Dream girl update Monday 7 February

Dream girl 7 February 2022: The Episode starts with Laxmi fooling everyone by acting on phone as she got call for acting as heroine opposite Salman. The staff gets fooled and think how can she get lead role in two days. Samar tries to sell samosas on the streets. He switches on a radio and asks men to hear commentary of world cup and have the samosas. His boss asks him to sell samosas on his own and in better way. Amrita thinks Laxmi got the role. Salman’s car comes again. Laxmi says send the driver, what sent, fine I will sign the papers and send it. She asks Amrita can she go out for 5mins. Amrita says yes.

Hasmukh says Salman’s car came outside and they all see. Laxmi says sorry I called you from far, I forgot the lucky pen and it was in my bag. She gives him money as shagun. Amrita says I don’t believe this, this girl has lied before. Karan says but now she is not saying. Hasmukh says my friends works in Salman’s office as peon. Karan asks him to call and confirm. They all call that peon and ask about the new heroine from small city. Laxmi hears this and get tensed.

The man says he knows, but he can’t ask. Laxmi prays. The other peon says yes, she is doing job somewhere and resigning now. Laxmi smiles. Karan says I told you. Amrita says we voted out and she gave audition somewhere else. Karan says she will go when we will let her go, we will not vote her out, she can’t leave the job, she signed the contract. They think to stop Laxmi from becoming Salman’s heroine. They all tell Ayesha about this and Ayesha asks are they sure. Amrita says yes. Ayesha says unbelievable.

Karan says we have to vote and stop her. Ayesha says I need to think, you all go, Amrita you stay. She asks Amrita is there any solution, if Manav sees her, she will cast her. Amrita says if Manav sees her opposite Salman, what will he say, that you lied about her acting. She says we have to stop her. Ayesha says she can’t become heroine like me and calls her legal team.Laxmi makes Bua ji have sweets and tells everything. Samar gets all the items of rich class. They look at him. The lawyer says we can’t keep penalty, she can pay 15 lakhs and leave job. Amrita says its little money for Salman.

Ayesha says find some solution. Samar says he likes such food and asks them to increase standards. Laxmi asks him to understand even they like it, but if has good sale, he can’t spend so much. Samar says I will not return. Laxmi asks him to balance between necessities and desires. He says fine, I will return everything, not icecream. She asks where is it and they see Bua ji having it. Bua ji says just one is left and asks them to have it. They rush to take it and it falls. Samar says eat it. She says fine and takes it. He asks what is she doing. She says its not bad, and eats it from the floor. He says stop, I will also have some. They have it and smile.

Its morning, Laxmi greets Ayesha. Ayesha asks is this true or rumor what she heard about her. Laxmi sees everyone and says she was going to say her, but could not hide the secret, as its big thing to get film opposite Salman. Ayesha sees Laxmi’s pic instead of her and gets tensed. She says congrats and goes. Everyone say congrats. Laxmi feels bad and goes to Ayesha. She comes to talk to Ayesha. Ayesha thinks not to lose hope soon, and asks her to say. Laxmi says she always supported her, she can’t lie, its all a lie about Salman. Ayesha is stunned.

Laxmi says I did not give audition there, I don’t want to leave Navrang, I did this to get votes in my favor. Ayesha smiles and says she will protect her as her younger sister.Ayesha telling her staff that Laxmi has lied to them about Salman and they all decide to make a big plan for this. Ayesha thinks Laxmi can never be a heroine. Laxmi tells Bua ji thayt they did not vote her out. Karan tells Ayesha that he will manage Laxmi, its not a big matter. Ayesha says prove yourself and show, maybe we will consider you for director post. Amrita says we will humiliate her in tomorrow’s party and sends message to her. Laxmi reads that there is pool party theme in office at 7pm. Laxmi tells Bua ji its poll theme and dress will be swimming costume.

Ayesha and Amrita think she will come in swimming costume and hope she will not have anyone to correct her. Samar comes and they hide the matter from her. Laxmi says there is no swimming poll. Bua ji asks will she wear two piece. Laxmi says no, I will wear full clothes. Samar asks what. Laxmi asks him to go and bath. Bua ji says Samar Sareen will also come. Laxmi says yes, he will come for sure, now I will his face. Samar asks for the towel and Laxmi throws on his face.Its morning, Ayesha makes Mithi ready for school and Sona asks Nandini to come often, as its her house. Nandini says she is trying to come forever for kids. Ayesha sends Mithi for school. Sona says Mithi is kid, its tough to handle Meera.

Nandini says I m taking Meera for lunch today. Sona says great. Nandini says I m her mum. Sona says you are the best mum. Ayesha messages Meera and compliments her and asks her to cut her hair and make it curly. Meera asks Nandini about it. Nandini says no, your hair are think, it will get tangled.Ayesha says Nandini is right, your hair is think, if you keep curly, it will suit it, cut it short. Meera says exactly, I was thinking this. Ayesha says I will take appointment and drop you. Meera thanks her. Nandini says it won’t suit you. Meera says let me try, I will go with Ayesha mom. Ayesha thinks she has to handle Laxmi and call dad and Samar in party.

Sona asks Nandini to do anything as Meera cancelled the lunch.Ayesha goes to Prem and invites for office get together. Prem says he is going for some imp work, he is sure she will manage. Samar asks Laxmi what did she get by shopping. Laxmi asks why to show you and teases him. He says she got the most covering swimming costume. Samar says what is she hiding, she is not so smart, she can do something wrong in being oversmart. Ayesha calls Samar and invites him for get together. Samar asks her to understand a struggle’s problem, he can’t socialize. She says Manav and dad are not coming. Samar says sorry, mum called me in puja, you don’t emotionally blackmail me, you are an actor, please understand. She says fine and ends the call.

She calls Amrita and says good news, no one is coming from home, it means we can do what we want. Amrita says I m relieved, else the morally correct Sareen males would have not let us do anything. Prem calls Samar and Samar says fine. Laxmi comes to office and greets Nidhi. She says she carried the dress, will they change too. Nidhi says yes and fools her. She asks her to go and change. She hears that Samar is coming and today she will meet him. Samar surprises Ayesha and she is shocked seeing him. He says I was not coming, dad called and said you sounded upset, as they can’t see her upset and he came.

Amrita asks will he go after dinner. Samar says no. Amrita says great that you have come here. He says he will spend time with Ayesha and then leave. He says he is seeing many shades of life and no one caught his different background. Amrita says very nice. Ayesha says Manav will be proud seeing you. Samar says I will become good actor that any other production will launch him if not Manav. Amrita laughs. He gets a call and goes. Amrita says we can’t start party till he goes, if he sees Laxmi in swimming costume, he will make her change and then news will go out.

Samar talks on phone and Laxmi tries to find him. Nidhi calls Laxmi and asks her to become food incharge. Laxmi says fine, I will do. The peon says Samar Baba here, no one told me. Laxmi says it means he was Samar Sareen, I should see him now, I will get busy in party being food incharge. She waits outside the bathroom. Karan comes out and she says sorry. He asks what is she doing in men’s washroom. She says she is following someone. He asks is she stalking some man, is she mad, why does she do this. He says he wants to see Samar Sareen.

He asks does she know him, who is he, is he any star, do the work you came for, change for the party. She goes and Samar comes out. He tells Ayesha that he has to go, he has imp work, sorry. Everyone switch off the lights and wait for Laxmi. She comes in the swimming costume, fully covered and smiles. They all laugh seeing her. Laxmi smiles and the light comes. She sees everyone laughing on her. She sees them in party clothes. She feels bad and cries.


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