Family Secrets Update Sunday 18 July 2021


Family Secrets 18 July 2021:  Episode starts with pandit saying it depends on person’s wish, sacrificing hair totally or few strands, both are fine to complete the ritual. Dadi asks Anami to cut just few strands of Laddoo’s hair. He hugs Anami. Laddoo gets ready. He says we will go to meet Adhiraj. She asks will you do like this, we can’t go, we will plan when Adhiraj comes in evening. They smile. Adhiraj gets ready. He smiles thinking of Anami. Poonam teases Anami about Adhiraj. She says I can see you are eager to meet Adhiraj. Anami says anyone can hear it, be quiet. Poonam says Adhiraj has called, he is coming to meet in evening. Anami gets ready.

Adhiraj comes to Lal Mahal. Satrupa says stop right there, don’t take a step ahead. She asks how dare you help Anami flee from Lal Mahal, its my fault to allow you here, I would have thrown you out of the city. He says you should be thankful that I didn’t take action against you. She asks him to stay in his limits, he has committed a crime. He says Anami’s protection is my duty, if anything happened to her, your anger and ego would have been in vain.Dadi asks what’s happening. Satrupa says Adhiraj had helped Anami in fleeing. Adhiraj says I didn’t make her run, I was with her. Dadi asks why did you not tell us. He says I was with her for protection, you should ask Anami, I got to know who cares for Anami and who doesn’t, she asked me not to say anyone as her family was in risk, sorry, I was helpless. She says you are dreaming way too big, Anami says Lal Mahal’s princess, you are just an officer, friendship is between equal people, leave from here. He taunts her and says you don’t have your daughter with you, its just a defeated mother in front of me, I pity you.

She slaps him. He holds his anger. Servants look on. Dadi and Satrupa go inside Lal Mahal. Adhiraj leaves. He gets a call. The man says there was a call from head office, you are urgently called. Adhiraj says I will come. Anami asks about Adhiraj. Poonam jokes. Anami says you started again.Poonam teases her. She says no matter how hard you try to hide this from others, you may find yourself changed in mirror. Anami asks her not to think anything such. Poonam says you are not realizing it. Anami beats to run her. They laugh. Anami says if anyone sees me laughing, my happiness will hurt them. Poonam says I m glad seeing you laugh, I feel like I got old Anami back. Anami says no, I won’t be like before, everything and my feelings will also change. Anami wonders where did Adhiraj go.

Commissioner says I told you many times, this is a high profile, I was afraid for this, your one mistake has put the department’s respect at stake, you have helped a minor to escape from home, this is a crime legally, I can’t save you, sorry. Adhiraj gets the papers. Satrupa gets few things. Dadi comes. She says you didn’t do right by slapping Adhiraj. Satrupa asks did he do good, he cheated me and family, whoever comes between me and my daughter has to face my wrath and power. Dadi says you forgot Adhiraj is Anami’s good friend, maybe more than a friend.

Satrupa says only a mother should be close to a child in this age, there is no space for any outside in Anami’s life. Dadi says if Anami gets to know that he has insulted Adhiraj, what will you answer. Satrupa says I won’t let this question arise, I m her mum and know her good, she has to understand this.Anami says why did Adhiraj not come. Adhiraj says all charges are wrong, they are misusing powers, not me. The man asks did you help that girl or not. Adhiraj says yes, but my reasons were different. The man says enquiry committee will decide, till then you are suspended, I can’t help you. He asks Yadav to remove Adhiraj’s badge and take the gun as well. Adhiraj says this is wrong, I have not done anything wrong. Poonam says maybe Adhiraj is busy. Anami says he should have informed.

Satrupa comes and compliments. Anami says I got ready as Laddoo wasn’t liking my white clothing, I did this for his sake. Satrupa says you8 did right, have this, its a new phone for you, this is a credit card, I have talked to your college principal, you can join anytime. Anami says I won’t go college, I will work in Royal steels. Satrupa says you can finish studies first. Anami says I want to learn work, please agree. Satrupa smiles. Adhiraj recalls what happened and leaves.Dheeru saying how dare Satrupa do this with my son, Lal Mahal did the same with me, I didn’t do anything as I didn’t wish to spoil my children’s future, I won’t sit back today, its about my son’s happiness. Adhiraj hugs him and says calm down, whatever they did, law will punish them, don’t take any step in anger. Dheeru says no, I won’t let history repeat itself, they have mistaken my silence as my weakness, I will shatter their illusion, I have been quiet for long for your future, if that future is getting in darkness, I will totally break their family, no one knows their weakness better than me. Adhiraj says you won’t do anything in anger that makes me regret later, please calm down. Tanya says please, swear on me. Adhiraj makes Dheeru sit.

Dheeru says I was afraid for this day, Lal Mahal’s black shadow fell upon my children. Adhiraj says I didn’t do any mistake, why will I get punished, I can prove easily that I m innocent. Dheeru says if they make any false accusations against you, I won’t be able to stop myself, I will destroy them, I promise this to you.Dada ji says I can’t believe Adhiraj can do this with me. Dadi says maybe he gave up to Anami’s adamancy, Anami is not so immature that she leaves the house without any reason, I tried to ask, she didn’t answer. Pujan says Baba called me, so I have come. Dada ji says I have signed the form, our Avdhoot is going London for studies. Pujan says Avdhoot will take up all the responsibilities in future. Anami calls Adhiraj. He doesn’t answer. She calls again,.

He answers. She jokes. He asks is there any work. She asks why didn’t you come to meet me, you are my close friend, tell me. Adhiraj sees officers at the door. She asks what happened, tell me. Adhiraj reads the letter. She asks is everything fine. Adhiraj drops the phone. He gets arrested. She asks are you okay. She worries.Satrupa thinks of Anami’s words. Dadi asks what’s the matter, tell me. Satrupa says Anami’s behavior has changed, I understand her sorrow, but now she is fond of us, she wants to manage Royal steels, something isn’t right. Dadi says you should be happy, Anami must manage Royal steels, this was our dream. Satrupa says there is something. Dadi says maybe she wants to be busy in work to suppress her pain, you should support her. Satrupa says I want her to complete studies. Dadi says I want her to do whatever makes her happy. Satrupa agrees. Dadi says Avdhoot got admission in London’s college, where Vatsalya was going for studies, I m glad Anami is accepting this house, Vikram will be pleased knowing this. Tanya says leave my brother, you can’t take him, he is a honest officer. Adhiraj says they are doing their duty, I will prove all allegations wrong, don’t worry about me. She cries and says those people should go jail, who have falsely accused you. He hugs her and goes. She calls Dheeru and says answer the call. She gets Dheeru’s call. He says I was in meeting. She says police has arrested Adhiraj, come soon. He gets angry.

Poonam says sorry, I left as Satrupa came here, don’t be sad, call Adhiraj from my phone, who gave this new phone. Anami says Satrupa. Poonam likes the phone and says call Adhiraj, what did he say. Anami says nothing, I couldn’t talk to him properly, something is wrong that he wants to hide, I felt his voice tensed, I have to meet him, I m going. Commissioner calls Satrupa and says I took immediate action on your complaint against Adhiraj. She says Adhiraj has to understand the result of taking the law into his hands, I don’t want him to get released so soon. Daamo says you are giving a big punishment to Adhiraj, he didn’t help Anami elope, she has admitted that she had fled by her will, he was just protecting her. Satrupa says he was trying to make Anami away from me, I can even kill him for this mistake, its necessary to show him his place.

Anami comes to CBI office. She looks for Adhiraj. The man says you are Anami right. She says yes, I want to meet Adhiraj. The man says sorry, he is suspended, he is in lockup. She asks what did he do. He says don’t know, he is taken to police headquarters. She runs out. Dadi says I was waiting for you, its imp meeting in Royal steels, we should leave. Baldev gets dizzy. Dadi and Satrupa worry. He says I will just get BP medicine and come. Satrupa says I will stay with you. He says no, you can leave, I will just come. Dadi and Satrupa leave. Baldev faints. Sudha holds her and shouts to Narottam and Naina. She asks Baldev what happened. Naina asks what happened to him. Sudha asks her to call doctor fast. Naina asks shall I call family. Sudha says no need, I will manage. Anami comes to police station and says I want to meet Adhiraj, its very imp. Constable says sorry, I can’t help, you may leave. The man says she is from Lal Mahal. Constable asks her to go. Anami sees Adhiraj in lock up and cries. He sees her.



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