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Emperor Ashoka on Glowtv is an historical drama that follows the life and times of Indian great warrior Ashoka, and the trials he faced on the rise to the throne of Magadha. It starts on 20th July 2021 and replaces Love or Poison.

Emperor Ashoka Glow tv full story.

This series starts when Magadha is ruled by Emperor Bindusara Maurya. Bindusara’s step-mother, Helena conspires against him. Helena’s men attack Bindusara, but he is cured by a Brahmin woman from Champa named Subhadrangi, affectionately called Dharma. Bindusara is amazed at her skills and intellect, and later marries her. Dharma then conceives a child. Bindusara later asks Dharma to accompany him to the royal palace, however, she insists on living in the forest and prefers a simple lifestyle. Bindusara takes leave of her while promising to return and take their child to Magadha after it is born. Meanwhile, Noor, Bindusara’s third queen, and her father, Mir Khorasan, seek to assassinate Dharma. Mir attacks Dharma and kills her father. He then sets her hut on fire. Bindusara assumes Dharma to be dead, but Dharma survives and gives birth to a son and names him Ashoka.

14 years later
Ashoka is a young boy who lives with his mother in a hamlet. Chanakya spots Ashoka on the streets of Magadha and gets to know about his true identity, but promises Dharma to keep it a secret from Ashoka and Bindusara. Chanakya, along with his disciple Radhagupta takes them to Pataliputra and Dharma becomes a royal physician. Ashoka starts by working as a horsekeeper and on numerous occasions, he impresses Bindusara and they both develop a bond, which is despised by Bindusara’s eldest son Sushima, his mother Charumitra, Mir Khorasan, Helena and, her son Justin. Sushima and Ashoka are always at loggerheads and Sushima conspires against Ashoka many times, but every time, Ashoka manages to escape. One day, Dharma is attacked by some men, who succeed in killing her on her way to the forest, and everyone believes it to be the work of a tiger. Ashoka is devastated by this incident but Bindusara consoles him, and spends time with him. It is later revealed that Dharma is still alive as Chanakya saw the attack coming and therefore replaced Dharma with one of his spies. On Chanakya’s suggestion, Bindusara admits Ashoka to the royal school of Magadha. Ashoka has a hard time initially and is harassed by Sushima and his associates, but is comforted by Bindusara’s third son Siyamak and Acharya Akramak – the martial arts instructor. Akramak trains Ashoka in warfare and Ashoka then decides to take part in the annual competition of ‘Magadha’s best warrior.’ After overcoming all odds and injustice and after an intense, elaborate competition with Sushima and the other children at the royal school of Magadha, Ashoka emerges victorious.

He is however tricked into believing that Sushima is being attacked by a tiger and rushes to save him, only to be cheated by Sushima who steals the sword of Chandragupta Maurya which the winner is supposed to take to the finish line. Ashoka is heartbroken and dejected but Bindusara is still impressed by his performance. Bindusara, after seeing Sushima’s victory, decides to make him the crown prince. Ashoka confides in Chanakya and Chanakya stops Sushima’s coronation at the last minute. Chanakya strips Sushima of his sword after the latter insults and tries to kill him. Ashoka is then united with Dharma, who consoles him.

The house of wax.
Meanwhile, Helena, with her father Seleucus Nicator and the king of Ujjain hatch a plot to kill off Bindusara’s family. Their chosen method is to burn down a wax house with their victims inside, during Justin’s wedding with the princess of Ujjain. Chanakya realises the conspiracy but gets kidnapped. Ashoka then finds a secret tunnel and after entering it, reaches the wax house and saves Chanakya. After learning about the conspiracy, he uses his sharp mind and strength to defeat the enemy’s attack and creates a safe pathway for the royal family till they reach the tunnel used by the enemy to escape, thus, saving the royal family. As a reward for Ashoka’s strength, bravery, and presence of mind, Bindusara awards him the sword of Chandragupta Maurya and appoints him as his personal bodyguard. He catches the king of Ujjain and presents him before Bindusara, who decrees the death penalty but Justin in order to save his mother sacrifices his life and it is later on revealed that Siyamak (grandson of Mir Khorasan) is Justin and Noor’s son.

Bindusara and Dharma’s reunion Edit
Ashoka eventually learns about his birth and true father, from an astrologer in his birthplace. With the help of Chanakya, he devises a plan to expose Mir Khorasan who had tried to kill Dharma earlier, and reveal the truth to Bindusara. They succeed, and Mir Khorasan is arrested. Dharma requests Bindusara to spare the life of Mir Khorasan. Bindusara accepts Dharma and Ashoka, and they start living happily.

Sushima’s Regency.
Bindusara and Chanakya decide to test the princes by engaging them in intense political debate. Ashoka who has no experience in the field still impresses everyone with his answers but eventually loses to Sushima. Since Bindusara has to go on an important conquest, he makes Sushima the regent in his absence. Sushima, along with his mother Charumitra is brutal in his ways and flips the kingdom upside down, tortures his subjects and, mercilessly harasses his fiancée and his former love interest Ahenkara (princess of Ujjain). He also brutally mistreats and torments Ashoka and Dharma.

Earlier Shushima was in Love with Ahenkara but due to been a Daughter of a Culprit he decides to marry her and been a husband he will treat her like animals whole life, which discovers to ashoka . To put an end to his tyranny, Ashoka dresses up as a warrior Agradhoot and secretly protects the people. Sushima finds out Agradhoot’s true identity and uses Agradhoot’s lookalike to taint Ashoka’s image in front of the public. A drunk Sushima one day harasses Ahenkara both mentally and physically, nearly killing her brother for his refusal to accept his proposal for marriage to her. However, her brother is saved by Agradhoot.

Sushima and Agradhoot engage in a fierce battle but Sushima is severely wounded in the process and falls unconscious. He suddenly wakes up and charges at Agradhoot from behind but Ahenkara, To save Agradhoot accidentally shoves a dagger through Sushima’s stomach and wounds him. Bindusara just arrives and sees this, but Ashoka takes the blame to protect Ahenkara and gets arrested. Chanakya realises the truth and arrives in time to give justice to both Ashoka and Ahenkara. Ahenkara’s marriage with Sushima is called off. She stays with her brother in Patliputra in a new palace . Sushima is treated by Dharma who saves his life.

Meanwhile, Noor escapes from the palace and goes to her ex-lover Daastan, a Khorasani warrior. The duo invades Magadha and holds the royal family as their prisoners. Just as Noor is about to kill Dharma, Ashoka arrives and defeats Daastan and accidentally kills Noor, leaving Siyamak dejected. Daastan gets imprisoned but escapes with Mir Khorasan. Chanakya finds out about the incidents that took place and then blackmails Sushima and Charumitra, threatening to expose everything they did in Bindusara’s absence if they refused to stop harassing Ashoka’s family.

Death of Chanakya
At this time, all the enemies of Ashoka including Sushima, his mother, Helena, Siyamak (who wants to avenge his mother) and, prime minister Khallatak – who all want the throne badly decide to team up to kill Chanakya, in an abandoned house and frame Daastan for his death. Ashoka is emotionally shattered and vows to catch the murderers and slay them. He finds Daastan and kills him but a dying Daastan reveals that he had nothing to do with Chanakya’s killing and the true culprits are still roaming freely.


Capture of Takshashila
After performing Chanakya’s last rites, Ashoka is sent to Takshashila to suppress a massive revolt and tyranny of Kichak – a former warrior in the Magadha army who had betrayed Bindusara and Chanakya. Kichak has now built a huge army and after capturing Takshashila, and he tortures the people and mercilessly kills them. He has plans to attack Magadha and become the emperor.

After a long period of struggles and sacrifices, Ashoka emerges victorious, slays Kichak publicly, and frees Takshashila from Kichak’s tyranny. In the process, he falls in love with Kaurwaki – the princess of Kalinga who accompanies him in his mission to free her father Jagannath who was Kichak’s prisoner.

Ashoka’s exile
On his arrival in Pataliputra, Ashoka is declared the heir to Bindusara’s throne, much to the dismay of Sushima. Together with his mother, using black magic, Sushima destroys Dharma and Ashoka’s relationship with Bindusara. And subsequently, an pre-planned invasion of Pataliputra is carried out by Mir Khorasan and Selucus Nicator with the help of Helena. They capture the palace of Bindusara and hold him captive. But again, Ashoka uses his quick thinking and powers to rescue Bindusara and defeat Mir Khorasan and Seleucus Nicator. An angry Sushima murders them before Ashoka can present them to Bindusara. Sushima thus steals credit for the victory and impresses everyone. Selucus Nicator’s daughter Helena is arrested.

One day, while in prison Helena reveals to Ashoka the murderers of Chanakya and fakes a suicide. Ashoka, in a fit of rage, goes on a killing spree and stabs Sushima in front of Bindusara. He proceeds to kill everyone involved in Chanakya’s killing but is chained heavily and thrown behind bars. Bindusara is extremely disgusted by Ashoka’s actions and decides to abandon him. Ashoka is banished. Dharma and her newborn son Vitashoka (Vit) accompany him to Ujjain and Ashoka vows to come back stronger and avenge Chanakya’s death.

10 years later
Ashoka, now known as Chand, has become a ruthless, angry man who just wants revenge. Ashoka lives with Dharma and his younger brother, Vitashoka in the house of a merchant named Dhaniram. Dhaniram’s daughter, Devi cares so much about them. Over time, Sushima becomes stronger with the help of the black magic of Charumitra. Siamak has grown into a cool-headed man but thirsts for the death of Ashoka. Ashoka learns that Sushima is taking part in a local wrestling contest and decides to take part in it. He fights as Chand, hoping for a chance to kill Sushima. Dharma and Vit come there and stop Ashok. Bindusara recognises them, forgives Ashoka, and asks him to come back to Pataliputra.

Soon, Ashoka finds out that illegal slavery has been prevailing in Pataliputra for the last 10 years under the leadership of a mysterious person named Kondana. Ashoka and Chanakya’s Grandson Radhagupta decide to solve this puzzle and after a hard search and via some of his acquaintances and rivals from Ujjain, they find that Kondana’s actual name starts from the letter ‘H’.

They then figure out that Kondana is none other than Helena, who is still alive. Ashoka does not have any proof of this fact and is initially ridiculed by everyone. He, along with one of his former acquaintances named Lasandra, come up with an elaborate master plan to expose Kondana. They succeed and Helena is exposed in the royal court and Siamak is tricked into killing her.

Ashoka’s marriage
Bindusara decides to get his sons married and invites many princesses, including Karuvaki. After an elaborate sequence of events, Sushima is married to princess Chanda, and Ashoka is supposed to marry Karuvaki. But, Jagannath who strongly disapproves of their relationship, insults Bindusara and Dharma publicly and asks them to give him the throne of Magadha if Ashoka marries Karuvaki. Ashoka is angered by this and breaks off his marriage with Karuvaki, marrying Devi instead.

Dharma’s death and Ashoka’s revenge Edit
On Ashoka’s wedding night, Siamak attempts to steal the royal stamp so that he can sneak to Takashila but Dharma catches him red-handed. Sushim kills Dharma to save Siamak leaving Ashoka shocked. But, Ashoka finds a piece of a necklace that supposedly belongs to Siamak while gathering Dharma’s ashes. Ashoka enters Taxila and kills Siamak, believing he is Dharma’s sole murderer.

Ashoka’s rise to the throne
In this process, Karuvaki saves Ashoka but is shocked after learning about Ashoka and Devi’s Intimate relationship. Jaganath throws Karuvaki to a waterfall and blames Ashoka. Ashoka saves Karuvaki, who is in a coma. Sushim reveals about Siamak’s real father to Bindusara which causes him a cardiac arrest and later death. Khallatak then teams up with Ashoka and reveals to him the only way in which Sushima can be killed. Sushim confesses to Ashoka that he is the real murderer of Chanakya, Dharma and Bindusara. In a fit of rage, Ashoka and Sushima engage in a fierce duel.

However, Ashoka tricks Sushima into a pit containing lava and kills him. Ashoka is thus crowned as the third emperor of Magadha. Devi decides to step back from her marriage so that Ashoka and Kaurwaki could live together but Kaurwaki convinces her to go back and herself returns to Kalinga. Devi gives birth to their son who is named Mahindra in Ashoka’s absence. a widow Chanda also get preganant carrying Shushima’s child and curse ashok for her hsuband death . Later, Devi is pregnant with her second child but Radhagupt and Devi leaves Ashoka becaus Ashoka had turned selfish, with his son. Then, Devi Gives Birth to their Daughter Sanghamitra.

Conversion to Buddhism

Ashoka then decides to capture Kalinga and wages war against them. He eventually succeeds in capturing Kalinga but in the process, draws a massive amount of bloodshed, killing millions of people. This incident leaves him traumatized at the waste of human lives. He later on, decides to give up violence and embraces Buddhism. With the help of his children and ministers, he propagates the principles of Buddhism around the world for the welfare of mankind and earns the title of “Ashoka the Great”, also fulfilling Chanakya’s dream of Akhanda Bharath (United India). No one was like the King and Ruler ashoka in the History of india till now.

Emperor Ashoka Glow tv full casts.

Character Portrayed by Year! Description
Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka Maurya aka Chand Mohit Raina 2016 Third Maurya Emperor, Samrat Bindusara and Queen Dharma‘s first son; Vitashoka‘s brother; Susima , Siyamak and Drupad’s half-brother who was Susima‘s enemy; Devi and Karuvaki‘s husband; Mahinda , Tivala and Sangamitta‘s father.
Siddharth Nigam 2015-2016 Young Prince Ashoka aka Vanaraj
Empress Devi Kajol Srivastav 2016 Dhaniram’s daughter, Ashoka Maurya‘s first wife; Mahinda and Sanghamitta‘s mother.
Queen Kaurwaki Soumya Seth 2016 Princess of Kalinga; Jagnnath and Vasudha’s daughter, Ashoka Maurya‘s beloved second wife , Tivala ‘s Mother.
Reem Sheikh 2015-2016 Young Princess Kaurwaki
Head Queen Dharma Pallavi Subhash 2015-2016 Samrat Bindusara Maurya‘s beloved second wife, Ashoka Maurya and Vitashoka‘s mother.
Samrat Bindusara Maurya Sameer Dharmadhikari 2015-2016 Second Maurya Emperor; Chandragupta Maurya and Durdhara‘s son; Helena’s step-son; Justin’s half-brother; Charumitra, Dharma, Noor and Subrasi’s husband; SusimaAshoka, Dhrupad and Vitashoka‘s father.



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