Faltu Starlife update Saturday 2 March 2024

Faltu 2 march 2024: The Episode starts with Ayaan hearing the reporter and getting angry. Faltu asks him to calm down. Tanu asks Kanika to bid and buy the house for Mittals. She begs Kanika. Kanika says I can’t do this, else everyone will think I m the culprit.

Tanu says please you love your reputation than my happiness, can you see me sad, its time to prove your love. She bids for the house. Janardhan cries and thinks of the family moments. He sees Dadi sleeping in her room and apologizes. Ayaan says what can we expect from Kanika. Faltu says Kanika and Tanu shouldn’t get this house. She prays. Sumitra says I didn’t know our house will have so much demand. She asks Tanu to raise the bid amount.

Tanu asks Kanika to bid for a bigger amount. She says 50 crores. Kanika asks have you lost your mind. Tanu holds Ayaan’s handand says we will get this house, and stay happy. Sumitra asks Sid to remember, Tanu will never leave Ayaan and come to him. Ayaan scolds Tanu. Tanu says I promise, I really want to buy this house and give it to you. Ruhaan comes and bids for 70 crores. Everyone is shocked. Kanika says I can’t make a deal, please Tanu, we have to stop now. Ruhaan wins the auction. Janardhan gets an attack. He collapses. Sumitra taunts Sid. She says we lost the house.

Sid says Tanu, maybe this house isn’t in our fate. Amar sees Janardhan and runs to him. He asks what happened. He runs to Ayaan and says Janardhan fell. Everyone runs to see. Sumitra stops Sid. Kanika stops Tanu. Ruhaan smiles and thinks I will raise up, and you will fall down, congrats for your second defeat, I bought this house for Shanaya, you all have to pay for this. Ayaan asks Faltu to get water. He asks Kinshuk to call the ambulance. They rush Janardhan to the hospital. Dadi worries for Janardhan. Kinshuk asks her to take rest. She cries. Tanu and Sid come. Dadi asks them to get out. Shanaya refuses to have food. Ruhaan says I bought the Mittal house for you. She thanks and hugs him. She thanks him. She says now they don’t have to leave that house. He stops her and says you can’t go there.

She says I have to tell Faltu that she can stay in her house, I will also stay with her, we will practice cricket, I want to surprise Faltu. He says let me do this, I promise, I will give the file to them. Ayaan calls his friend and asks for help. Kinshuk gets Dadi to the hospital. Ayaan asks what happened to her. Faltu says I don’t know. Kinshuk says she learnt about dad and fell unwell. Doctor says Janardhan suffered a heart attack, deposit 1.5 lakhs at the counter. Daima asks will you give the papers to them. Ruhaan says no, I can never help Janardhan, I can take revenge on him, but Shanaya has become their threat, Shanaya thinks she can play cricket, we know this can never happy, she is happy with Faltu, go and see her. He says just Faltu can help me in Shanaya’s matter.

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