Faltu Starlife update Monday 12 February 2024

Faltu 12 February 2024: The Episode starts with the chawl guys telling Faltu about a lawyer Ram Kriplani. The guy says he is a nice man, if he agrees then it will be good, I will try to make you meet him. Faltu says I will meet him and convince him.

Akshay says we have no proof. She says we will get a proof, we have to wait for Tanisha’s blunder. She leaves. She comes home and sees Janardhan and Savita crying for Ayaan. Suhana says we don’t know how is Ayaan. Faltu says don’t worry, he will be fine. Suhana gives some money to her and says please save Ayaan.

Faltu says I will ask for help when I need, keep the money. Kinshuk says I also got my savings, we will be glad to help. She says I just need your support in finding a proof for Ayaan’s innocence, come with me. Sid says the proof will get burnt forever, and Tanu will be in my arms forever.

Tanu comes and shouts Sid. She takes the file. He says I m doing this to help you, we will get trapped if Faltu gets it, let me burn this. She asks how will I get Ayaan freed if this file gets burnt.

He says you can just withdraw the case. She says I will keep the case. She goes. Faltu says I didn’t get anything in the office. Suhana says Tanu is very clever. Tanu goes to Kanika and says we have to keep these files safe, Sid was burning these files today. Kanika asks what, where will you hide it. Tanu says we have to hide it at home, but where. Its morning, Savita asks where are the servants. Faltu comes and asks what happened. Savita says the servants went on leave. Amar says they left forever. Savita asks how can they go. Tanu says I have fired them, I m the bahu of this house, this house is mortgaged to me, no one can stop me from taking decisions. Kumkum asks who will do the work now. Tanu says Faltu. Janardhan and Kinshuk come, saying our payments aren’t getting through. Tanu says I got your accounts freezed. Janardhan asks why.

She says you aren’t doing anything for Ayaan, you still kept Faltu at home, ask Faltu where was she last night. Dadi asks Faltu to say. Tanu says we went to office at night to steal something. Faltu says I went to get a proof for Ayaan’s innocence, I wanted to give you a good news, but I didn’t get anything. Tanu says you don’t need to work hard, I will give you the proof, just decide to leave this house. She asks them to explain her. She says I have removed all the servants, now Faltu will do all the work. Janardhan says Faltu is this house’s bahu, not any maid that she will do your work. Faltu cries happily. Dadi and Savita smile.

Tanu says Faltu has to do the work else… Janardhan says do anything you want, we don’t want to stay here, its better we leave this house. Tanu asks why are you waiting, leave. Sid comes. Janardhan says its good you have come, you get peace seeing our insult, right. Sid asks what happened. Tanu says its your mistake to choose Faltu over the house. Faltu says we won’t leave this house, its our house, you aren’t the house owner, I will do the work if Tanu gets happy. She asks Janardhan to please understand. She says I can do anything to get this house for you, I will handle everything. Tanu says I feel emotional seeing her sacrifices, you can stay here, I will come to free you all from the trouble when she fails. Faltu says I have my family with me. Tanu orders food and coffee and asks Faltu to clean her room too. Faltu rushes to make food.

Janardhan says Tanisha wants to snatch our roof, I insulted Faltu and she has become our shield, Ayaan was right, I was wrong, I couldn’t know Faltu. Faltu says I won’t let dad’s trust break. Ayesha asks how will you gather proof now if you get busy in work. Faltu says I can get proof, I will find it at home. She offers help to Amar. He says I feel bad seeing you do the work, I will do it. She says no, I will handle it. He asks how do you smile in such times. She says this way. She smiles. Tanu and Sid come. Faltu says I have to take care of you. Tanu says be careful else you can land in jail. Sid says we have to go for office. Faltu says drink the special juice and go. Suhana and Kinshuk look on. Sid and Tanu drink the juice and cough. They get angry. Faltu says I had put Lauki, karela and Neem, you are health conscious, right, but you didn’t like it. Tanu says I know what you are trying to do. Faltu jokes. Sid and Tanu leave. Kinshuk says you taught them a good lesson. Faltu says they wanted to have it, what could I do, we will go and check their rooms.

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