Face Female Genital Mutilation not Chivalry – Daddy freeze writes Chimamanda on Feminism

We are yet to hear the last of feminism  weeks after the highly read and influential Nigerian Authour, Chimamanda Adiche appeared on ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ to talk about her book “Dear Ijeawele, or a Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions”

In the process of the interview, she aired her opinion concerning male chivalry and the intentions behind it. In her words:

“I think gestures like holding the door shouldn’t be gender-based. I’m quite happy for people to hold the door for me. But I hope they’re not doing it because of this sort of idea of chivalry.

Because chivalry is really about the idea that women are somehow weak and need protecting. But we know that really, there are many women who are stronger than many men.”

Consequence to this statement, she has received widespread media backlash and publicity from those who support or negate her opinion. And more recently, the controversial OAP Daddy freeze also wrote an open letter to chimamanda Adiche on his blog.

In his letter, he urged Chimamanda to focus on other female issues like genital mutilation, religious sychopancy, female mentality and so on. Find excerpt from the letter below:

“Dear Chimam anda,
yesterday, while driving home from our online church service held on the radio, I saw a broken down danfo bus. All the women remained on the bus, while the men assisted the conductor in pushing the bus, as the driver tried his best to jump-start it.

Seeing this, I realized that no matter how hard you try to propagate your feminist ideology, your own gender will continue to let you down because of both nature and nurture.

In the #FreeNation in Christ, despite the Bible leaning otherwise (the Bible is a sexist book, whether it pleases you or not), we propagate equality and gender neutrality to as far a degree as logic allows it.

However, it takes wisdom to know the extent to which we can tamper with the innate characteristics of both genders, without stirring up unwanted consequences.

The other day you spoke of chivalry in a cute way, although your understanding of the word seemed questionable, your motives were nonetheless benign. Howbeit, the shortcomings of your ideologies were highlighted by an Dana Loesch, American activist who reminded you that the issue of genital mutilation, where Nigeria occupies a top rank, should be a greater priority for you and by me after the Danfo bus incident I witnessed yesterday, which led me to the deduce that women have the congenital contention that men must bear the greater weight of a physical burden.

Another situation I implore you to delve into, is the fact that women occupy a pivotal role in religious brainwashing, as most of the false churches and charlatan GOs use them as a ‘point of contact’ to enslave their husbands and children, lending credence to Willie Lynch’s letter, ‘The making of a Slave’ where he stated: “special attention must be placed on females” and “CONCENTRATE ON THE FUTURE GENERATION. Therefore, if you break the female mother, she will break the offspring in the early years of development!” ~FRZ



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