Faltu Starlife update Friday 5 April 2024

Faltu 5 April 2024: The Episode starts with Ruhaan saying shall I try to help or not, if she creates a scene then, what shall I do. Sid asks Ayaan how are you feeling. Tanu asks do you want something, your car sank in water. Ayaan asks for Faltu.

Tanu asks Sid to go and get medicines. She sends him. She says everyone is worried for you, you should have not gone out, just worry for yourself, not Faltu, sorry, if I tell you about her, you can’t handle it. Faltu sees Ruhaan. She scolds him. Tanu says Faltu is with Ruhaan. Ayaan says no, my Faltu can’t do this.

Tanu shows Ruhaan and Faltu to Ayaan. Ayaan cries. Ruhaan offers help. Faltu scolds him. Tanu stops Sid from going to them and lies to her. She says maybe Faltu and Ruhaan really have something going on, we should go to Ayaan, he needs us. Ayaan falls. Sid holds him. Faltu asks Ruhaan to leave. She says a person pays for his mistakes, remember this and be ready. Ruhaan goes. Sid sees Faltu. Faltu says I will go and see Ayaan once. Tanu says Ayaan is much emotional. She stops Faltu. She asks what is Ruhaan doing here. Faltu says I will go and meet Ayaan. Tanu says don’t go there, Ayaan doesn’t want to meet you, he is very angry, he said he doesn’t want to see you, sorry. She cries. Sid comes and scolds Faltu.

Faltu says fine, I will never show my face to him. Tanu asks her to listen. Faltu leaves. Janardhan and Savita are worried. Savita says we will go to the hospital. Sumitra says call them and ask if they are coming home. Tanu and Sid come. Tanu says Faltu will not come now. Faltu thinks of Ayaan and cries. She says what will happen by having such a relation. Ayaan says I hate you Faltu, go away from here. Faltu says I don’t want to meet you, you killed my trust, I promise I will never meet you. Ayaan gets hyper. Nurse stops him.

Janardhan says I knew Faltu won’t come leaving Ayaan there, she cares for him. Tanu says Faltu left, Ruhaan came to take her. Dadi asks why will she do this, she knows what happened here. Tanu says I told her. She lies to them. Savita cries and says she chose her way. Tanu says Ayaan was panicking, he was given sleep medicines. Sid says Faltu’s name will anger him. Savita gets angry on Faltu. She cries for Ayaan.

Faltu borrows a phone to call Charan. She says how shall I tell this to Charan, he will worry a lot.

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