Dream Girl starlife: full story, plot summary, casts, teasers

Dream Girl starlife: follows a young girl Lakshmi from Jodhpur, dreams to be an actress and idolises Ayesha, a famous actress. She decides to leave her hometown and comes to Mumbai with the hopes of achieving her dreams.

Dream Girl starts January 30, 2022 in starlife.

Dream Girl starlife full story.

Navrang Studios is owned by Sareens, a prestigious film family of Mumbai. Lakshmi Mathur, an aspiring Jodhpur based Dream girl visits Mumbai to fulfil her dreams and falls in love with Sareen family’s younger unmarried son Samar.

Samar’s cunning and ambitious elder sister-in-law Ayesha Roy is overprotective of her power and title, wanting to be irreplaceable and India’s only Dream girl. However, Lakshmi has a talent and spark like her to become a Dream girl.

Lakshmi tries to prove her skills, angering Ayesha, who finds out that Samar and Lakshmi love each other. Lakshmi passes all the challenges threw by Ayesha, making her insecure. Ayesha misleads her brother Karan (who has feelings for Lakshmi) that Lakshmi loves him.

Eventually, Ayesha transfers all property rights of Navarang to her name and succeeds. Lakshmi and Samar get married. The property is set on fire; Samar, his elder brother Manav (Ayesha’s husband) and Karan are sent to extinguish the fire.

Samar and Manav supposedly die due to a car crash. Samar’s body is recovered; Manav’s body isn’t found. The Sareens find out Ayesha ‘dark secret’ who in fact is her twin sister, Aarti. They use Aarti (Aarti willingly helps) to fight back against Ayesha for their studio (Navarang). Aarti impersonates Ayesha and tells all the investors that she will pay all their money along with interest to them.

There is a new entry in the show, Raghu. The story progresses and shows Ayesha trying to impress Raghu (Similar to season 1 where a poor character named Lakshmi (Played by Shraddha Arya) dreams of marrying a rich and wealthy businessman named Arjun Agnihotri (Played by Sudeep Sahir)).

Aarti tries to get Navrang back to its former glory.

Ayesha marries Raghu by deceiving everyone, pretending to be Aarti as Aarti and Raghu fall in love after many meetings where Raghu thinks that Aarti is Ayesha and then he finds out that it is Aarti instead. Aarti’s face is burned and no one can tell which one is Ayesha or Aarti.

Aarti is planning to take revenge on Ayesha. Ayesha has always caused Aarti pain and harm, yet Aarti kept forgiving her. Now, Aarti has a new face (Megha Gupta

) and she appears as a strong character and fights against Aarti (who in real is Ayesha) to reveal her truth to everyone.

After a few upturns and twists, Ayesha’s truth is revealed to everyone by Aarti as ‘Shikha’ and Raghu (who helped Aarti with her face transplant and advice).But, Ayesha cunningly starts pretending as if she has lost her 4-5 year’s memory and as a result, the police can not arrest her until her recovery. So, she is allowed to stay in the Sareen House till she remembers everything. In the meanwhile, Aarti and Raghu get married and soon have a girl child.

Ayesha has her own intentions and as she gets the opportunity, she steals Aarti and Raghu’s daughter and escapes with the child, leaving her career, stardom and dreamgirl title (which were by then ruined due to her evilness) for one single motive-to make the baby girl her own daughter and, to train the child, as the next DREAMGIRL.

Dream Girl starlife full casts.

  • Shraddha Arya as
    • Ayesha Manav Sareen/Ayesha Raghav Rastogi (née Roy): Karan’s elder sister, Aarti’s twin sister, Manav’s widow and Raghu’s first/ex-wife.
    • Aarti Roy (Before Plastic Surgery): Ayesha’s twin sister and Karan’s elder sister.
  • Megha Gupta as Aarti Raghav Rastogi (née Roy) (After Plastic Surgery): Karan’s elder sister, Ayesha’s twin sister and Raghu’s second wife.
  • Nikita Dutta as Lakshmi Samar Sareen (née Mathur): Samar’s widow, Karan’s love interest and Rishi Mathur’s daughter.
  • Mohsin Khan as Samar Sareen: Manav’s younger brother and Lakshmi’s husband.
  • Khalid Siddiqui as Manav Sareen: Samar’s elder brother and Ayesha’s first husband.
  • Sudeep Sahir as Raghav “Raghu” Rastogi: Ayesha’s second/ex-husband and Aarti’s husband.
  • Alina Kumar as Tanya
  • Purvi Mundada as Richa
  • Virendra Singh as Rishi Mathur  – Lakshmi’s father
  • Aparna Kumar as Nandini Thakur
  • Chaitanya Choudhury as Abhimanyu
  • Rukhsar Rehman as Amrita
  • Geeta Tyagi as Shanti Mathur/Bua Ji Lakshmi’s aunt and Rishi Mathur’s sister


  1. Starlite all the way I love mismatch alot bother d beginning and the end , really interesting. Kudos starlifeml my subscription is not a waste muahh.

  2. Starlife is always on point, superb starlife mismatch is gone now let see what starlife have in stole for us from happy heart ,never say good bye and dream girl always giving us the best.😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Mismatched set the standard really high, loved the series from the beginning to end. I won’t mind watching it again over dreamgirl

  4. Starlife is just the best giving us positive vibes not like zeeworld where d wicked once always wins zeeworld full of rubbish and negativity

  5. I also liked Mismatched because it had a clear start and end. The dead didn’t come alive again and again. I wished Laxmi’s character and Samar could have went far. It’s confusing that Karan and Ayesha never talked about their other family members until Arti.

  6. The people who write these scripts must be from the stone age. How hard is it to prove someone is behind all the things going wrong in yhe 21st centurywith so many gadgets? She is so confident in her schemes that anyone could have recorded her bragging and sent it to Manav or Samar. The storyline is so bad its like twist of fate and this is fate.

  7. Starlife is entertaining, constantly giving their utmost best. But if I am particularly thrilled and entertained when ever I watch Dream girl because the way they make you feel connected to their emotions. Please when is the exact date Anupama will be launched.

  8. It looks like starlife is becoming another zeeworld. I Started watching star life towards the end of one magic film which I enjoyed I became interested in and I subscribed to it just to watch the next show which was mismatched . I enjoyed the movie from the beginning to the end because everything so clearly and Beautifully written. So I enjoined others to join me and watch all this programs. I Started again with lock down story and I finished. However these other films, never say good bye,dream girl a new life are not making sense and are becoming more like z thank ueaWorld where the antagonist lives happily while the protagonist die and come back again. Please if star life will not show movies that ends well like mismatched I and my friend and Family will no longer subscribe to it.

  9. Also I what I read concerning lost in love is exactly what will happen in the ongoing series , then there is no difference between it and zee world and there will be no need for me to subscribe it again

  10. Perhaps starlife needs to introduce shows like coffee wid Karan, shows like dance competitions with real life partners, crime series, come guys let’s spice up the channel. Gets mundane watching the same story script always… I know u guys can make a difference.

  11. Dream girl is just an annoying movie. Why is Lakshmi introduced as a main actor at the beginning when she will be destroyed without a trace no come back nothing. She has done soo much wrong and noone ever punishes her she never gets caught she is always exonerated. Its terrible the way it is written. Never say goodbye is worse they promote excessive obsession for love making it seem like loving is dangerous and crazy. The way Vividha acts is just stupid. Im starting to hate Starlife.

  12. The person who wrote this dream girl story line u need to go back to school and learn more they is no lesson to learn from this what are u teaching us that evil will always prevail…at first I started enjoying it along the way it became nonsense..this dream girl is completely a waste of time please starlife if u guys dnt have interesting or educating movies pls stop and stop showing nonsense


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