Evil Affairs starlife update Monday 6 May 2024

The Episode starts with Nikki finds blood on the nail of the chair. She thinks someone was here, was went before I came here. She checks on the chair, Saudamini hides and thinks Nikki is very clever. Kapalika waits for someone and kicks the demon there. Kaal Mukhi comes there and tells that he was waiting for the bad mahurat and that’s why he came.

Kapalika says you know the past and present. He says that’s why you bear me. She asks him to make kundali. He asks if she wants to make Choti bahu’s kundali. He says for that, he needs her skin, hair and nail. Suddenly Nikki feels pain in her tattoo and finds herself in a beautiful world. She asks where did I come suddenly? She runs to chases the butterfly, while the song plays…..She looks in the water and smiles. Suddenly she sees herself as the princess as the reflection in the small pond asking her to identify her. Just then an arrow comes and hits the reflection in the water. The reflection vanishes and the place becomes dark, black and dry. Just then an arrow guy comes there and attacks Nikki with the sword.

Nikki gets hurt on her hand and looks at his masked face, trying to identify his eyes. He jumps to stab sword in her. Her nightmare ends, and she finds the injury mark on her hand which turns into birth mark. She thinks this birth mark was on her hand since birth, and thinks of Sister Anita’s words that past birth injuries becomes birth marks. She asks herself to chill. The girl calls her and asks her to identify herself. Nikki asks what do you want to get from me, else I will think that you are my imagination. The girl says time has not come still and asks her to go behind someone two steps ahead to find the secrets. Nikki cries and says I will get mad.

Rachna tells Saudamini about the key which is with Vikram. Saudamini says she will get it and asks when did they become royals. Rachna says few eras before, and says there is some ancestral book kept in the basement. Saudamini asks the way for it. Rachna tells about the map in the old room. Saudamini says she will read the book and will share half treasure with her. Rachna smiles. Saudamini gives her bracelet and asks her to be happy. Rachna goes.

Piyush comes to Nikki and asks why she didn’t get ready yet. Nikki tells him that strange thing happened with her in the night, and she has traveled the time and reached a place. He says then someone attacked me. He recalls his first wife’s death and hugs her with the fear of losing her like he lost her. He says this is the rasmein’s trauma impact and says just as they complete, we will leave from here. Nikki tells that since she came here, it is full of mysteries, and she feels herself as the part of mysteries and says whenever I feel lost, a small girl’s voice motivates me. Piyush says it is your imagination, and asks her not to worry. He asks her to come down soon.

On the dining table, Vikram asks Saudamini, how was her experience here? Saudamini says more good than 5 star hotel. She eyes his keys and thinks to make her slave of her beauty. Nikki notices her behavior and finds injury on her finger, thinking she was in the courtroom last night. Saudamini tells Vikram that she wants to see Bhurangarh and asks him to take her out. Sumitra tells Vikram that they have to send someone trustworthy with her. She tells Saudamini that she is sending Vikram with her, as exploring Bhurangarh alone can be tricky for outsiders. Vikram and Saudamini leaves. Others leave too. Sumitra asks Nikki, what she is thinking? Nikki says you had said that outsiders are not allowed, then why she is staying here. Sumitra says there is a difference between cordially invited guest and uninvited guest. Nikki tells that she is getting off feeling from her. Sumitra asks her to think about the 13 Amavasya’s rasmein and tells that they are very important and nobody in our family and clan ever got the chance to do these rasmein. She says this means Malik likes you and expecting a lot from you. She says no mistake shall happen.

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