Broken Bonds update Wednesday 25 January 2023


Broken Bonds 25 January 2023: Shubhra sees the kiss mark on his cheek. Shubhra says what am I getting? You got it right? Am I wrong? She wipes his face violently. Kuldeep says what are you doing? Shubhra slaps him. Samaira says are you mad? Shubhra says yes I am. I was stupid. I kept getting hits, kept getting signs but I trusted this man who’s my husband.

Shubhra says I left everyone. I left my parents for you. Even today, I left kids just to see your face. i keep forgiving you. Keep considering your lies a truth. I stood with you with the belief that if are together, everything is okay. I was crazy. Shubhra faints. Kuldeep says call a doctor.

Doctor checks Shubhra. Kuldeep drags out Samaira. He says why did you have come in front of Shubhra? I was taking her to the hotel. I could handle it but you came. Samaira says I couldn’t even think she could come here.

I won’t have come out otherwise and the way she was blaming me, I couldn’t see it. If anyone is wrong, that’s me. Not you. If I didn’t love you this won’t have happened. I didn’t want to hurt you. Kuldeep says don’t cry. It’s not your fault. He hugs her.

The doctor comes out. He says she’s dehydrated. Bring these medicines, she will be alright. Kuldeep looks at Shubhra. Shubhra opens her eyes and recalls the incidents from the start. What Rishi saw and how his tie was found it her bag.

And Rishi didn’t see Roli falling in the pool and Kuldeep lying he got a call from the office. She recalls Varsha and Radhika telling her. Shubhra stands up and says I want to go home. He says what are you doing? You are not well. Shubjra picks her things and walks out. She says I have to go to kids. I have to go home. Kuldeep says don’t do this. Shubhra shouts enough. Stop all this. how long will you act as nothing happened? My life is destroyed.

Stop acting innocent. Enough with your lies. He says I know you.. Shubhra says you don’t know what I am going through. Neither can you understand. How long was this going on for? And this time don’t even dare to lie. I got to know you now. Only answer me. That woman, she is living with you for a few days. You both were fooling me for so many days. Kuldeep is silent.

Scene 2
Sanjana cuts the bananas. Her husband says would he be able to eat so many bananas?? She says he has to exert out that marble. The doctor said he needs to eat all these bananas. What will I say to Shubhra if he’s not okay? He says relax, don’t worry. Kids are like that.

Rishi and Roli see the X-ray and try to find dice in it. Roli says I will tell everyone you swallowed in a dice. He says stop. Roli runs out. Roli says Amul, she shouts in the balcony Rishi ate a dice. It will come out in his excretion. Sanjana’s husband says he’s fine now. Look at them.

Kuldeep says believe me. Please. It only started a few days back. Before that, there was no such thing. Shubhra says on the anniversary day.. He nods. Samaira looks at them. Kuldeep says I went to meet Samaira that day for work. It started there, I don’t know, how. We kept bonding in this relationship. After that.. Shubhra says you never even tried to stop it.

You decided to keep your wife in dark and roam around with your girlfriend. Move here with your gf and say it’s a job. And Shubhra won’t even know? She grasps his collar and says what was my fault that you gave me such a big punishment? What was my fault? Trusting you and loving me? Was there any shortcoming in my love that you had to go to someone else? You cheated on me, why? She screams and cries.

What is so special in that Samaira that you forgot your 12 years long marriage, your 2 kids, you left everything and went away with her. In one day what did she do that you forgot everything? She took you away from us. We promised to stay together in happy and sad moments. I did everything. She cries and sobs. You took your handoff. I couldn’t even know when you left my hand. She sobs. When Rishi fell, you were not there. Remember? When Roli drowned, you were not there. Whenever the kids needed you, you were not there. She shoves him and shouts and you told me I am not a good mother?

Scene 3
Sanjana says eat this banana and sleep. Roli says tell us a story. Sanjana says I will tell you the story of your papa and mama. And how their love story started. They met at college. Rishi says how it starts in the movies? Sanjana says yes. Sanjana says one day your Aaju baba found out. He got super angry. Roli says he’s such an angry guy. When we.. Sanjana says don’t say that about elders. Sanjana says your Aaju baba locked mama in one room. Your papa got upset. Roli says it’s the same in fairy tales. Prince takes the princess. Roli says what’s next? Rishi says quite.

Sanjana says your mama’s prince charming took mama with him. Roli says yayy papa is so brave. He is my hero. Sanjana says papa took mama with him. He said he will always keep her happy. Roli says that’s why mama went to him today. It’s their special day. Rishi says aai must be so happy.

Shubhra grabs Kuldeep’s collar and says because of you I left my studies, my parents, everythign. He says you didn’t do a favor on me. If I liked you, you also liked me. I gave up on my family as well because of you. My MBA degree, my dreams. It all went up in the air all because of you. To complete your demands, I had to give up on my dreams. Shubhra says demads? What have I ever demanded from you and what did you give me? I was happy about yours and your kids’happiness. What else did I want?

Samaira comes and says I know Shubhra after knowing all this you must be hurt. We didn’t want to hurt you that’s why we kept it hidden. Shubhra says stop Samaira ji, this is between me and my husband. I don’t like an outsider speaking in my family matter. Samaira says I don’t agree, you’re talking about me and my relationship with Kuldeep. It’s my right ot speak. And you have to listen. Even if you hate. When and how it happened doesn’t matter now. The truth is that Kuldeep and I love each other. We live together. How to react to this situation depends on you. You have to make a decision for yourself and the kids.


And yes, if Kuldeep wants to save this marriage and leave me, I will agree to it and go away from both of you. But if that happens, Kuldeep will also lose his job. The job that can give you and your kids a happy and safe life. If we work together, this relationship can’t stop. If he wants to leave you and continue his relationship with me, that’s his choice. In that condition, he would want to leave you. That’s what I think. Right, Kuldeep? Samaira says but you know what, it’s not such a big deal in these modern times.

There’s a third option as well. An option that won’t trouble either of us. You know Kuldeep cares for you. Even if you don’t trust him, I have seen him being worried for you and your kids. He wants to give you guys everything. That’s why when he got the joining bonus he sent all the amount to you. But life is about moving forward. He also has a right to fulfill his dreams. If someone recognized his talent and gave him this post of VP, it’s benefiting you and the kids. You can accept this relationship in exchange for it. Can’t you do that? Shubhra says what do you want? Samaira says I am saying we can both stay in Kuldeep’s life.

Samaira says I have no problem with being called Kuldeep’s gf. I don’t want to get into a marriage mess, but I won’t deny the fact that I am in love with Kuldeep and he loves me as well. I am possessive about him. Shubhra touches her mangalsutra. Samaira says he’s only mine. She holds his hand. Samaira says only mine. You came to his life before me. You stay as his wife, I don’t mind. Give him enough freedom that he gives me love along with you. Shubhra says you’re asking me to share my husband with you? Samaira says don’t be so filmy. It isn’t easy for me either to share him with you. I love Kuldeep. But you know what.. We are different. You’re not independent like me. You can’t run your own house.

Your expenditure, your kids’ future, what would happen to that? What will you do if Kuldeep’s salary stops coming? What is your decision? Shubhra slaps Samaira. Kuldeep is shocked. Shubhra says educated yet disgusting mentality. How did you even think I would agree on your disgusting thoughts? Kuldeep says Samaira are you okay? Samaira rubs her cheek and looks at Kuldeep.

Kuldeep says what you did was right? You can’t use your hand. That’s also disgusting. Shubhra says really? So this woman gave the proposal to me to live a corner and raise your kids, and she lives with you, do you accept that? Shubhra says why not? Your marriage is failed already. You only caged your husband. You became a hindrance to his success. It’s his kindness that he still wants to do something for you and the kids. And even I. Otherwise, why would we care how would you live and what will your kids do? Even if you think now you did something by slapping me in my own house, no one is more selfish than you. You wanna make the most out of this opportunity. Shubhra says I am taking advantage of my own marriage? You can say that it’s not your fault. You don’t know what a marriage is. You lured a married man and took him away from his wife and kids. True lovers don’t wreck homes. The woman who does that, you know what is she called.

Samaira says I don’t care. Better question yourself. Is your marriage broken because of me or was it already broken? There were many problems with you. My timing was wrong that you got a chance to blame me. Shubhra says I am not like you. If you think our relationship was broken, you’re wrong. Love and marriage include anger, being mad. You’re upset with people who are yours. You face and solve them together. No run away. I told you, you get upset with your own people. You’re a stranger. I won’t be upset with you. I am upset with my own. My own people have given me this bruise. I left everything for Kuldeep. Compromised in everything so our marriage can stay strong.

There was some dust on our relationship, it could be cleaned. But you left it considering it dirt. This isn’t how a relationship is. She asks Kuldeep how did you like what she said? What do you want to do? Kuldeep looks away. Shubhra says what should I consider your silence? That you don’t know what you have to do? I know what I have to do.

Shubhra takes off her mangalsutra and says I would rather call it off. Kuldeep is shocked. He recalls their wedding. Shubhra gives it in his hand.

Scene 2
Rishi wakes up. He says aai.. Sanjana says what happened? Mama will be back. Sleep.

Shubhra says today is karwa chauth, every woman prays for her husband’s long life. I will even today pray for your long life. Because you have to see the consequence of what you are doing. Kuldeep says Shubhra.. Samaira says let it be Kuldeep. Don’t burn your blood for her. Kuldeep goes upstairs. Shubhra picks her bag and leaves. Samaira stops Shubhra and says take your drama stuff back. It’s her bag. Samaira says a woman like you.. sanskari (cultured) woman doesn’t hit anyone. But you lost. What could you do? You had to let your frustration out. You lost. The pain on rejection is on your face. You’re already dead, so I didn’t have to react to your slap. She grasps her face and says now you know Kuldeep hates you and doesn’t even want to see your face. And you were saying what people call women like me. You had to bend down to me even if you were his life. Now tell me who lost and who won. Never dare to come between me and Kuldeep. You will have to bend down every time. I don’t like losing. She shows her the door. Shubhra leaves.

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