Faltu Starlife update Saturday 23 December 2023

Faltu 23 December 2023: The Episode starts with Sid saying I can do anything for Tanu’s happiness. Kanika says thanks, you also want Ayaan and Tanisha to not get separated, find out Faltu and also the person who created this page. He asks her not to worry, he will find Faltu. He says Tanu, don’t worry, your happiness means a lot to me. Tanu thanks Sid. Sid goes. She asks did Ayaan do this, did he create this page, who knows, he is doing all this. Kinshuk says we have to play a game, Antakshari. The family plays the game.

They sing and dance. Faltu sees Ayaan. Sid sings a romantic song for Tanu and smiles. Ayaan is lost. He thinks of Faltu. Faltu recalls Vishal and the girl taking Ayaan’s name. Tanisha also sings a romantic song for Ayaan. Its Ayaan’s turn. Kinshuk gets a guitar for Ayaan. Everyone claps. Ayaan plays the music.

He sings Ek vaari aa bhi ja yara…. Faltu hears him and cries. Ayaan gets sad. Tanu and Kanika worry. Sid says you can sing the song for anyone, the game rule wasn’t that you have to sing for a partner, you are thinking of someone and singing, Tanu is here. Ayaan says I sang what came to my mind. He leaves.

Ayaan calls Faltu. Her phone is switched off. He throws his phone in anger. Faltu comes and picks the phone. He says sorry, my mood is bad, did you see any girl outside. She says no, I didn’t see anyone, I was busy making pakoras. Ayaan asks him to think well. He shows Faltu’s pic. She thinks he is after me, he heard Kinshuk’s voice, how shall I get rid of him.

Tanu says I was looking for you, you are talking to Rocky, what were you talking. Ayaan lies. He says I was explaining him to not leave the work, we will keep his GF here. Faltu makes him away when he holds her. Ayaan asks where are you running away. He catches her. Tanu jokes on the touchy friendship. Rocky says I don’t like hugs and kisses, I m not that type of guy. Ayaan asks am I that guy, you are showing attitude. Faltu says I have a GF, explain him. Ayaan goes with Tanu.

Rocky asks why is he restless, because he doubts I m around, does he want to meet me, why. Its morning, Faltu comes back to Mittal house. Faltu gets the chawl guy’s call. He reminds about the match. She says I will take some rest and come. She turns and sees Tanu. Tanu asks who were you talking to. Faltu says no one. Tanu says you want to go but stay back, Ayaan likes you a lot. Faltu thinks he ruined my life. Tanu says everyone likes you a lot, just stay back for some days until Ayaan gets fine, I m sounding selfish but his health is imp to me, you can ask for money or any help, I know you also worry for Ayaan. She goes.

Faltu says I have no emotions left for him, you did many favors on me, your mum and Ayaan did wrong with me, but you always helped me. Ayaan says I gave a file to Rocky and asked him to give it to you, where is it. Tanu says I gave it to Kanika. He says I have to check the transactions. She says mom said she will check it. He says I will go and ask Kanika. Kanika says I have checked the file and sent it to office. She asks Tanu to come and help her. Tanu goes.

He gets a call. The man says Faltu is going to play a match today, Rajan confirmed it, I have sent you the details. Ayaan thanks him. He says Faltu, I will try my best to find you, lets see who wins.

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