Evil Affairs starlife update Sunday 26 May 2024

The Episode starts with Suguna telling Sumitra that this is vidhi kalash. Nikki says how did it come here? Sumitra picks the kalash and says it is my kalash and not Vidhi kalash. Vikram asks Sumitra if she is sure that this is not Vidhi kalash. Sumitra says yes, she is sure.

She says she will keep it. Suguna comes behind her and says this is the same kalash which Nikki had taken. Sumitra says yes, this is the same kalash. She asks if you want to know, why I lied to Nikki, and says she don’t want Nikki to be scared. Suguna asks if this means that Dayan will come to Bhurangarh. Sumitra opens the kalash and it is empty. She says I will keep it in the secret room of the rasams.

Saudamini comes to Suguna and asks her to boil water for her and put flower petals in her water. Suguna asks do you think that I am a servant and says only Vikram and Sumitra can order her. Saudamini says right now she can’t order her, and she will ask Rachna. Suguna gets upset and says don’t know until when we have to bear her.

Piyush comes to Nikki and holds her. He says he is happy to see her fine. Nikki tells him that she felt Dayan’s presence and the place was scaring. She says I fainted, thankfully didn’t die. Sumitra comes to the rasm’s room and keep the kalash. Kalash flies in air. Sumitra looks back. Prateik comes to Vikram and asks him to do something. Vikram asks shall I go to Malik and present my head to him.

Saudamini talks to someone and says they got Malik’s blessings. She says she will call him there soon and they will get wealthy. Nikki asks with whom she is talking to? Saudamini says nobody, as Bhavani Singh has taken her phone saying nobody is allowed to talk outside Bhurangarh. Nikki asks when she is going. Saudamini says in 2-3 days. Nikki says she will do her bidaai.

Vikram comes to Sumitra holding the bouquet and wishes her happy birthday my Queen. Sumitra says you knows about my birthday even in this situation. Vikram says he will make arrangements to celebrate her birthday. She refuses to celebrate saying they have danger to their lives due to Dayan. Nikki comes there and says she wants to talk to Sumitra. She apologizes to Sumitra for whatever happened, and says she will not break the promise. She says it seems Dayan will not come, as 1 day passed.

Dayan sees two men and traps them. The men take her to the cave. One of the guy tries to get closer to her and tells her about Dayan. She acts afraid and asks about Dayan’s eyes. The guy looks in her eyes.

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