Eternal Love Update Saturday 13 February 2021


Eternal Love 13 February 2021: The Episode starts with Suman saying Netra can’t give more offs to Sonakshi. Rohit asks Sonakshi not to worry and go for the shoot. Some time back, Rohit comes and says so much love between Saas and Bahu. Veena asks can just you love her. He says let me love her first, you have seen the last night pic. Sonakshi feels shy. Veena laughs and says fine, you can love her. She goes. Rohit and Sonakshi have a talk. She asks him to help in unpacking. Pari says I m ready. Suman says go for audition. Pari asks why can’t I go to get Sonakshi for pagphere. Pulkit says let her come.

Sonakshi arranges her clothes. Rohit asks why so many sarees, why, where are other clothes, denims, hot shorts, tops. She says I m married now.He says saree is boring, no one wears sarees in our house. She says research a bit, saree is nice. She gives examples of romantic hindi songs. Sonakshi is seen dancing as Madhuri and Sushmita on the songs. She asks Rohit to say now, saree is… He says s*xy…. He hugs her. She says I was just busy in my work, its a big family and I want to keep them happy, I used to like family scenes in shoot, director used to say cut and everything got over, but this is my real life. He says even I m very happy, do anything, but don’t do any surgery in my hospital. She laughs and says I won’t. He says this is not a tv serial, no one will say cut. He holds her.

Vimmi knocks and says Pulkit and Pari have come. Sonakshi goes and hugs Pulkit and Pari. Pulkit says we have come to take you home for Sonakshi, Rohit can pick you tomorrow. Rohit asks what, will she stay there tonight. Veena and Pooja say aw. Sukhmani asks Tanya to get her glasses. Pari stops Tanya and says I will go, you are pregnant, take rest. She goes to Rohan. He says you here. She helps him wear his tee. She says when you got shot, I was so scared, I realized that I really love you, I can’t live without you, I don’t care our relation has any name or not. Her bracelet falls there. Rohan gets close to her. Sonakshi comes home and hugs Suman.

Netra says I just came to give cheque to Suman, there is much work tomorrow, shift is long. She goes. Sonakshi gets Veena’s call. Sonakshi says I just came home. Veena says Naren’s cousin is coming from Jakarta, she is coming to meet you, stay at home tomorrow, best part is they watch your show and they are excited to see you, take care. Sonakshi says okay, bye. She says Veena wants me to take an off. Suman asks how can this happen, call her and tell her that this isn’t possible. Vimmi cleans Rohan’s room. She gets Pari’s bracelet. She says Tanya leaves any precious thing anywhere. She gives it to Tanya. Tanya asks whose bracelet is it. He says it will be yours, you would have forgotten it. She smiles.

Suman says call Veena and tell her that your work is imp. Sonakshi says they are coming to meet me. Suman says Veena should have called me and apologized. Sonakshi asks why did Jitesh call Veena, ask him to apologize, I won’t do the event. Suman says I already took the advance. Sonakshi says return it, I won’t do any event. Suman says Sonakshi has become Sonakshi Sippy.Veena says Deepa, you have to be there tomorrow, I don’t know anything. Pooja says Sundari aunty is coming tomorrow, I will make sure that the entire family comes on time. Veena says my Pooja, I feel you should have been my daughter, I miss Nishi so much, I asked Sonakshi to take an off and stay at home. Deepa looks upset. Akash looks on. Sonakshi talks to Rohit on video call. Pari says hi, my handsome Jiju. Rohit jokes. Rohan says Rohit, you are lucky to get a hot and happening Sister-in-law. Rohan and Pari flirt indirectly and go. Rohit says mom is calling, I will talk later. Sonakshi says you are coming to take me tomorrow. He says I m missing you so much, I can come now. She says there is a little problem. Suman says I will tell him, Veena is pressurizing Sonakshi to take off tomorrow, Netra can’t give her offs. Rohit says I will talk to mom, you finish the shoot, no compromise in work, mom will understand, I m sure.

Suman says thanks. She goes. Rohit says I solved your problem, I have a right to come there, I m afraid to sleep alone. Sonakshi asks really, you can’t come here. He says challenge accepted.Akash asks Deepa not to get upset. Deepa says Veena will show off just Sonakshi in front of Sundari aunty, she never gave values to me, Sonakshi works, I also work, but Veena just favors Sonakshi. He says you mean a world to me, we will get married, give me a tight hug, go home and message me. She hugs him and smiles. She leaves. Rohit calls Pulkit and asks where is Sonakshi. Suman asks Sonakshi to sleep now. Sonakshi says wake me up early.

Suman says sleep in my room, your room AC isn’t working well after that fire incident, I will sleep in your room. Sonakshi says its late, no scope that Rohit will come, I will sleep. Suman sleeps. Rohit comes inside the room. He asks Sonakshi did you sleep, I have come to fulfill the challenge. He hears her snoring and asks do you snore, its fine, I haven’t seen a more beautiful girl like you, I wish to hug you and sing the song Tumhe jo maine dekha… He sees Suman and screams. Suman screams and shouts Rohit… He says you… She asks what are you doing here. He says its Sonakshi’s room, what are you doing here. Sonakshi and Pulkit come. Rohit says I came here to fulfill your challenge, you asked me to come and sleep with you.

Suman says Rohit will make me mad. He says its Sonakshi’s room, Pulkit kept main door open for me, he could have told me. Pulkit says I didn’t know. Suman asks for water. Sonakshi says come with me to mumma’s room. Rohit says no, its not in my fate to sleep peacefully in my Sasural. She says very sweet, you came on my saying. He says good night Suman. She says mumma… He hugs and says good night Sonakshi. She asks him to talk to Veena. He leaves. Naren asks Rohan how is his shoulder. Rohan says better, I think it won’t be easy to impress Sundari. Naren says I m sure Sonakshi will disappoint, if she can disappear from marriage, then dinner is a small thing. Rohan says Sonakshi is trying hard… Naren says she is an ideal bahu on screen, its not easy to do this in reality, I m feeling bad for Veena, she will be disappointed because of Sonakshi, mark my words.

Sonakshi asking Netra to permit her, relatives are coming to meet her. Netra asks her to decide, if her marriage or career is imp to her. Some time back, Sonakshi calls Rohit and asks him to talk to Veena. He says don’t worry, I m getting an emergency call. He answers the call and says make Preeti ready for the surgery, I m coming. Veena says don’t know, he will come for dinner or not, Sonakshi will handle it, yes. Veena thanks Tanya for shopping. She says Sundari is Naren’s cousin, she always tells how much her family helped Naren’s family, I wish she comes and goes soon. Tanya asks her not to worry. Veena says she will not like it, she praises her bahu Shweta a lot, I will make her meet Sonakshi and prove that I got the best Bahu for my Rohit, none can be perfect Bahu than Sonakshi. Tanya feels bad.


Veena calls Sonakshi. She says she isn’t answering, I will call Suman. Rohit checks Preeti’s case. He says new rupture on the walls of her heart is not good, is the patient ready, no calls and appointments, hold on. He goes to the OT. Suman asks how will Sonakshi answer, she had gone for the shoot, her two offs are over. Veena says I asked her to take an off today. Suman says she is tv’s top star, she can’t take off like this. Veena says she is my Bahu now, she should have told me. Suman says she was going to tell you, Rohit said he will talk to you, I m going to Jitesh, I will ask him to apologize to you, so that Sonakshi works again, else we will have to pay for his misbehavior with you. Veena asks driver does he know about the sets. Driver says yes.Veena says I will go and pick Sonakshi, she won’t refuse to me. Tanya says drop me to cab station, Rohan went for the wound dressing, I will go home with him. Rohan is with Pari. He says lets make this drive a long drive, Tanya is busy with mom, some guests are coming. Pari says I told mom that I have four auditions today and I will get late. Tanya calls him and asks where are you, I m at the hospital. He says sorry, Rahul had called, there is a problem at the site, so I came here, I will solve it, I will be late today, I have some imp meetings. She says fine, take care of your hand, Sundari is coming, mom gets hyper with her. He says don’t worry, please manage today, today’s meeting is imp for me. She says okay. Rohan says I m all yours. Pari says you will always be mine. She smiles.

Sonakshi says guests are coming to meet me, I have to finish work and go. Sunita says its 25 missed calls, Veena also called, Rohit didn’t check your message. Sonakshi says I don’t know what Rohit told Veena, I will talk here first and then tell Veena that I will come before dinner. Rohit gets Sonakshi’s call. Sonakshi says you didn’t inform the family that I can’t come. Rohit says you handle it. She says I m working. He says I m also working, my patient is critical, don’t call me and irritate. He ends call. She says he never behaved like this, I didn’t want to disturb him. Netra comes. Sonakshi says its good you have come, can I go home soon, relatives are coming to meet me, Veena wants me at home. Netra says explain them that we can’t take work lightly, its imp for us to get this show on the top. Sonakshi says I totally agree, Rohit is also stuck in an emergency, I m bahu of that house, I have to be there.

Netra says you are my show’s heroine, this is also an emergency, you left the marriage to save the show, you are doing this today. Sonakshi says I will go home early, there won’t be issue, I will finish the pending work tomorrow, we have made adjustments for Sumit and others before. Netra says you are my show heroine and also a good friend, if you can’t fulfill the commitment, I will let you go, I have an advice, you just got married, you need to decide what is imp for you, your marriage or your career, I realized that you are getting stuck in these two roles of real and reel life. Sumit looks on and goes. Akash makes food arrangements ready. He asks Veena to smile and go out, Sundari would be coming. Sukhmani asks Veena not to worry. She jokes. She says you were never worried when you met me. Yash asks Veena not to worry, Sundari will be shocked. Tanya says yes, Sundari will be impressed by Sonakshi.

Veena says it will happen when Sonakshi is here, I don’t understand if she gives more imp to work than family, I thought to go and bring her home, this doesn’t suit me, so I didn’t go. Naren asks what happened, didn’t your Bahu come, Sundari will scold us, Sonakshi is a career oriented woman, we should let her do her job, its better for all of us, why are you upset now, I knew it already. He laughs. He says we can’t handle Sonakshi’s work and her mom. They go to welcome Sundari. Tanya says Rohan didn’t come yet. Rohan and Pari romance in the car. A policeman comes. He knocks on the window. Rohan says oh my God, police, Pari just drive the car. Pari drives away. Inspector looks on. Rohan says we will be finished if he notes down the car number. Pari says I told you not to stop the car. They both worry. He asks her to just look ahead. Pari knocks down someone. They get shocked. Rohan gets down the car to check.

Sundari gossips about Kevalramani’s son. She praises her bahu Shweta. Akash says Shweta works in the soap ad, right. Sundari says yes, what have you done by now, you are running the same restaurant, learn from Naren, he earned much name, thank God you have a house, you couldn’t afford thus luxury by running a small restaurant. Deepa says I love the food at his restaurant, its world best. Sundari says marry him before you get old. He asks Veena to get them married. He asks where is Ajit, does he have a job. Pooja says he had gone in a friend’s bachelors’ party. Sundari asks where is your new bahu, she knows that we have come to meet her, I hope you told her. Veena says yes, Sonakshi is a very big star, she is on her shoot, her job is a bit tough, actually. Sundari laughs and says sorry, did you say her job is tough, they make a fool of the audience, my bahu Shweta does good job, she is so particular, she just does ads, who does such roles, does this work suit Sonakshi, keep your bahu under control, she knew I m coming, did she come, keep her scared. Sonakshi comes and says you might use fear, but we use love. Everyone gets surprised seeing her upstairs. Sukhmani smiles.

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