living in the house make it a home. She sees his trophies and says everything was going fine, your job, your career, you risked everything for my sake, why did you do it. He says yes, I risked everything and lost a lot because of you, what will we do now.

He says no job in the world can give me what you have given me, you taught me meaning of life, how could I leave you in trouble, I m ready to get suspended again and again for your sake, we can open a bhajiya/snacks store and feed it to the entire city, what’s wrong, you are feeling guilty for no reason, Satrupa is responsible for this. Tanya gets coffee for them.She says I will join you later. She goes. Anami asks is she angry with me. He says no, she is worried about the case. Anami says Satrupa will take the case back, before tomorrow morning. He asks what are you thinking. She says I will trap her in her own tricks, I will compel her to withdraw the case.

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